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Week 17 Trading in My Graven Images For Just Being

The Images And Being Me

The Master Key Chapter 17

Graven Images Or Being Me
Graven Images Or Being Me

Graven Images

We of the twentieth century worship a God of Love in theory, but in practice we make for ourselves “graven images” of Wealth,” “Power,” “Fashion,” “Custom” and “Conventionality.” We “fall down” before them and worship them. We concentrate on them and they are thereby externalized in our lives. The Master Key Pt. 17 Intro.

Any person of intelligence must have checked on himself to be sure they are worshiping the correct thing. In the 17th chapter of The Master Key, we’re cautioned as students not to mistake the symbols for the reality. We’re to be interested in the causes, rather than effects, concentrating on the realities of life, and then not be disappointed in the results.

Images of dominion over life
Images of dominion over life

What Images Are You Focusing On?

As we who have dominion of all things, it makes sense that our mental world is the keeper of that dominion. The kinds of images I focused on this week varied. I do believe most of them were in keeping with my definite chief aim. Focusing on love in all things, I wrote “Brincely The Brave”, a story about the courageous life of a newborn baby. In previous posts, I shared that part of my DMP was realized on a Christmas visit with my family.

Concentration, we’re told is much misunderstood. There seems to be an idea of effort or activity associated with it. Haanel says it’s in forgetting our self and instead embracing the character we are playing. As I wrote the story, I concentrated on words that in the future those reading it would be inspired by. Was it work? Well, I was inspired by much of it. The work came in the activity of adding photos. Creating a book uses time. I enjoyed the vision of Brincely looking at pictures of himself in the book, as his Mommy read the words aloud. The story is meant to inspire all of us.

Family Images And Just Being Me
Family Images And Just Being Me

The Images of Brincely

I reflected on my grandson to check to see if he was a graven image I worship. I decided that he is a darling boy and that I worship the love I receive from his smile, from his movements. I am so excited that one day very soon, he’ll gain his freedom and run around the house chasing kitty cats!

Images Of A Beautiful Mind
Images Of A Beautiful Mind

Images We Cry For

“There is always the cry “to have” but never the cry “to be”. We’re taught that we cannot have one with out the other, that we must first find the “kingdom” before we have the “things added.” A little boy cries to have his needs met. I know I have whined at times to God to have my needs met too! However, I am learning to see myself as one who already attained those things I desire. I am practicing “being” that person. Then there is only the demand (the having attained) and the surplus (the manifestation).

Here is the PDF file of “Brincely the Brave” for you to read. It’s 31 pages with lots of large pictures. Please give me feedback on it in the comment section. It’s always appreciated. The story is simple and there is a moral. Brincely is born brave. In order for him to accomplish all he has in his first year, he must see himself (the kingdom) as already having attained it. Let’s learn to be brave and give ourselves permission to “be” who we desire. Then all of what we want will be added unto us. If a newborn can do it, then it should be easy for us! Right?

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The masterkey experience
Learn More About The Master Key Experience

I had a nun in high school who gave me a poster before I graduated that said “Don’t just stand there! BE”. Though the images of her are vague, the reality of her words have echoed in me for many years and I believe she knew something I had yet to learn.

Week 8 – How To Imagine Your Way To Success

The Master Key Chapter 8

How To Imagine Your Way To Success Podcast

Are You Sitting For Success?
Are You Sitting For Success?

Success by Sitting

At first, I resisted sitting. I didn’t understand what it was for. I had always been taught  that meditating was for the purpose of emptying my mind. With all that I have now learned about how to imagine my way to success, thinking while imagining my worthy ideal is my connection to God.

Chapter 8 of The Master Key shifted my belief in “sitting” for 15-30 minutes a day in order to realize my dreams. In this weeks podcast, I explain  how to imagine your way to success using sitting, imagining, idealization, and creating the next step with each sit!

After 8 weeks of MKMMA, I finally saw the need for  exercising the  mental muscle while sitting for 15-30 minutes a day.  In the first week, we were to begin lifting a little mental weight. Doing this by faith, we didn’t know for what purpose. Each week, the weights became heavier and the class goal was to become strong enough to realize the power of sitting as a necessary step in idealizing  to success, our major definite purpose.

Success With Mental Weight Lifting
Success With Mental Weight Lifting

Lifting Weights for Success

Of course, the sitting was to exercise our mental muscles. We realize now that it’s in being in complete control of that muscle, that we can direct the “lifting”. We are encouraged to lift up our ideals instead of weights. