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Nov 04

Why do we feel judged when we are called a sinner?

Did you grow up knowing you are a sinner?

Do you feel a tinge of judgment when you even think about it? Why?

Sin is not what you may think. A feeling of judgment comes when you don’t realize what it means to be a sinner.

This video helps define sin and shares the truth that will set you free.

Your job as a sinner

What is our responsibility as a sinner? We have choice to see things a certain way, to respond a certain way and to have peace a certain way. The way is made plain when you address the core issue! Your connection or lack of connection with your spirit and God’s spirit.

Let me explain in the video.

Blessings always!

Sin is not what you think. Video explains the truth about the sinner to set you free forever.

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Sep 27

The Truth About Your Emotions – Anger Management Tip

Are Your Emotions Driven By Your Values?

Are Your Emotions Driven By Your Values?

The Value Of Your Emotions

What gets you angry?  So many things could do it. It’s easy to understand the motive of an angry person. They just yell at you or walk away in silence and you know by their body language they’re angry. But what triggered that anger? Was it something you said? Why did what you say anger them?   In this Mixcloud podcast I share the top tips for what truth about emotional people and  what they value most.

Each of us has a set of rules for feeling good. Violate those rules and they begin to experience anger.  Here’s what you need to know so you can remain calm when others trigger anger in you.

1. All we value is set up in hierarchical order.

2. For some people “peace” is higher on the list that “connection”.

3. So if your conversation disrupts someone’s peaceful state, they will disconnect with you. Your connection or conversation has disrupted their emotions about peace.


Telling The Truth About Your Emotions

Emotions are the manifestation of our values.

To be sure your emotions are consistent with a happy life there are some steps you can take.


1. List your values and place them in order of most important to least important. (do 10 values)

2. See if any 2 are not consistent with each other. e.g. freedom and security.

3. Decide what you want more and switch the list around to make it easier to be happy with them.

4. Create rules about your values. e.g. Love: I love others unconditionally. OR Love: I love those who love me first.

5. Create rules that support your value priorities. e.g. Freedom: To be free means to never be tied down in a relationship. Freedom:To be free means to be in a relationship where each of us feels free to be ourselves without judgement.


Emotions Are Triggered By Your Values

Emotions Are Triggered By Your Values

The Truth About Values

Most of what we value is an accumulation of emotions we felt about circumstances from our past. If we desire happiness in life, we can change what we value and make rules to support a happy life that doesn’t conflict with other things we value. First thing to do is to make that list. Check it twice and see if you are in conflict. Conflicts may be contributing to a lack of success in your emotions and happiness. To be truly happy and satisfied, we create rules that help us to avoid pain and experience the most pleasure. Make your list so that it’s easy to live by.


Emotions and Judgement

The responsibility for our happiness lies within us. Remove any conflicts of values and you’re on your way to the happy life you desire and deserve. The scripture verses, “Judge not lest you be judged” and “Remove the speck from your eye before you try to remove the log out of someone else’s eye”, show what our character should be when it comes to our judgement of others. When we speak out emotionally against the way another person lives, we are showing our dissatisfaction about the things that person values. But we don’t know the “whole” of the person. Where we are weak, that other person may be strong. We ought better check ourselves and what we value. Remember that the strength of our relationships are based on the things we value most. And we all value different things most. By setting up “win win” rules that accept what others value most, we are showing good character and maintaining good emotions to which we will not be judged by others. Listen here to this supplemental podcast to learn more.

Set Up The Values You Want Most and Your Positive Emotions Will Follow.

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Mar 05

How To Explain “Definite Chief Aim” To Children

What is your Definite Chief Aim? by Caryn Elizabeth on Mixcloud


What is a Definite Chief Aim?

Definite Chief Aim is another way of saying “our purpose”. Stephen Covey said “Think with the end in mind”, when you write down your purpose for living. Teaching our children to create a purpose statement will help them to go more directly to the success that is their birthright.

We as parents can stimulate our children to organize  and direct to a definite end the forces of his or her mind  thus harnessing the stupendous power which most people waste in spasmatic purposeless thought.

Singleness of purpose is essential for success no matter what may be ones idea of the definition of success. This calls for thought on many allied subjects as a fighter must learn many types of punches and exert himself in many forms of exercise to win the match.

