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Week 13- 2015 Creative thought

Creative or Supernatural

According to Haanel, “as we esteem most highly those useful qualities of men which are of the rarest occurrence, so does natural philosophy sift the facts and attach a preeminent importance to that striking class which cannot be accounted for by the usual and daily observation of life.”

As one who has seen what is known as miracles of healing, for many years, I could not tell you how a person was healed other than that something unaccountable happened. I just figured that we were to do as Jesus did. “Go, lay hands on the sick and they will be healed”. As part of a prayer ministry on the streets of NY and NJ, we had “miracles of healing” happen.

But now, what I have learned from Haanel is the scientific understanding of “demand and surplus”, or cause and effect. The following is an explanation of a spiritual game of a sort called “Treasure hunt”.

About 8-12 of us got together in a church setting. We’d listen to worship music by a music minister of the healing kind. We’d raise our hands and openly say things like “We praise you Lord”, “Thank you Lord, Thank you Father”. “You are the alpha and the omega, the beginning and the end.” Some times we’d knee down or lay face down on the floor for an hour. Other times, we might carry a banner and walk up and down the isle with faith that the flag and the gesture carried in it some form of faith and praise to the Father. Our faith was so aroused during the worship time that we’d feel a strong desire to say something to another person in the group. This something many times was an encouragement to bless them.


Creative thought and the Unaccountable

What I did not realize until this class was that this group was actually a “mastermind group.” Our minds became a greater mind and we’d know things that we may not know without coming together like we did. So after 30 minutes or more of praise and worship, we’d find a quiet place and believe we’d receive “clues” for our treasure hunt. If I were to state it according to Haanel’s explanation, we were setting an intention and then “sitting”. We’d allow these clues to light upon us. We’d see visions of “things” like a wrought iron railing, a peace sign, a purple flowered shirt, a red suit, a statue, the name Mark, a basketball player, a person who got migranes, the word “love”. We’d gather afterward and compare lists; make note of “like” clues and then decide where we’d go for our treasure hunt.

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Week 12- 2015 Desire

God brings vibration
Desire Brings Us Into High Vibration

How can our desire be educated?

Haanel says in The Master Key “Educated desire is the most potent means of bringing into action the law of attraction. If you are in our MKMMA course, you will have learned that God assists us in bringing into operation the law of attraction, which brings us into vibration with forces which make for success and brings about conditions of power and affluence. This power and affluence is in direct proportion with the character and purpose of our affirmation.

So what educated desire do you have?

It’s been suggested that a very large percentage of people have weak desire. In years past, while I was young and immature, I has some strong desires but they were few and far between. They were strong for a short time and then shifted to something else I wanted. Knowing what I know now, I suggest you take a serious look at what you desire and how persistent you are at seeing it through to completion.

Persistence and Desire

These 2 principles go hand and hand but one comes before the other. What I was missing in my youth was a strong desire that I persistently held until I succeeded. In school. I loved art and did persist in it. Being creative, I stumbled upon talents in many areas of art. I was encouraged to pursue it in college. What I remember from my childhood, was my love for teaching and that desire stayed with me, though primarily on the inside, until I felt mature enough to have something to teach. I loved teaching children and knew I had enough knowledge to do that. I pursued a Montessori certificate and knew I was in sync with my teaching gift!

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Week 11- 2015 How to get your prayers answered

Organized Demand

Your life is governed by law – by actual, immutable principles that never vary. Law is in operation at all times; in all places. Fixed laws underlie all human actions. For this reason, men who control giant industries are enabled to determine with
absolute precision just what percentage of every hundred thousand people will respond to any given set of conditions. The Master Key, Charles Haanal

The Master Key Part 11

Divine Demand and Science

Scientists and philosophers place a demand on the universe when they find a tooth and go about looking for the surplus to create the entire creature. Another scientist envisions the planets and looks for the stars.

House On A Lake
House On A Lake

Home Demand

In order to keep things in order in the universe, God’s creation includes the law of demand and surplus. Things are always looking to complete themselves. A single kitchen cup desires the rest of the set of dishes to achieve harmony. A balance of objects gathered together co exist as opposites, looking for surplus to satisfy the demand for harmony. A home environment is a perfect place to see how this science relates to the art and practice of balance. This is seen in the desire for harmony in one’s physical environment.

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Week 10 – 2015 The #1 mistaken impression

The Master Key Part 10



My impression was I was alone
My impression was I was alone

My mistaken impression

Discordant choices lead thousands down a road with no hope. Listen to a personal story of a young girl who in desperation, walks over 14 miles only to find night coming and no hope in sight.

