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The Framework For Success – The Basic Framework To Achieve The Life You Want


A Framework is a basic structure by which success is built!


To achieve success in business, a person may go to school to gain skills but there is a framework that

true happiness must be built on.

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There are 4 things we must do to build the framework for success in business and life.


1. Love the creator (God, universe, etc..)
2. Love yourself
3. Love others
4. Live by the golden rule

Framework of success

Framework Is Key For success

These simple steps I expound upon here are the basics for success in business. To many love is a personal word and has no bearing in business. Understandably so, love is to many the reason they live. Business is a vehicle by which they give things to those they love. However, many have grown up with a poor framework of love.

1. They began life in pain
2. They had little training in loving and nurturing themselves
3. They didn’t know how to overcome obstacles at each stage of life
4. They became adults with little knowledge of control of their emotions

What is the best success principle we can strive for to love ourselves?

Discover the truth about this from a babies viewpoint.

1. Babies cry
2. Babies work without stopping
3. Babies see love or pain
4. Babies either believe in themselves or believe in others

Adults need a framework for success.

Without the basics a successful life will bypass them.

A book like “Be Free From Fear Audios” contain ideas about how to find success. In the recording and commentaries, I share the secrets of success that I learned in overcoming the negative mindset I learned as a young girl.

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