The punching bag for speed and eye coordination, running for leg strength, proper food, and other forms of strength building to make him well rounded and ready to win in every battle.
arrow and target

The Battle For Achieving Your Definite Chief Aim

So do we need to stimulate our children regarding the training of their mind  that will give them the needed information to grant them success in the battle of life.

The mind needs to develop success steps by habit and repetition using a variety of thought inspiring stimuli. Hopefully as you read and study this series of leadership posts for the benefit of your children,  it  will stimulate ideas for your own leadership education.

To get an in depth study of these principles, you may want to get a copy of “Think And Grow Rich” by Napolean Hill.

In sharing these principles with your children, both parent and child need take the stand that no man knows enough about any worthwhile subject to entitle him to feel that he has the last word on that subject.

It is wise and honest that we wipe out ignorance and make way for some of the useful truths of life.

Being Teachable While Pursuing Your Definite Chief Aim

Humility is a for-runner of success. Until we become humble in our own heart, we are not apt to benefit from the thoughts and experiences of others.

Training ourselves and our children to be teachable will take us much further in life. As parents, forcing children to do things teaches them to compete for power. Rather, explaining to our children the benefits of listening  only to those who have what we want and are the kind of person we want to become, we are helping them tremendously.

The bottom line is that our children need to develop a mindset that includes the value of having a definite chief aim in life. Using the examples of our heroes, our children should write down the way they want to be remembered when they die.

While this may seem daunting to you, children have great imaginations and can come up with plenty of ways they want to be remembered. This forms their definite chief aim in life.

written chief aim

An Exercise To Establish Your Definite Chief Aim

Perhaps the both of you can do an exercise. Take 20 minutes and on white lined paper take a blue pen and  answer this question, “Why am I here?”.

As you keep writing reasons why you are here, you will see similarities and after a while, your sentences will become more clear and simpler. When you have written for about 20 minutes, you should have a very good sentence you can post in your journal, on notes around your home, in your car, locker, notebook or inside your bike helmet or on your mirror.

This is your definite chief aim. Any child who comes up with one and aims to reach for that purpose will have an extremely high chance of achieving that purpose.

This will help your child to be a leader over his life.

  • Peers will not shake him.
  • Obstacles will be only temporary setbacks.
  • He’ll look for friends to help him get to that end.

The shortest distance between 2 points is a straight line and a chief aim helps us get to where we are headed as if it were a magnet drawing us to it.

Help your child become the leader over his own life. Help him or her write his purpose statement and share yours with him. In humility, you will both become accountable to each other through life as you reach for that definite chief aim!


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Mar 04

How Do I Teach My Children The Value Of Dreaming?

Teaching Your Children The Value Of Dreaming by Caryn Elizabeth on Mixcloud

 Today’s recording is a Christmas story by Louisa May Alcott, called “The Christmas Dream and How It Came True”.

What does dreaming do?

Our children are dreaming about  growing up some day. When they leave our home, they will have learned what they can from us. They will take with them the training from teachers, pastors, Sunday school lessons, coaches, club leaders and friends.

As parents, we generally first take care of our children’s physical needs. Then we may bring them to church to guide them in faith. What many parents disregard is the child’s mental health. By this I mean their thought life. Most parents never read personal development book or leadership books until college. Then it was most often for the purpose of satisfying general education classes.

Happiness Inside Can Bring Money Outside

Happiness Inside Can Bring Money Outside

Did you learn about dreaming when you were in school?

If parents even went to college they went for a good grade to keep up their GPA. This lack of understanding of the value of developing their thought life purposefully is perhaps only taught to psych students and perhaps philosophy students. I personally didn’t take “business” classes in college and I would hope that they are now teaching the psychology of sales and reading people.

So this is why as parents, many miss this part of developing their children’s minds.
Most parents warn their children to “stop dreaming” and keep their feet on earth! Children with ADHD are cautioned to take medicine for such “disorders” when their little entrepreneurs are natural dreamers and would do well if teachers helped them discipline their minds without keeping them from the natural process of dreaming about things.

children leaders

Your Children Leaders First Steps To Success

What value is there in dreaming?

The value of dreaming is what adults have to re connect with when deciding to take responsibility for their futures. Our children are naturally self centered. So what do we do to help them? We encourage them to dream!

