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Value And Belief Awareness – Personal Power While Asking Quality Questions

As part of my own personal development journey, I began to see the need for advanced methods of becoming all I could be. I happened upon a Tony Robbins teaching called Personal Power 2. In it I discovered that I was asking myself questions that could be sabotaging my personal and business success. In this article I want to tell you what and why this teaching is vital to become all you can be and perhaps we can journey together as happy people.

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Values And Beliefs Revealed

The following questions hold the hidden  values and beliefs of the questioner. When you read them, think about what you sense it is. “What must I do to show respect to others? “ “What can I do to get the respect I desire”? The root perception is “how do I receive pleasure and avoid pain”? We all at the heart level gravitate toward pleasure and away from pain. Based on the value we place on each belief about our values, we will either love, tolerate dislike or hate things others say or do.

 Values And Beliefs Perceived

Below is a list of some of the common values people perceive while having different hierarchy standards.

The value of success

The value of honesty

The value of respect

The value of kindness

The value of love

The value of integrity

The value of loyalty

Values And Beliefs For Pleasure

I believe that our search for like minded people in our personal life or for our business success, is due to the desire for pleasure. If I have a problem with something someone said, I will think about who I can call who will agree with my view so I will feel the pleasure I desire. I will not call, read or desire to know those who I feel contribute to a feeling of pain.

Some adults actually move far away from their family to avoid the pain caused by beliefs that conflict. I know people whose parents die and they feel nothing. They don’t grieve. In fact, they feel relief and free of the bondage that person felt in that relationship. Disagreement of beliefs is the cause of divorce, business breakups, family distance and differences in corporate workplace.

 Values And Beliefs Control

Many find working from home, owning their own businesses as a way to keep the feelings of pleasure on the increase. I believe parents chose to home-school their children rather than have them be subjected to the pain of differing values and beliefs in the public education system. Anywhere where groups gather, there will be differing beliefs and even churches split because of this.

With this in mind, knowing that some things can’t be avoided, what can a person do to keep a feeling of pleasure while working with others who seem to rub them the wrong way? I experienced a boss who I felt harassed me time and time again and finally had to leave due to what I felt was a negative environment. Why could others stay and tolerate it and I couldn’t? I have asked myself this many times. The only conclusion was “a difference in values”.

Values And Beliefs About Money

I feel that loving others is more important than making money. I want to make money but when it’s more painful to stay to get compensation then I’m willing to tolerate, then I leave. Honor is a value that is high on my agenda. I will stay and honor a person’s opinion unless I don’t feel loved by that person. So love is a greater value to me than honor. In marriage, if I feel loved, the pleasure of it will keep me moving forward in that marriage. But if I didn’t feel loved, the pain of it caused depression. Though I would tolerate it for the benefit of loving my children, by staying, my x spouse had a lower pain threshold as he valued his freedom more than love. Does that make sense?

 Values And Beliefs Awareness

Being aware of these values and beliefs is the first step to help communicate them to our close friends and family.

Tony Robbins Personal Power 2 is a series of teachings that can help you become aware of your personal power and how you can gain control over your emotions. Being aware of your values and beliefs , you can choose to live in more pleasure by controlling your emotional state instead of allowing the differences of others to cause you pain. After all, we have to live in this world with others. If we can create our state of emotional awareness and power, we will be the leaders and controllers of our life and this will help us achieve the pleasure and success we desire.

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