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Sep 30

Finding Likeminded Friends On Facebook – Would You Like Me?

Are you on Facebook for business or is it just for spying on your family, friends and co workers?

I’m sure you’ve watched Facebook change over time from just  a social platform for college students to meet guys and girls, to an extremely excellent way to monetize a business and has changed the way people connect, buy  and learn new things. Employers and employment agencies actually check profiles of those prospective employees to see how they handle themselves in a social setting. I would hope that is not the only basis they go on but plenty of individuals should know that the comments they allow their friends to leave on their walls could contribute to the job they get.



Being Real, Sharing from my heart, desiring to impact your life for good, Facebook is one social media where i can share my passion and help you if you want some help with the practical details that make life great! Connect with me at http://www,facebook.com/carynelizabethlive


Facebook for Business

What kind of skills do you have to offer others?

If you are using Facebook to generate leads for your home business, network marketing business or direct sales business, there is a right way and a wrong way to use Facebook. You will want to learn the right way if this is a new platform for marketing your network marketing company or your own home business. Over the years, I’ve experienced people using their personal profile pages to share their business opportunities. That’s the quickest way to loose friendships and get banned from your family!

But it doesn’t have to be that way forever.  With your life skills and work experience,  you can make an impact on your friends and family  and make money using Facebook.  Good business best practices need to be learned. Mari Smith teaches all the best practices but you ought to also learn relationship etiquette.

Blogging And Facebook

The learning curve is pretty steep but with a good teacher, you can have a blog up and running in a couple months, given you spend a couple hours a week setting it up. Want to know more about WordPress? I have a series of training videos that helped me get started.  Many fail because they haven’t the stamina to endure it.  Those who persevere  know to seek  ongoing training. With definite purpose and a business worth sharing, the results can be phenomenal.

Mentors are great to help you learn what you would otherwise have to go to college and pay tuition to learn. In order to become trusted as an authority, mentors learn to develop leadership skills to gain your trust and business. As you may have seen, good leaders understand how to develop friendships online as they would working offline.

Using advocacy as a networking tool, leaders are just skilled individuals who learned how to get what they want without doing harm to others. Anyone can be a leader if they learn the skills of leadership!

Do you realize that network marketing businesses are the only style of business where you must  help  other team members succeed in order to succeed yourself?

Are you the kind of Facebook friend you would want to build a friendship with?

Facebook Networking Support

Do You Need Support While Learning Leadership on Facebook? Daily inspiration was a great help to me. Having that support in masterminding or just having an audio to listen every few days gave me some direction I could look forward to each week. It was the consistent and persistent effort of a mentor that really made the difference for me!

If we want to learn how to use Facebook to build a large business or just a network of like-minded friends,  we must do at least these 6 things:

  • set an intention,
  • be driven by a great desire,
  • set up a business plan
  •  get ongoing  training.
  • study personal development
  • develop leadership skills

Personal development is the key to overcoming obstacles keeping you in the low income bracket! Reading good books and audios helped me to take control of my fear possessed past when I was faced with divorce. It was because of the powerful books like “As A Man Thinketh” and “The Science Of Getting Rich” that made the biggest impact on my mindset.

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PS. If you are retiring and want to create some income with your spare time, Geri Walker’s interview may set you in a good direction using Facebook groups.

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Aug 27

How To Change Pic Sizes In Less Than 5 Minutes Using Picnik.Com

Change Your Picture Size

If you are looking for quick little program to change picture sizes, Picnik.com is a great place.

In this short video, I explain how to upload a pic, change the size and upload it as a twitter background in less than 5 minutes.

You’ll love it.

Making money online becomes much easier when you leverage otherpeoples knowledge to save you time and therefore taking advantage of teachings, trainings and one on one coaching classes and webinars.

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Caryn Elizabeth is an expert at finding the best resources.  Gifted with the

ability to connect with those in the know, Caryn passes this information on

freely to those who find her.

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Feb 01

Create Positive Habits | 4 Steps To Create Positive Habits For Business Success


http://bit.ly/positivehabits Through this strategic set of 4 steps, anyone can increase there productivity level and change their habits for business. http://bit.ly/Hottipssecrets

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Jul 03

Short Sales


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Short sales can be great deals, ordeals nightmare A phenomenon that recurs like clockwork when the sour real property, short sales to reach now almost one in four home sales across market segments in Sacramento crisis.
New Tax Rules for Short Sales – Foreclosures

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