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What Do I Need For Business Success – Get Business Success Plan Now.

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Are You Confused about where to start?

Are You Confused About Where To Start Your Business Success Venture?


Business Success in any MLM, Direct Sales, Affiliate Marketing  and Offline Business is a cinch when you have the right plan.


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The cycle of business success and life can be demonstrated by the seasons of winter, spring, summer and fall. Each season represents the actions steps to take.  A good farmer knows what season he is in. He takes full responsibility for his actions.

The following steps will help you make the money you want, gain the lifestyle freedom you seek, and have the satisfaction that makes your life worthwhile.

The seasonal cycle is consistent in general and the process doesn’t change.

We do change.  Our harvest gives us clues for what to plant the next spring.

Research and development preparing your seeds

What kind of research are you doing for your business success?

1. Winter time is the season of research and development. Do you have a product you want to create? What products have you created in the past? Do you have an MLM opportunity you decided to join? What companies have to joined in the past? How did that work out for you? Starting a new venture gets easier with each time we venture into the unknown. It is always most difficult the first time. But a mature farmer who understands his seed, who has harvested in the past, knows how to measure his results.

Be encouraged, the first time we plant into anything, we may not reap all we hoped but we will reap. The more massively we sow, the greater our harvest.

What kind of seeds are you sowing?

What kind of seeds are you sowing for business success?

2. Spring is the time to plant the right seeds, the seeds we determined for this season, based on past results. We may sow the same seeds, or seeds of a different kind, which will grow into a plant where with we will reap a harvest of that kind.

But spring is the time to take massive action and break the fallow ground, plant enough seed we can manage. In an MLM, it could be anything from phoning our warm market to placing solo-ads in an ezine. That depends on our past experiences and results.

Are you protecting your field?

Are you protecting your business success field?

3. Summer is the time to nurture that field where we planted. The weeds and bugs will always show up.. always.. It’s life! Knowing this reality will prepare us to remove them so that our seeds will have plenty of room to grow up. Summer is the time to follow up on our prospects, do customer service on our products, send emails, make calls, have team webinars, keep all we’ve sown in tact.

Did you get the business harvest you hoped?

Did you get the business success harvest you hoped?

4. Fall is the time where we see the results of our sowing. The harvest will be as great as the number of seeds we sowed, as well as the number of seeds we nourished and the number of seeds we protected from the bugs and weeds, or the naysayers, doubters and negative onlookers and reactors. When we reap, if a great harvest, reaping without apology for a job well done. If we reap a poor harvest, we must learn to do it without complaining. A farmer takes full responsibility for the seeds he sows and learns from the previous harvest.

We are all sowing seeds for business success and life.

We will reap what grows from the field we’ve sown into. Complainers and ridiculers will reap more ridicule. Negative thinkers will reap more negativity. High performers will reach greater heights. It matters not what we sow. The cycle happens. It’s up to us to awaken to the truth that we are sowing based on what we know.

Let winter be the season for you to take stock of what you know, and determine that you will learn to be a better farmer. Learn from the kinds of farmers you want to be like. Whether its Donald Trump or Mother Theresa, Oprah Winfrey, Steve Jobs, Jim Rohn, Zig Ziglar, your pastor or  your parent. Winter is now. If you are reading this, let today be the day you choose to stop and take stock of where you are and what you want to sow in your spring.

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Read This Positive Affirmation For Business Success:

I am a seed of supernatural greatness planted on this earth for a miracle.

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  1. Great work Caryn! Nice to hear you breakthrough… I experienced it last November in Amsterdam at the VIEW from the Edge. Good Luck on your New Venture!

    1. Hi Gordon. I had a breakthrough this morning I’m going to add to my “reflect” page about “Belief”.. Let’s chat soon..

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