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May 30

How To Trust Even If You’ve Been Violated

How To Trust Even If You’ve Been Violated by Caryn Elizabeth on Mixcloud

How Do I Trust

When we are born, we protect ourselves with crying for food. We trust our gut because we have no experience to lean on, to analyze. As we get older we experience more and begin to analyze our past actions. We have parents to tell us to “be careful” and try to keep us safe.

 Trust your gut and love yourself

Trust your gut and love yourself


Along the way, we may not trust our gut and decide to trust what others say. Or we may want to take chances beyond what is safe for us. Whether over cautious or foolish, we eventually manifest circumstances in  life. Be they good or bad, we do all we can to adapt so we can feel pleasure and avoid pain.

5 trust mistakes that make you sound like a fool!

  1.  Believe everything you read
  2.   Forget to check your heart
  3.  Jump in with both feet
  4.   Push others into doing things
  5.   Violate yourself by not loving yourself
Trust wisely

Trust wisely


13 Tips To Trust Wisely

  1.  Take time to feel your heart’s cry
  2.  Make decisions that feel good
  3.  Avoid negative influences
  4.  Never be rushed
  5.  Takes small steps when learning new things
  6.  As in sports, learn the skill, test the skill and then be ready to use the skill
  7.  Read books that speak independent of religion
  8.  Address your fears
  9.  Eliminate excuses
  10.  Be honestly aware of your “purpose”
  11.  Love yourself
  12.  Love others as you love yourself
  13.  Trust in a higher power that loves you unconditionally

Learning to trust your gut started in childhood. You are wise to get back to the source as you did then so you can begin to make decisions from your gut and along the way, gain wisdom from the mistakes you made when you didn’t follow it! Knowledge is power and leadership begins with trust.

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Feb 26

Top Tips On No Longer Being Pressured! Where Does Your Inspiration Come From?

Do You Allow Others To Genetically Modify YOU? Truth About Inspiration and Motivation. by Caryn Elizabeth on Mixcloud

What kind of inspiration gets you taking action?

I use to dislike listening to some people trying to inspire me. Why?  Because while they might have motivated me, they did not add inspiration to my life. I don’t know about you but true change happens naturally in me when the true intention of an inspirational person is to add value to my authentic self. Time tells the truth!

How do motivation and inspiration differ?

When I would go to my companies conferences, the energy in the room was very motivating. However, because of my mindset, I felt like I was competing for a place on stage. Yes, I love being on stage and saying something profound! Who wouldn’t?

If you don’t want to, perhaps you don’t feel like what you have to say is important enough to share. Or maybe you just don’t feel like sharing!

What form of inspiration motivates you?

Ever since I was little, I competed for attention in my family of 7 children. I gave up many times when my brothers would either get in trouble or get hurt. I on the other hand became quiet. I didn’t want to get hurt or get in trouble in order to get attention. I wanted the attention I got because of me being me! It was rare that I got noticed.

It was when I did well in Art and got an award that I’d get attention. It was when my parents got me involved in horseback riding that I got attention. I would have loved to continue in that but it ended way to early to suit me.

Unfortunately, I longed for inspiration and attention for the right reasons but I didn’t feel I got it the way I wanted it. When my parents had a party and they were all living it up, my parents would pressure me to play piano. I was so not proficient at playing and felt like that was NOT the way I wanted to get attention.

If I was asked to come over and share what I liked to do for fun, I may have been able to express that with proficiency but playing an instrument that I only learned a  short time before  was asking me to share my imperfections and I just couldn’t bear that! You see, I knew when I was good at something! Pressuring a child to do something is not inspirational but causes children to mistrust their parents with their value. As a parent, inspire your children by sharing with them personally the potential you see in them, in their smile, in the way they write or draw. Truth sets children free! Feeling free is very inspirational.

When I was a bit older and could really throw a baseball, if my mom or dad would have asked me to show them how well I could throw it, I totally would have felt the inspiration to become even better.

You see, the attention I wanted was validation of who I was, not what I did. In all of us, we long for validation. However, something grand occurred in me as an adult with many years of living. I realized that I didn’t want anyone who didn’t truly value me to share life with me.

The natural course of things went as follows.

  • I talk to you.
  • You get to know me.
  • I see if I can trust you.
  • You show me either yes or no.
  • I talk to you further if I feel good about you.
  • You then can share with me the things you see in me that are valuable.
  • I then decide whether I will receive your comments.

