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Warning: Increase Your Awareness When Baking For Teenage Daughters

Warning:Increase Awareness When Baking For Teenage Daughters

Warning:Increase Awareness When Baking For Teenage Daughters

My Daughters And Eating

Our teens are watching us! What we eat, they eat! What we cook, they cook! Maybe not tomorrow but as adults, they will follow our lead!  Teaching our teen daughters to dress may be your first priority.  “Are you going to wear that to school”?, you might ask.  Well, what about what they are buying in the cafeteria? Are you concerned about that?

Teaching Our Daughters To Cook And Bake

Our daughters are so cute as babies. We feed them anything to get a giggle or grin out of them. Grandma’s especially like to feed them cookies and ice cream. While this is adorable, it sets our little darlings up for bad habits and addictions.

So What Should I Feed My Daughters?

We generally feed them what our mom fed us! Sadly, food choices have changed dramatically and preservatives and substitutes are causing weight gain for many young daughters.

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Warning:Increase Awareness When Baking For Teenage Daughters

Warning:Increase Awareness When Baking For Teenage Daughters



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Raising our daughters is our responsibility. They are our legacy! They may come back to you later in life and thank you or “curse you” for being a hippocrate or even worse, a poor example!

We don’t want that, right?

Daughters Become Wives and Mothers

Our daughters will be as wise, smart, and intelligent as their parents. It’s been said, “if your daughter goes to college and then stays home and raises her children, she is just wasting her degree.” This is an absolute mistake. Daughters who study for 4 years, learn many things. At the very least, they learn how to seek knowledge, to take tests, write papers, and study for exams. Of course, they learn how to work as a team, to obey instructions, to honor professors, and establish friendships. All of these are advanced skills and our daughters can become excellent parents after graduating from college.

Unfortunately, there are some skills not taught even in college. Primarily we call them “leadership skills” and “wealth training” skills. Of course, there are many students who enter college with some of these skills and it makes them all the more prepared to achieve high ranks in their careers and an ability to create wealth.

Educating Our Daughters

As parents, we have been given the responsibility to teach our children manners, civil duties, and morality. Leadership begins at home. There are some daughters who become dishonest employers. There are some women who are morally corrupt! Telling a lie here and their, they promote themselves over others. This little bit of error in judgment can bring our daughters to ruin later on in life!

Help For Daughters

Our daughters need us! The world has many obstacles in the way of understanding how to be a leader over our bodies, minds and moral life. We are not totally corrupt. But there are parts of us that need help throughout our lives to become the kind of daughter we are proud of.  Let’s help our daughters see someone special in the mirror each day. Lets teach them to cook and bake and eat healthy so they’ll stay fit and trim.  Let’s lead them on a healthy path their children, and your grandchildren, will one day tread.

Let’s help our teenage daughters begin life with honest awareness about habits of eating, thinking and leadership.

 Learn more about raising your teenage daughters here!

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