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Christmas Tree purpose

Week 12 The Undecorated Tree : Purpose

Around Christmas, I get sentimental. As a writer, I find using inanimate objects as the subject of my inspirational message friendly stories. Below is a story of a tree who felt forgotten at Christmas. Being driven by faith, faultering and getting back up is a message we all have experienced. Enjoy my telling of “The Undecorated Tree” by Caryn Elizabeth.

Every Christmas Tree Is Special

Christmas time is filled with sparkle around most homes and towns. Lights, candles, wreaths, tinsel, garland, ornaments, toys, window shopping, even parades.. But there was once a Christmas tree that felt forgotten.

Christmas Trees Purpose
Christmas Trees Purpose
Around Thanksgiving, the family took out their decorations and hung lights outside on window wreaths. Inside, the garlands were lighted and laid out across the buffet and the mantle. The candles were placed on the Christmas table cloth and the little candle wreaths were laid carefully atop the glass holders.
The 3 foot decorated Christmas tree was removed from the storage closet and placed carefully on the buffet where it was plugged in and ready to celebrate.
Everything was looking great! The spotlights outside shown on the bare leafed trees and towards the front door covered with Christmas garlands and pine cones. Inside the bare Christmas tree was left opened and standing but without any decorations.
This beautiful tree , quite frankly, felt abandoned. Everyone passed by it day after day not even noticing it’s beautiful branches. It’s smell was vibrant yet it longed for attention. Several days passed and the Christmas tree thought she heard word of new lights! “Perhaps those lights will be for me”, she said! “I love getting presents and that would make me even more beautiful so that everyone would look at me.” This tree had a problem, you see!

The Problem of the Christmas Tree

Christmas trees pretty much look alike. Some are tall and others small. But all of them have similar green branches. The only difference the tree can bare is it’s outward appearance. Some trees get very beautiful adornment while others get the bare essentials. But in the end, it’s not even the tree that gets the most attention. It’s the gifts under the tree that are given top priority.

So What is the Tree to do?

The Christmas tree knows full well that the short life it has to be adorned is it’s crowning glory! This tree longs for it’s adornment yet it seems so long in coming. In the mean time, the simple branches are left to hang bare and wanting. Well, finally the day came when the glory of Christmas would shine through the lights and garlands this tree would bare.

She indeed was correct. Those lights were for her! The Christmas practitioners wanted to adorn her with fresh lights and garlands to make her glory even brighter than in the past! The day came and she could feel alive and vibrant as each light and ornament was carefully hung to make the tree fuller and brighter!

Oh, when each ornament was hung, she stood strong and held on to each as if it were life and death. Each piece of tinsel sparkled as she held her lights firmly in hand as if to jump rope with them.

When the tree was finally finished the feeling of heaviness came over the tree. She knew the time was coming and she must have some water to keep her strength. Would she be fed or neglected?

The Neglected Christmas Tree

The feeling of neglect overwhelmed the Christmas tree this season. She worried that she would not be decorated. Now she worried that she’d not have her needs met. Would she have to drop some ornaments to get attention and quench her thirst?

The following morning, after a restless night upholding her perceived burdens, the Christmas practitioner awoke and turned on the radio and some Christmas music. The Christmas tree was aroused with hope and the caregiver walked by. Plugging in the Christmas lights, the caregiver disappeared to the kitchen and returned with a large container. “Ahhhh, water”, thought she. And in no time, her strength mounted and she felt the refreshment that only water can bring.

Christmas Day

In time, the tree held many packages under it’s wings and protected everyone from onlookers. The children danced around it and begged mother to let them sleep under it the night before Christmas eve. What excitement the Christmas tree felt at that prospect. All eyes would be on her and she would feel terrific.

There wish came true as they grabbed their sleeping bags, cookies and milk and lay at the foot of the tree looking at all the sparkles. Christmas tree was in her glory getting the attention she longed for and knew it was what she was born for!

The final stages came to be and Christmas day came. The tree released each gift with pride knowing her job was about complete. Her wish came true. She was adorned and she bore the responsibility well. In time, as trees know, they must be released back into the wilderness to assist the baring of other Christmas trees.

Her day was complete and the Christmas caregivers dealt fairly with her through the whole process. She was satisfied with her work and Christmas was a success for her and for the family she shared it with.

Moral of the story: Every Christmas Tree Is Special! And every person is too! We may think poorly and feel we lack purpose.  As we allow ourselves to be aroused with hope for a prosperous future, in the perfect time, our purpose is realized! Christmas can be everyday!


Legacy and The Carpenter's son

Week 11 Legacy and The Carpenter’s Son


Though my DMP contained elements of Legacy, I hadn’t named it as a PPN. It may be time.  A couple days ago, with the revelation via Grace of God, I wrote a short story. Elements are based on real facts and also a combination of other peoples realities. This I hope gives something for everyone to read and enjoy!

Legacy Leads the way!

“The Carpenter’s Son” short story is about a mans desire to leave a legacy for many generations to come. I’ve included an audio version below.

The Carpenter’s Son

Once upon a time there was a carpenter who had a son. This father was very skilled at building and of course desired that his son learn the trade and enjoy the prosperity and satisfaction that his life gave to others.
Lets go back to the beginning.
In order to see what this man desired for his son, we must understand how he felt about what he did.

The Carpenter’s Day

A carpenter’s day began with his morning ritual. Of course, he had written down what he needed to do that day, some time before. Why is this important? Because these would be among the skills that he’d teach his son! And the results would be evident!

Each day the carpenter would kiss his wife goodbye, gather his tools and his plan and either go to his carpenters shop or to the place he’d present his work to his customers. His plan included a deadline for completion and gathering the materials to complete his work. It was so easy for the carpenter because he had learned very early this skill. His dad was a tradesman too!

Wood fascinated this carpenter. Wood of all kinds; hard wood, soft wood, grained, rough, smooth, dark and light. The cross grains of how God made the trees he’d use and the tools he’d gathered from his dad, granddad and stores, flee markets and even antique dealers, all became part of this mans purpose to build what suited his customer.
The customer became his focus for he had learned from his own dad that service to others was most important. His skill meant very little unless he understood what his customer wanted. It took a great deal of time for the carpenter to truly understand his customer but he didn’t skimp on this. Everyone has a purpose for what they required the carpenter to build and he knew that meeting that need was what satisfied him most!

The Carpenters Weekend

Each Saturday, the carpenter would sleep in more than on weekdays. His children knew dad needed rest and time to spend in quiet. His children learned to eat and go outside to play or spend time in quiet like dad catching up on sleep and relaxation from a busy week. The afternoon was dedicated to his home, repairs, and spending time with his children.

He took his wife’s love for granted which he felt was ok to do. He loved playing ball in the big side yard, catching whatever his son would toss. He got a lot of exercise running after wild throws and loved encouraging his sons ability to focus, persist, and have faith and be grateful for these times.

Dad and son grew to be very close and there was nothing his son didn’t trust to his dad. At different ages, there were different conversations but dad had been a kid once too and understood that love for the experience of being a dad was most important. After all , he learned this from the experiences he wished he had with his dad. The carpenters desire was to please his dad and be like him!

The Carpenter’s Childhood

When the carpenter was a very young child he knew his dad loved him. As he got older, he became a bit insecure of why his dad pushed him so much. The carpenter felt he’d be easier on his children when he’d be a dad himself! The carpenter’s dad grew up in a time where great sorry and loss of jobs left many hungry and without places to live.

He worked very hard at jobs for harsh employers knowing that it would only be for a short time and then he could start his own business. This business would be passed on to the carpenter. And as his father got older, the carpenter did continue to manage his father’s business!

But the carpenter also wanted to pursue new adventures and do new things a little different.