This is where I am in life.

  • I am inspired by those I can trust.
  • Those who have written books that tell me more about my value.
  • I like when I can decide for myself whether I will receive their inspiration.
  • If you want to motivate me, you better know me well.

Of course, when we’re at a party and we’re all hanging out, if you ask me to take a “shot” of something, most likely I won’t! I dislike being pushed.

The natural course of things goes as follows:

If there is alcohol at a party and I feel like having some, I will.

If not, I won’t!


End of story!

Who's Genetically Engineering YOU?

Who’s Genetically Engineering YOU?

You won’t inspire me! Why?

I have given license to people in the past who hurry me to make a decision or I will miss out on an opportunity. I no longer do that! They use “scarcity” as a mental tactic. The root of this technique leans on those who have a poverty mentality and is absolute deceit. I absolutely have experienced this and have learned something wonderful that has helped me eliminate the need to “rush” into absolutely anything unless I am truly and honestly inspired to do it. It came from the book “The Science of Getting Rich” by Wallace Waddles.

The universe doesn’t respond to your reality. It responds to your perception of reality. When you deliberately take an emotional journey, you offer a vibration that causes law of attraction to respond to you differently. Abraham Hicks

I cannot be motivated by pressure any longer.

I became free of this with knowledge I learned over time through books and resources I read.

I now record my inspirational moments and share the resources they come from. Many come from posters on Facebook. Some come from Mindset Daily calls. Others come when I’m on my Think and Grow Rich calls.

Gone are the days of ignorance and excuses. I will not allow anyone to genetically modify my authentic journey. While trusting only sources of true inspiration, nor should you! 

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Sep 17

Think And Grow Rich – Master Your Thought Life, Feel Peaceful, And Grow To Be Rich

What Do You Believe About Things?

What Are You Thinking About?

Do You Worry About Your Future?

  Watch And Read How To Conquer Negative Thinking And Have Peace Of Mind.

What Remains The Same

Napoleon Hill is a very smart man and wrote a book called “Think And Grow Rich”.  He said his wise sayings many years ago yet the concepts remain the same. In this article I want to help you understand that though things change and cause worry, the constancy of the  laws of the universe  can give us peace so we can  think and grow rich.

Someone once said ‘there is nothing new under the sun’. I believe that, to an extend, the things we know, think and believe now are things that others have known to one degree or another for years and years. But how does one grow rich in there thinking when circumstances bring worry in our thought life?

What Changes With Belief

New discoveries, inventions, and evolution of belief changes with time. Among  the physical laws of the universe are  the laws of leadership and  the laws of relationships. Because they have been classified by study to be considered laws, they are steady. Because of these laws, man is able to ‘become’ more, do more, create more, and believe more. Because of the steadfastness and predictability of these laws he is able to think and grow rich.

What Beliefs Work

A man’s life contains things that are both constant and changing. We don’t like change usually, but I believe it’s because it is more pleasurable to have predictable outcomes and  because we become comfortable with what we have, what we worked for, what we accomplish. However, life does not end with any one accomplishment. Life is a journey to think and grow rich  and it consistently changes. We do have peace counting only on the  laws of life that remain constant.

Seeing both parts, those things that remain the same and those things which change or evolve, we can be comfortable with the laws that are constant and aware that we are meant to grow rich through an evolution of change and become more and more of who we long to be and what we long to do.

Trusting and Living In Peace

So this is my conclusion. We must take stock of the laws and beliefs we have in place. Do they serve us? Do we know the laws of life and have we trusted in them? If so, I believe we must not dwell on the things that change.if we want to think and grow rich. Life and circumstances change but the laws of the universe are constant. Trust that the sun come up daily, that an apple will always fall to the ground if you drop it, that the moon will eclipse the sun once in a while and dirt will always grow a seed.

Believing The Best

A foundation of faith in these laws will make the changes that occur in your finances, you work and play life, you family life easier to adjust to. By being thankful for the laws in place, we will trust in them while we observe the ever changing circumstances. These are meant to give us the peace that passes all understanding and will guard our hearts and minds. This is truly how to think and grow rich.

Phil. 4:8 Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things. Likewise, keep practicing these things: what you have learned, received, heard, and seen in me. Then the God of peace will be with you.

I want to read more about how to think and grow rich and renew a healthy mindset. 


Yours In Mastery,

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