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What Is The Visalus 90 Day Health Challenge? What Visalus Team Should I Join?

Cedrick Making Shakes For Our 90 Day Health Challenge PartyVisalus is making waves in Tampa Florida with Team Takeover.

Headed up by Cedrick Harris, with Larry Beacham, the Visalus ripples  

are affecting a new team build started by Todd Gragg and Caryn Elizabeth who are stirring the Tampa waters…

Caryn’s facebook community and her Empower Network team as a whole are watching things happen.
2012 has brought with it many who would create new years resolutions, including weight loss goals, getting fit goals and creating new ways of bring home more bacon. Although marketers in the Network marketing industry are running to Visalus to join, Caryn and Todd have hit a home run in Tampa. From new member superstar Earl Christy, who was running back in the 1969 Super Bowl 3 Championships, this Visalus team is extremely desirous to create a team spirit that goes as far north and the poconos of PA, Chicago IL., and as far west as California.. with members joining the team almost daily.

Cedrick Giving The Challenge Party PresentationThe Visalus Start Up Team Leading Empower Network

January 9th began with calls from Cedrick Harris to George Gragg’s residence in a lovely little development in Tampa.. Nearby Cedrick Harris and Larry Beacham make their homes.  In came Cedrick and Larry with large bags in hand.. filled with the new Challenge Magazine, the only Network Marketing Company’s independent magazine available in news stands and book stores.. first thing were we told.. go purchase as many as are available in the stores.. those you leave.. place your own business card inside for those looking for help with the new years challenge.

Larry Beacham And My Biz Partner Todd Gragg Loving The Party~Having  A Visalus Challenge Party

Once the table was set, Cedrick took to the kitchen with strawberries, cream cheese, and almond milk, some flavor packets and shake mix in hand. Into small sample cups we shared a huge tray of several shake options.. The shakes taste like cake mix is the reply most give.. next up was the Neuro.. an energy drink, conveniently packaged in skinny tubes you tare open and empty into a bottle of water.. Orange, or berry are the options and we had glasses of this energy supplement in a water bottle to taste.
After the shakes were mixed and served, Todd and I began videoing and photographing this event. For us it was a privilege to have the man himself share the challenge.. But you have to know that Todd and I we wide eyed with wonder as Cedrick captivated us.

The Visalus Challenge Party May Have Challenges

The event was delayed when George realized his dvd player was not hooked up. Larry ran home and returned with a player and before we knew it, the dvd was placed in the player.. Upon excellent instructions from Cedrick, Todd welcomed everybody, and introduced the video. There are 3 parts to the video. Each part strategically created to share the simple challenge that is making a phenomenon in the industry in it’s simplicity.
After each section, Cedrick and Larry took turns sharing stories and testimonies. Both have extremely helpful stories and everyone was engaged. Though the stories shared real life testimonies.. they were not unlike those of other average people.
My take, it only takes one person strategically placed , to alter the course of thousands.. and Cedrick has given many many average people an above average jump on success in this industry.

The Best Team Build Visalus With Cedrick Is Making In Tampa Visalus Testimonies

Cedrick has an amazing testimony, not in the fact that he had jobs most others experienced, but what was different was that Cedrick saw something.. Yes, from his fathers advice ringing in his ears, to other influential people He took massive action to learn from, Cedrick began and then became world known in the Network marketing arena..

Visalus Team Takeover is not just building but it’s a phenomenon.

After the 2 parts of the video was finished and stories were shared, those interested in the 3rd section we shown how to “promote the challenge”. A fast start training was done on the spot. This led Earl Christy to give testimony to the thoroughness in the process developed by Cedrick and his team.

What Visalus Number Will You Be?

Once all 3 parts were complete, forms were given out and all those present had the option of getting involved in some way. It was as natural as being offered ice cream or cake for dessert and all took advantage of one thing or another.
Afterwords, we interviewed several, took photos and then Larry Beacham and Cedrick Harris gave video viewers the value of fast start training. Both me taught by example, that focus is vital, and all answers led to the power of Visalus and the option that it’s now time to get in.

Getting Started here.

OR   Call this number now to get more information. 507-726-3700  

Visalus is a phenomenal company with a track record to prove it.  

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