The Carpenter’s Work Life

This Carpenter would rather work with his hands than sit at a desk , read a book or type on a keyboard. In school, he got in trouble for pulling on a girls hair, looking out the window imagining great adventures like hitting the home run, riding his bike, climbing a tree or tossing stones in the lake! He fidgeted at the table after gobbling up his food so he could go out to play.

In church, he’d ask to light candles to keep from boredom! He may not pay attention to the message but somehow magically knew what the reverend meant. His amazing skills were developed at an early age and he saw visions of creations he’d one day make for himself. His unique way of seeing the world and enjoying life was demonstration of his faith and gratitude.

He didn’t know how much faith he had and to him, they were petty details. He just lived and had fun! His dad taught him to work hard and earn the living he created by giving others what they wanted the best way he knew to create the life he wanted.

The Carpenter’s Wife

Any woman who would live with the carpenter had to be confident. The carpenter had a dream of the perfect woman. He knew she’d find him if he worked hard. She was very special and understood the carpenter’s nature.

She knew that her home would be perfect and anything broken, he’d fix. She knew that she’d be loved because the carpenter took such care in anything he worked at. She understood boys, having brothers of her own. In fact, her dad was a carpenter as well. It was easy for her to talk to him about his work and he was very excited to share all he was doing.

She enjoyed listening, sometimes wishing she could be there with him in the shop or on the job! She was very creative herself and always had projects to keep herself occupied with.

The Carpenter’s Children

Being a father to his son, the carpenter’s vision had always been to pass the family business on. Of course, second to that was his desire to pass on his work ethic , being faithful and having fun. The carpenter was blessed with one son and one daughter. His first born son was his pride and joy. He adored his beautiful daughter but his son’s future was in his hands if he would continue the legacy his father wished.

When his son was old enough to walk, he took him into the woods and showed him the wonders of nature and the animals he’d respect. Others, he’d one day hunt for. The carpenter taught him the names of trees and the kinds of bark to identify them. When his son was old enough, the carpenter let him watch as he felled a tree he’d use to build furniture.

His son became aware of how to use nature’s resources to increase his income. He’d learn to get paid for what others were unskilled or unwilling to do. This gave his son an edge that would make him very wealthy.

 The Legacy of write and wrong
The Legacy of write and wrong

The Carpenter’s Legacy

The carpenter wanted his son to be an even better carpenter and man that he was. He leaned on his trusted skills learned from his father to carry him through his own lifetime. Knowing that new tools and techniques would replace some of his, he hoped his son would use them and desire his grandsons to be even better carpenters than both of them.

However, work was not the only thing that mattered to the carpenter. He also wanted his son and grandsons to come to be men of faith. He wanted them to carry on the family traditions of Christmas and Thanksgiving he passed down from his family heritage. His faith compelled him to push his son to stick with school, to work on studies and read to learn all he could. He wanted his son to love his own wife as he’d seen him love his mother.

Through good times and bad, he desired his son to understand the need to forgive as God forgave him when he sought his own way. The carpenter was not perfect. He’d failed in life on many occasions by overworking and misusing his affections on others. This carpenter desired his son to learn from his hard lessons, not to repeat them.

Knowing that a son is liken to be like the father, he felt it better to focus on work and if busy enough, he’d have no time to do wrong. Sometimes it worked! He didn’t want to pass those things on but realized that the man his son would become would have to take responsibility for his own faith and happiness.

The Carpenter’s Death

The carpenter’s life was too short for his son. Not knowing when it would be his time to go, he kept working and enjoying every bit of life he could. It was a wake up call to the son and a time of testing for his faith. Through the toughest part of his life as yet, the carpenter’s son would change forever. Not knowing why God would take his father, he dug further into his work. He would keep busy and try to forget!

In time, through his own temptation, the son came to the knowledge that he had responsibility for his own faith. He found pleasure in the laughter of a good sermon joke. He found favor with a woman of great faith who he came to love and respect after the end of his first marriage. He recovered from the difficult turns in his life. He discovered that true unconditional love is always near. He learned to love himself as if a new carpentry technique he’d implement into his work life.

