May 10

Top Tips For Success In Life – Personal Success Is Available

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How awful it is how so many people suffer from a lack of success in life. Many have no idea they can have a better life. They are sick, impoverished, despised, mentally ill, carrying unforgiveness, in terrible marriages, lonely, and unwise. If someone would just tell them that personal success in life is available, they would begin to flourish. There is a  better way to have success in life, a way of true peace and security for a good future.  If you want this, read on for the answer to your problems.

While at my waterfall today, I came upon a verse in Zechariah 3:4, which says: The angel said to his heavenly attendants, “take away the filthy clothes this man is wearing.” And then he said to Joshua, “I have taken your sin and will give you new clothes to wear.”

The high priest in the bible is one who had a very particular job. But this vision is really for all of us. .. This is a vision of what Jesus did, as he worked God’s will out for us.  The new life we receive begins with Jesus taking his place as High Priest that the angel called  “the branch.”

It’s so awesome that we no longer have to remain in the old life, the one we grew up in perhaps, the life that our circumstances brought us to.  Now we have an out of that place, where personal success in life begins with the putting on of new garments.  The start of this new life began 2000 yrs ago where Jesus obeyed God and willingly gave His life on the cross.

Vs. 5: He commanded the attendants to put a clean turban on Joshua’s head. They did so, and then they put the new clothes on him while the angel of the Lord stood there. Then the angel told Joshua that the Lord Almighty had said: ” If you obey my laws and perform the duties I have assigned you, then you will continue to be in charge of my Temple and it’s courts, and I will hear your prayers, just as I hear the prayers of the angels who are in my presence.

We know the angels are in God’s presence and the high priest must be positioned correctly, if he is to have his prayers answered. But we are not in the old testament times. We live today and it’s impossible to obey all the laws of the old testament. The One who did obey and positioned Himself correctly is Jesus. He gives us the opportunity to have personal success in life.

Vs.8 Listen then, Joshua, you who are the High Priest: and listen , you fellow priests of his, you that are the sign of a good future: I will reveal my servant, who is called The Branch! I am placing in front of Joshua a single stone with seven facets. I will engrave an inscription on it, and in a single day, I will take away the sin of this land. vs10 When that day comes, each of you will invite his neighbor to come and enjoy peace and security, surrounded by your vineyards and fig trees.

We can see here that “The Branch” is the old testament word for “Jesus”. Joshua is a high priest and Jesus is THE High Priest.  Like Joshua, we are seeing here the way God is going to give us the new clothing kind of life. And because of Jesus, we can share with our neighbor a way to enjoy peace and security surrounded by plenty.

So many people suffer without success in life or hope for a great future. They go through life with a negative attitude, covered in lies they believe about their value. They have low self esteem and some are falsely humble. This word from Zechariah 3 is a sign of the good future we are all promised. Jesus is the way to peace and security surrounded by plenty. So now that you know that personal success is available to you,  tell someone you love.

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