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Feb 05

What To Do On Super Bowl Sunday – My Rising Star Secrets Revealed

superbowl sunday 2012 And Visalus Rising Star

Super Bowl Sunday 2012 And Visalus Rising Star

What Part Can I Play On Super Bowl Sunday?

When I was in 5th grade my girl friend and I tried out to be cheerleaders for  what I felt was a super bowl team called “the black knights”.. My younger brother Ricky played football that year and Wendy and I decided to “go for it”. We both made the squad and that year I decided I loved being a  cheerleader. Having 5 brothers, I was the one who watched the games and enjoyed my brothers accomplishments. Because I was a girl, I was not able to play on the teams, though I would have loved it.

How Can I Play In The Super Bowl?

I was quite good at baseball since I had to keep up with 5 athletic boys and my brother Barry would brag on me telling others “watch out when she throws you the ball, she’ll burn your glove”. Well this was a great compliment to me, of course and give me a sense of belonging to a super bowl  team of brothers. I knew being in the middle of the family that cheerleading was the best I could accomplish and so I have taken that strength with me into adulthood and here I am today.

Half Time Super Bowl Show

With that in mind, I decided to create an audio for Superbowl Sunday 2012. In it are my reflections on the day, some of  my secrets for my own business teams, and my thoughts and feelings on the beauty of being part of a community, as well as some other juicy details about me! Hope you like it.

Here’s a personal message for you to listen to I titled “My Secrets Of Being  A Rising Star On A Super Bowl Winning Team”

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Happy Super Bowl Sunday! 

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