He discovered that part of life his father tried to teach him about caring for what lasts; The legacy that is greater than a perfect piece of furniture. Rather the legacy of becoming perfectly loving and accepting of the imperfections in oneself. With the latest techniques, our legacy becomes the culmination of skills, talents, strengths and weaknesses. And it’s all okay!

God’s a Carpenter Too

Every life matters to God. Short or long, what we pass on to our children is what they pass on to their own children. The carpenter did the best he could with all he knew from his own dad. His skill was impeccable. His talents made him a sought after friend. His son loved him dearly and his daughter knew the kind of man she would marry because he showed her daily.

What is not well known about the carpenter is that when he was a child, he struggled to live up to the expectations of his own father. In childlike ignorance, he believed he disappointed him on many occasions and this delayed his confidence in himself. He longed for adventure and love and couldn’t see it in the actions from his parents. He knew he’d do things differently when he was a dad, and this resistance to see his lovableness showed up in his weaknesses and misadventures.

After many years, he did learn to forgive himself for believing a lie. He forgave his parents as he knew one day his children would have to forgive him. And he did make sure his son knew his love the best he could and hoped his son would have faith in himself.

Where do children get the idea that they are not loved? Some take responsibility for their parent’s actions as though it is their fault somehow. The scripture speaks of “the sins of the father being passed to their sons”. Only the grace of God awakens a change in men. This grace awakened a change in the carpenter. Though his life was short, he always longed for his son to know this grace and pass this faith to his own children.

This legacy was the true purpose this carpenter gave his son. A confident man is not born. He is built. The carpenter bore his son from the raw tree in the wood. He felled him, chopped him, honed him and created a beautiful masterpiece he could be proud to serve the world. We are not just creators of things. We are co-creators with God of people! Our children may become our greatest masterpieces!

The carpenter sacrificed his life but before he left, he created a masterpiece. His son would carry on his legacy to make masterpieces of his sons! These sons will serve all humanity and create their own legacy which will continue until the end of time!



If you Believe DVD

Week 10 If You Believe


If you believe it, it’s yours! Amazing how life really is. Today, when reading my Blueprint builder, I kept stating to God, “thy will be done”. I suggested to God that He enjoy the fruits of my labor. I said, “Father, look at the world through my eyes. See what you have let me see. Feel the compassion I feel, enjoy the pleasures you allow me to manifest! Enjoy your manifestation as you allow me to be the facilitator of that manifestation that you may be the recipient of it’s pleasures!

Be alive God through me! I am willing to be, do and have all that your heart wants to be do and have. Let us be co creators together. I’m willing. I know that you are love. That you desire me to experience the best life there is. I know that because I believe you love me and long for me to be the best me possible in this time space reality!

Believe it or not!

The movie I placed here has 2 parts. It’s about a woman who has no happiness. Her inner child appears to her. The story shares how she does that! In the end, she is a happy person.  Sorry is sin. Pain is sin. Frustration is sin. All forms of disconnection from the truth, God longs for us to return to our rightful place. The child in us has the innocence available to access these truths. I loved this movie. I wish you abundance and connection with truth so you can say to God each day, “thy will be done”, knowing and believing that His plans for our “daily bread” are everything we love to do, to be, and to have. Believe and receive today! I love you!


Believe this!

Believe that you have the favor of God because He desires to experience all your experiences for his pleasure.  Enjoy the movie!

Believe and receive.

Week 6: 2016 Why do we feel judged when called a sinner?

Did you grow up knowing you are a sinner?

Do you feel a tinge of judgment when you even think about it? Why?

While going through The Masterkey Experience class, my dmp got better and better.

Truth that sets the sinner free

As I became truer to my true self and the cement was chipped off, I saw much clearer that I was connected to God in spirit. I was reminded of the verse that says “we worship God in spirit and in truth. Daily, I pray the Lords Prayer, after reading Emmot Fox’s book “The Sermon on the Mount”. He has a great explanation for it and its really helped me understand “the sit” we practice in class. When I got really real about being a spiritual being with a body and mind, I saw my connection and this video is a manifestation of my growth regarding sin and judgement. I hope it assists you too.

