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Sep 10

7 Secrets To Turn Your Tragedy Into Opportunity Optimistically

7 Secrets To Turn Tragedy Into Opportunity by Caryn Elizabeth on Mixcloud

Do you see tragedy optimistically?

Are you a tragic optimist? According to Viktor E. Frankl, tragic optimists use their past values to turn their tragedy into opportunity optimistically to keep themselves alive. Mr. Frankl survived Auschwitz concentration camp with others who used “envisioning” as a means of keeping hope alive.

See Tragedy Optimistically

Do You Choose To See Tragedy Optimistically Or Not?

Do you see your future optimistically?

Many of us see our present circumstances so poorly that we feel life is meaningless. However, these are the same people who feel others lives are more valuable than their own. They’d be willing to die for others but not willing to keep themselves alive. Valuing yourself optimistically and seeing what purpose you have to live for is the most precious gift you can give this world.

Do you dream optimistically?

When we experience anything tragic, be it a marriage failure, the death of a loved one, the untimely death of a friend, or the loss of money in business, we will lean on the values of the past to determine our next step. At the time, we may not consciously know what steps to take next optimistically. It’s in these times that our core values will show.

As You Prayer, Do You See Tragedy Optimistically

As You Prayer, Do You See Tragedy Optimistically?

We are valuable to ourselves and our world.

Seeking our purpose in life when tragedy strikes, the potential to create opportunities that help others and our future depends on our biological value set. Our biological depth shows that we are survivors. Listen and learn more on today’s Mixcloud podcast “How to thrive under tragedy optimistically”.

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