Listen to the story first: You’ll never walk alone.


My mistaken impression

My impression is more aligned with the truth now than when I was 7. What I had believed is due to wrong thinking. I lost courage because I built my belief on a lie. Then an angel came and helped me get back to a safe place. In my home; my room was my safe place.

I look back only to share where I became lost. Where my wrong thinking started. I now share hope for our future that truth sets us free. Our mindsets can change. Based on the truth, I move forward knowing the laws of the universe. True purpose is good for all concerned. My plans, desires, readings, notes and audios are taking me on a prosperous journey of health, wealth and happiness. I begin each day with love in my heart and I succeed.

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Week 9 2015 God Assists

The Master Key Part 9

God’s law of attraction

Before I learned anything about the law of attraction, I was experiencing it in my life. As a prayer minister and prophetic worshipper in the church, I attended classes at Global Awakening in Harrisburg PA and took classes through John Paul Jackson Ministry and Rod Parsley’s World Harvest Bible School. The thing was, I hadn’t had so complete a grasp of the law until now.

God’s assistance

When I read in the Master key the following words, they struck me with understanding. “God assists me in bringing into operation the law of attraction which brings me into vibration with forces which make for success and bring about conditions of power and affluence.” I love these words so much that I turned them into an affirmation.

What are God's ways?
What are God’s ways?

God’s ways

I chatted with my mom after a breast biopsy recently. She said she felt that God knew what he wanted for her and she was trusting him. However, I remember Og Mandino’s words from scroll 1 that stated “Just as nature made no provision for my body to tolerate pain neither has it made any provision for my life to suffer failure.” And I questioned her as to why she took vitamins then? You see, I believe that she took some responsibility for her body but the unexplained things she left up to chance! The chance she took was believing that God knew what he wanted for her.

My feeling is that it is our responsibility to choose to believe that we decide what ills we will have or not. I realize that many of us don’t understand that our subconscious mind takes orders from us. What I am a bit confused about is that the Master key states that God will give us what is truth and adds more life. However, how did the beliefs that don’t serve us get into our subconscious mind? I’m sure we’ll learn more in Chapter 10.

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Week 8 How to imagine success

The Master Key Chapter 8

How To Imagine Your Way To Success Podcast

Are You Sitting For Success?
Are You Sitting For Success?

Success by Sitting

At first, I resisted sitting. I didn’t understand what it was for. I had always been taught that meditating was for the purpose of emptying my mind. With all that I have now learned about how to imagine my way to success, thinking while imagining my worthy ideal is my connection to God.

Chapter 8 of The Master Key shifted my belief in “sitting” for 15-30 minutes a day in order to realize my dreams. In this weeks podcast, I explain how to imagine your way to success using sitting, imagining, idealization, and creating the next step with each sit!

After 8 weeks of MKMMA, I finally saw the need for exercising the mental muscle while sitting for 15-30 minutes a day. In the first week, we were to begin lifting a little mental weight. Doing this by faith, we didn’t know for what purpose. Each week, the weights became heavier and the class goal was to become strong enough to realize the power of sitting as a necessary step in idealizing to success, our major definite purpose.

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Week 7 Going down to go up 2015

Happiness in Class

The Master Key Part 7

This week in MKMMA class, I experienced some circumstances I didn’t know I had manifested in my past regarding my lack of happiness. We were encouraged to keep focusing on the positive. The 7 day mental diet is a challenge and sometimes I caught myself thinking negatively. However, there were probably times I didn’t catch myself. I found Emerson’s Essay difficult to comprehend at the beginning. I’m hoping to redeem my understanding toward the end. I consider myself to be an intelligent person.

Having no opinions is easy when you are alone. I’m alone more than I’m with others so I felt ok with that. My circumstances did require me to share my perspective. It was on subjects I was more of an “expert” on. I gave up TV a long time ago and when I watched a movie recently on Netflix called “The Iron Lady”, the ending was disappointing. Margaret Thatcher, played by Meryl Streep, led a “leadership” life. However, in the end, she was alone and felt disconnected.(One of heartbreak and misery) I think some stories are better left unwritten or at least unread! Kind of wonder if she was able to look at the “gal in the glass” with honesty?

DMP Happiness

On a better note, I have been having great fun with recording my dmp, rewriting it for the “20th” time. I had to put more feelings in it. I put it to music and listen to it.The music helped me feel more so I wrote notes and created the next draft to include the feeling words. This recording is my best so far. I can actually identify with the feelings in it now.