Sin is not what you may think. A feeling of judgment comes when you don’t realize what it means to be a sinner.

This video helps define sin and shares the truth that will set you free.

Our job as a sinner

What is our responsibility as a sinner? We have choice to see things a certain way, to respond a certain way and to have peace a certain way. The way is made plain when we address the core issue! Our connection or lack of connection with our spirit and God’s spirit.

Let me explain in the video.

Blessings always!

Sin is not what you think. Video explains the truth about the sinner to set you free forever.

Week 18 2016 Coffee Time Thought Life

Your Thought Life

Is it true that you are a failure? What is true? Enjoy!

Posted by Caryn Elizabeth on Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Week 15 2016 Strength by Expending Effort

Below is an audio expanding on the idea mental strength. Enjoy and comment, share and give me your feedback. Thank you! CE

What is our strength for?

According to universal law, the amount of strength we gain is in proportion to the effort expended. It reminds me of Wallace Wattles summary affirmation from the Science of Getting Rich which states,

“I am rich and the riches I receive are in exact proportion to the definiteness of my vision, the fixity of my purpose, the steadiness of my faith and the depth of my gratitude.

Is strength physical or mental?

When explaining strength of this nature, we must realize that mental strength assists in creating mental states of happiness. Concentration requires effort and Haanal says it’s hard at first. Over time, with discipline and practice, things of this nature become habitual and easier to do without as much effort. Physical strength requires practice to get muscles strong and in time they maintain that strength. However, with physical strength, if muscles are not used, they atrophy or become weakened to the degree of lack of use.

Spiritual habits are similar but discovering a truth and forming beliefs are very strong and the sub conscious mind is so powerful that it will remember them until another truth comes up against it. The truth that triumphs is the one input last!

Strength and the Inside World

Effort is the inside job of concentrating on what we desire according to where our insight, if received in our sit, takes us. The answers we receive are the insight we need to grow. This growth is cause and the manifestation is happiness.

We’re taught that knowledge does not apply itself. I can write about this but if I am not practicing what I’m learning, this knowledge will pass me by. So this insight is meant to be practiced, as is all insight we gain in our meditation.

Conditions and experiences come to us for our benefit. Strength is gained in proportion to the effort expended. Happiness comes when we are in conscious cooperation with these laws. Today, let’s consciously cooperate with this insight from Haanal and love ourselves into happiness. In so doing, we are developing love for all humanity, as is stated in Hill’s Blueprint builder.

Strength serves a great purpose. Find that purpose so your strength is used and doesn’t atrophy!

Week 13- 2015 Creative thought

Creative or Supernatural

According to Haanel, “as we esteem most highly those useful qualities of men which are of the rarest occurrence, so does natural philosophy sift the facts and attach a preeminent importance to that striking class which cannot be accounted for by the usual and daily observation of life.”

As one who has seen what is known as miracles of healing, for many years, I could not tell you how a person was healed other than that something unaccountable happened. I just figured that we were to do as Jesus did. “Go, lay hands on the sick and they will be healed”. As part of a prayer ministry on the streets of NY and NJ, we had “miracles of healing” happen.

But now, what I have learned from Haanel is the scientific understanding of “demand and surplus”, or cause and effect. The following is an explanation of a spiritual game of a sort called “Treasure hunt”.

About 8-12 of us got together in a church setting. We’d listen to worship music by a music minister of the healing kind. We’d raise our hands and openly say things like “We praise you Lord”, “Thank you Lord, Thank you Father”. “You are the alpha and the omega, the beginning and the end.” Some times we’d knee down or lay face down on the floor for an hour. Other times, we might carry a banner and walk up and down the isle with faith that the flag and the gesture carried in it some form of faith and praise to the Father. Our faith was so aroused during the worship time that we’d feel a strong desire to say something to another person in the group. This something many times was an encouragement to bless them.


