How Children Become Wealthy Adults

What Makes Children Become Wealthy Adults?


      Some Parents Say:


  • Intelligence
  • Inheritance
  • Wealthy parents
  • Private schools
  • Home Schooling
  • Tutoring
  • Heredity


Many individuals think that intelligence equates to wealth.

Not So!

There are many stupid people who get rich! While children of the wealthy

start out with money, many can waste it.

There are things that must be learned for children to become wealthy

starting with doing things in a certain way!

The most important of all is the skill of “leadership”. Without it, children live as victims

dependent on employers or the government to tell them what to do next!

Do you want your children to be wealthy?

Of Course!


We all know that the wealthy live lives of freedom and fulfill their dreams.

But how can we teach our children these skills?

Here From The Author!

Caryn Elizabeth

Caryn Elizabeth




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Wealthy Children and Leadership


While homeschooling my children, I could see the difference with their development than with

some children in the public school system. While I’m not saying public school is bad, as I know

some children who came through and are living excellent lives, I am just explaining that I could

see that the 1 on 1 tutoring I was giving my children helped them develop skills quickly.


Like any sports team, coaches who give students one on one attention, develop team players

who advance very quickly. In fact, some parents press coaches to do so for their children with

this intention. So you ask, what does this have to do with wealth and leadership?

Since we know that giving children individual attention helps them in developing the desired skill,

then tutoring them one on one in the home on wealth and leadership will help them

become wealthy more quickly and proficiently.

Children are naturally pushy as babies, crying to get their needs met!


So what happens later?


They are taught to be quiet and wait! Right?

Well, this is probably the most difficult thing

for a naturally curious

child to deal with.

Children are born to survive, to lead themselves to pleasure.

Parents don’t realize it but some are raising kids all wrong!


 The Laws of Leadership To Raise Wealthy Children

What can I teach my 5 year old about Leadership?


What’s Keeping My Child From Becoming Wealthy?


You’ve heard the expression “Children are to be seen and not heard!” Sure, kids do become

whiny complainers sometimes and it drives parents crazy!

But it’s because parents don’t know how to use

the natural skills children are born with to help them become wealthy leaders.

Instead they tell them to “shut up already!!!”

What if you had the knowledge to:

  • Raise confident children
  • Keep peace in your home
  • Hear teachers praise your children
  • Get teachers to give your child that individual attention
  • Raise intelligent kids
  • Teach your children to save money
  • Have others want your children to play with theirs because they see what great kids you’re raising
  • Let your children start their own business
  • Assist them with their career path while in elementary school
  • Give them a head start in fulfilling their goals and dreams


Many of us don’t even have our own goals and dreams written down.

As parents, we are just “getting by”.

We are hoping our kids stay out of trouble and grow up quickly!

Mom’s just want their teen girls to eat right and not gain weight!

Parents are struggling to keep peace between siblings.


Smart parents are reading books and looking for solutions that

will help get through the child rearing years without regrets!


The Laws of Leadership To Raise Wealthy Boys

Children leaders exhibit self confidence very early in life!


Children Are Wealthy Already


Children are born with everything they need to be wealthy and succeed in life.

Parents who learned this before their children were born had the one up on others

but more importantly,

they avoided many of the pitfalls those without training in leadership fell prey to.

So what can we as parents do to avoid the pitfalls?


  • We can read books
  • listen to audios
  • and get some resources in leadership training.


Wealthy children have parents who know the secrets that the wealthy

have been teaching their children for centuries. These secrets are

not being withheld deliberately, though many feel this way.

Actually, the wealthy are living examples but the poor are not able to

see the path to get wealthy and therefore continue on the road to mediocrity.

Their children follow in their footsteps, hopefully with a desire to improve their

own lives, as they so easily see the “hypocritical” lives their parents lead.


Wouldn’t it be great to raise kids who admire you?


Children who come back and say:


“Thanks so much mom for showing me how to bake and cook.

The bakery is attracting customers left and right.”


Hey Dad! Wouldn’t you love it if your son graduated from college

without school loans and a promise of that engineering job with a

starting salary greater than what you are making now?


Here From The Author!

Caryn Elizabeth
Caryn Elizabeth

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So Let’s Raise Wealthy Children


  • Raising wealthy children begins with “wealth training”.
  • This training is preempted with “leadership training”.
  • Leadership training begins with teaching “self responsibility”.
  • All this begins early on and you can be equipped starting today with
  • the knowledge you need to see your children grow up to live wealthy lives
  • as leaders over their own businesses.
  • The wealthy make money work for them!


The Laws Of Leadership To Raise Wealthy Children


Their are laws of leadership that will be the starting point for you as parents, grandparents

and future parents. You can begin this journey by placing your name and email here

and getting the first in a series of 15 trainings at no cost!

That’s right! You get a FREE Audio Training on

“The Laws of Leadership To Raise Wealthy Children”.

Children are our legacy.


Do you want your children to come back home one day with your grand kids who

just love you and know its because your children told them what a great mom and dad they had!


Sure! Who wouldn’t like that!


Raising kids is hard. Most of us had no clue how to raise kids when we started off in marriage.

Even some college grads learned very little about raising children to be wealthy.

Leadership for the sports enthusiasts meant competing for “the number one spot”.


Leadership In Business


Many Business leaders fail to create wealth in business because they haven’t the

necessary skills of leadership over employees. Employers are taught to

“keep employees in place” rather than giving them authority over their position!

These exhibitions of leadership are far from the powerful skills good leaders

need to live wealthy lives!


If you feel now that you want to take a chance to see what more you can learn

about leadership and raising wealth minded children,

place your name and email here and get started!


The first audio is FREE.

I will send you a followup email with an opportunity to get the full series.

In the mean time, enjoy the first audio!



Here’s to your parental success!
Caryn Elizabeth

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