I also record each chapter of the Master key to listen to. This week is Chapter 7. Finally, I recorded my press release to listen to. When I read it aloud, I could see areas that did not flow as well. If it is the beginning of a real book, I’m sure I’ll be revisiting each section for expand it for the final draft.

Happiness with Og

Reading the Greatest Salesman is what I’m best at doing. I hung my movie poster in my kitchen. I see it when I’m working at the kitchen counter. I talk to God about it. Today I embraced the whole story and touched each picture sharing a little about it out loud. I find great encouragement in the creation of it. The manifestation is said to come more rapidly when feelings are attached to it.

This past week, I cried a lot, with pressing circumstances in my present life. However, the hope of my purpose compels me forward. I dedicate it to the “gal in the glass,” a life greater than one of misery and heartache.

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Week 6 How to get rich 2015

To get rich, you need to know the secret.

The Master Key Part 6

Do you want to get rich?

At one time, most likely, as children, we had dreams and visions of becoming rich! We’d have nice cars, a big house, travel whenever we wanted, time for our family and our hobbies. Now, we are revisiting the idea to find the secret we are still seeking.

Let me tell you a little story. There were two people. They grew up across the street from each other. They both have a brother and a sister. They went to the same church and school. They even went to the same colleges. They took the same business courses and got about the same grades. They both graduated and decided to open up a convenience store, one on Main Street and the other on Park Ave. Within 3 years of opening the stores, one of them had overflowing wealth, lots of loyal customers and a happy family life. The other had overflowing debt, customers coming in because they felt sorry for him, and he was headed for divorce.

Now, let me ask you this! How is it that these 2 people’s lives went so differently? What did one do that the other didn’t do? Why? Here lies the secret to get rich. it’s a secret because very few people know how to explain it. Many can’t see it. But it’s about to be discovered and you are about to be the one to do so! You deserve it!

Listen to this weeks podcast and discover the secret!

I’ve included chap 6 of the Master Key by Charles Haanel. Frankly at first, I was confused as to what action I was to take! Was it to call prospects? I didn’t want to do that! I might be rejected. But I decided to read and record the The Science of Getting Rich, by Wallace Wattles. I discovered that just calling prospects and driving to meetings was not going to make me rich. Something on the inside of me had to change. This eluded me for years. But if I can learn it, so can you! You can get rich!

I’ve included Part 6 of the master key above to assist you in understanding how things work in our mind. You may have to listen a few times but stick with it! My week 5 blog post has Chapter 5 recording as well. Bookmark this page or subscribe to my newsfeed for more articles like this. Imagine your life a year from now, after learning this secret and getting on your way! Will you have a boat? Will you live on a lake? Will you travel to the waterfalls around the world? Will you pay off your mortgage and quit your JOB? What would you do if you had a million dollars right now?


Get rich by getting clear about what you want
Get rich by getting clear about what you want

Get rich with a movie poster

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Week 5 How your mind shapes what matters to you

What is on your mind?

“The Master Key, Part 5”


Charles Haanel states this about mind:

Exerpt from “The Master Key, Part 5” on the power of the mind

What is on your mind?
What is on your mind?

Therefore, this is a creative age, and the world is awarding its richest prizes to the thinkers. Matter is powerless, passive, inert. Mind is force, energy, power. Mind shapes and controls matter. Every form which matter takes is but the expression of some pre-existing thought. But thought works no magic transformations; it obeys natural laws; it sets in motion natural forces; it releases natural energies; it manifests in your conduct and actions, and these in turn react upon your friends and acquaintances, and eventually upon the whole of your environment. You can originate thought, and, since thoughts are creative, you can create for yourself the things you desire.

What’s on my mind matters!

I have looked to the world without too long. What I found was everyone else’s idea of what I should do after I got divorced. I looked to God in my room and sat by the window on my wicker rocking chair. Part of me became engaged in an intense conversation with God. Part of me saw my circumstances and trembled at the idea of living with the “D” across my chest. As a christian, I had this idea that I must not have been trusting God and that’s why I was in this predicament. My view was skewed by my past beliefs and I was very mixed up.

How was it that I felt so empowered on the streets of NYC praying for healing and them getting the results of my prayer; while in my room, I felt crippled to heal myself? This uncertainty became tiring and I would come away from those conversations thinking that I had no power.

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Week 4 Praying with Confidence Habit

Confidence and Prayer

The Master Key Part 4

This audio explains the simple way to attract what you want with confidence. The power of prayer is in using words with confidence to state what you want and override fear or discomfort.

The Master Key to Confidence

The Master Key by Hannal states these deep concepts about confidence.

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