Creative thought and the Unaccountable

What I did not realize until this class was that this group was actually a “mastermind group.” Our minds became a greater mind and we’d know things that we may not know without coming together like we did. So after 30 minutes or more of praise and worship, we’d find a quiet place and believe we’d receive “clues” for our treasure hunt. If I were to state it according to Haanel’s explanation, we were setting an intention and then “sitting”. We’d allow these clues to light upon us. We’d see visions of “things” like a wrought iron railing, a peace sign, a purple flowered shirt, a red suit, a statue, the name Mark, a basketball player, a person who got migranes, the word “love”. We’d gather afterward and compare lists; make note of “like” clues and then decide where we’d go for our treasure hunt.

To read more go here:

Week 12- 2015 Desire

God brings vibration
Desire Brings Us Into High Vibration

How can our desire be educated?

Haanel says in The Master Key “Educated desire is the most potent means of bringing into action the law of attraction. If you are in our MKMMA course, you will have learned that God assists us in bringing into operation the law of attraction, which brings us into vibration with forces which make for success and brings about conditions of power and affluence. This power and affluence is in direct proportion with the character and purpose of our affirmation.

So what educated desire do you have?

It’s been suggested that a very large percentage of people have weak desire. In years past, while I was young and immature, I has some strong desires but they were few and far between. They were strong for a short time and then shifted to something else I wanted. Knowing what I know now, I suggest you take a serious look at what you desire and how persistent you are at seeing it through to completion.

Persistence and Desire

These 2 principles go hand and hand but one comes before the other. What I was missing in my youth was a strong desire that I persistently held until I succeeded. In school. I loved art and did persist in it. Being creative, I stumbled upon talents in many areas of art. I was encouraged to pursue it in college. What I remember from my childhood, was my love for teaching and that desire stayed with me, though primarily on the inside, until I felt mature enough to have something to teach. I loved teaching children and knew I had enough knowledge to do that. I pursued a Montessori certificate and knew I was in sync with my teaching gift!

To read more go here:

Week 11- 2015 How to get your prayers answered

Organized Demand

Your life is governed by law – by actual, immutable principles that never vary. Law is in operation at all times; in all places. Fixed laws underlie all human actions. For this reason, men who control giant industries are enabled to determine with
absolute precision just what percentage of every hundred thousand people will respond to any given set of conditions. The Master Key, Charles Haanal

The Master Key Part 11

Divine Demand and Science

Scientists and philosophers place a demand on the universe when they find a tooth and go about looking for the surplus to create the entire creature. Another scientist envisions the planets and looks for the stars.

House On A Lake
House On A Lake

Home Demand

In order to keep things in order in the universe, God’s creation includes the law of demand and surplus. Things are always looking to complete themselves. A single kitchen cup desires the rest of the set of dishes to achieve harmony. A balance of objects gathered together co exist as opposites, looking for surplus to satisfy the demand for harmony. A home environment is a perfect place to see how this science relates to the art and practice of balance. This is seen in the desire for harmony in one’s physical environment.

To read more go here:

Week 10 – 2015 The #1 mistaken impression

The Master Key Part 10



My impression was I was alone
My impression was I was alone

My mistaken impression

Discordant choices lead thousands down a road with no hope. Listen to a personal story of a young girl who in desperation, walks over 14 miles only to find night coming and no hope in sight.

Listen to the story first: You’ll never walk alone.


My mistaken impression

My impression is more aligned with the truth now than when I was 7. What I had believed is due to wrong thinking. I lost courage because I built my belief on a lie. Then an angel came and helped me get back to a safe place. In my home; my room was my safe place.

I look back only to share where I became lost. Where my wrong thinking started. I now share hope for our future that truth sets us free. Our mindsets can change. Based on the truth, I move forward knowing the laws of the universe. True purpose is good for all concerned. My plans, desires, readings, notes and audios are taking me on a prosperous journey of health, wealth and happiness. I begin each day with love in my heart and I succeed.

To read more go to:

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