Yes, dreaming of what they would like to do, where they would like to go, how they want to be seen as adults, are the necessities of the leader entrepreneur.

If you want your children to find their own way in life, encourage them to dream. Guide them toward what kind of dreams they should consider pondering.

1. The kind of work they want to do
2. The place they want to live
3. The car they want to drive
4. The people they want to meet
5. The way they want their bodies to look
6. The friends they want to have
7. The kind of person they want to marry

This is just the beginning of guiding our children. Though we are famous for judging the things our children while comparing them to others, we need to stop that!

We live in a world of unlimited possibilities. Our children are brought up in society to believe they must compete for that Job, position, house, girl, boy, etc… but competition is NOT what we need to teach our kids.

Do you feel like you are missing out?

Do you feel like you are missing out?

Today’s recording is a Christmas story by Louisa May Alcott, called “The Christmas Dream and How It Came True”.

While listening to this story, notice the mother who helped fulfill the dream her child had. This is an excellent example of 3 things.
1. Children have dreams
2. Parents need to share the kinds of dreams that can become a reality for their children.
3. Children entrepreneurs are individuals. They may be in school and being taught to “conform” to the norm. While this is necessary to keep order in a school setting, parents would help their children by encouraging their children to write down their dreams in a journal and keep writing daily.

Your children’s future is in your hands for about 15 years at most. By that time, they are making most of their decisions on their own. Let’s help them make wise decisions that will grant them a happy, healthy, prosperous future!


Hear the whole series on leadership for children

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Nov 20

“Can You Trust Your Conscience?” | Personal Development

People all over this world in regardless of what industry they are in, are looking for the secrets for successful living.  In this part two of ‘Where do you place your confidence?’, I want to continue to share the first of seven secrets for success. Is it possible that our conscience is condemning us even though we walk in truth? In this chapter, I will reveal a secret that only those who diligently seek, will find here in these pages.

The truth cannot lie.

There is a secret found in the Word that can cause a shift in your mindset that could be the difference between failure and success in your life, your business, your family, and whatever else you are involved in.  Multitudes of people have bought the lie that has kept them in bondage for decades. But that lie is being exposed right now. There is a force reminding us daily that we are not worthy, or good enough to deserve success. For some of us who don’t know this is happening, it can arouse our soulish imagination and keep us believing lies.

Like our laptop, built to be programmed, so is our “spirit”, our core, born to receive software. Past programming, can cause our “spirit” to crash from time to time, if there are server or other conflicts. We know our past experiences serve as a great platform for creating conflict with our personal development techniques and strategies. This is where most crashes occur. So where does this manifest in us? It occurs in our conscience. This is the emotional area of us that reveals what the core or spirit believes. In fact the Word of God for example says that our conscience can condemn us. This is where the rubber meets the road.

Is your conscience condemning you?

The Word says if we’re walking in the truth, we are in union with God and He with us. We also gain access to the Holy Spirit, our supernatural power source, who is like the most cutting edge spyware package programmed in us too. Again, some may not buy this. Buy the Holy Spirit is an added bonus for those who received Jesus salvation package. You guys know about added bonuses right? Lol !

So let’s continue!

Considering all this, it is clear that we may be believing things that we need to admit. Jonathan Budd and others have spoken about getting to the root of an issue. Expose it. Like a virus, we need to get rid of it! Taking all this into consideration, could your conscience be condemning you? If so, it’s lying to you. In today’s society it common to hear about the positive impact affirmations have on those who say them. I urge you to consider reading the following affirmation out loud. It may be the thing that changes your mindset for good.  For some of you, reword it with something similar if you want to satisfy your own belief system.

Say this now: ‘In the name of Jesus, I bind the spirit of condemnation and it’s lie that I am not worthy to be successful in my life. Jesus, my conscience has lied to me.  Take that lie to hell where it belongs. I tell my conscience the truth that I walk in love and obey God’s commands.’
Be reminded of this; If your conscience does not condemn you, you walk in peace with God. Now you can be confident again. You are more than a conqueror. You are victorious even in this! You are better able to to have success in life including your online business or any business. Netdivvy is the training system that gave me an opportunity to bring this article to you. I am having much system using this system and I hope you will take a look at it.

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