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Think And Grow Rich – Master Your Thought Life, Feel Peaceful, And Grow To Be Rich

What Do You Believe About Things?

What Are You Thinking About?

Do You Worry About Your Future?

  Watch And Read How To Conquer Negative Thinking And Have Peace Of Mind.

What Remains The Same

Napoleon Hill is a very smart man and wrote a book called “Think And Grow Rich”.  He said his wise sayings many years ago yet the concepts remain the same. In this article I want to help you understand that though things change and cause worry, the constancy of the  laws of the universe  can give us peace so we can  think and grow rich.

Someone once said ‘there is nothing new under the sun’. I believe that, to an extend, the things we know, think and believe now are things that others have known to one degree or another for years and years. But how does one grow rich in there thinking when circumstances bring worry in our thought life?

What Changes With Belief

New discoveries, inventions, and evolution of belief changes with time. Among  the physical laws of the universe are  the laws of leadership and  the laws of relationships. Because they have been classified by study to be considered laws, they are steady. Because of these laws, man is able to ‘become’ more, do more, create more, and believe more. Because of the steadfastness and predictability of these laws he is able to think and grow rich.

What Beliefs Work

A man’s life contains things that are both constant and changing. We don’t like change usually, but I believe it’s because it is more pleasurable to have predictable outcomes and  because we become comfortable with what we have, what we worked for, what we accomplish. However, life does not end with any one accomplishment. Life is a journey to think and grow rich  and it consistently changes. We do have peace counting only on the  laws of life that remain constant.

Seeing both parts, those things that remain the same and those things which change or evolve, we can be comfortable with the laws that are constant and aware that we are meant to grow rich through an evolution of change and become more and more of who we long to be and what we long to do.

Trusting and Living In Peace

So this is my conclusion. We must take stock of the laws and beliefs we have in place. Do they serve us? Do we know the laws of life and have we trusted in them? If so, I believe we must not dwell on the things that change.if we want to think and grow rich. Life and circumstances change but the laws of the universe are constant. Trust that the sun come up daily, that an apple will always fall to the ground if you drop it, that the moon will eclipse the sun once in a while and dirt will always grow a seed.

Believing The Best

A foundation of faith in these laws will make the changes that occur in your finances, you work and play life, you family life easier to adjust to. By being thankful for the laws in place, we will trust in them while we observe the ever changing circumstances. These are meant to give us the peace that passes all understanding and will guard our hearts and minds. This is truly how to think and grow rich.

Phil. 4:8 Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things. Likewise, keep practicing these things: what you have learned, received, heard, and seen in me. Then the God of peace will be with you.

I want to read more about how to think and grow rich and renew a healthy mindset. 


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  1. Lets eliminate the word how. Lets use the word why? Everybody has challenges but it is our decision on how we choose to handle them. If we see them as obstacles we will attract more obstacles, but if we see them as challenges we will do whatever it takes to overcome it. It is in our hands!!

    Lawrence Bergfeld

    1. Well Lawrence, You are very wise to see it that way. The word “how ” is great for curiosity seekers, that’s for sure. I agree that obstacles can be seen as opportunities in disguise, if we condition ourselves that this belief serves our positive future. Apparently, challenges to you are something you feel you can take on. So seeing these obstacles as challenges put you in the drivers seat! i suppose that works! Do you study an personal development stuff? My home page has an article about what i learned from Tony robbins.. check it out! And thanks again for your comment! I appreciate your feed back. Tell others to check it out too! xo

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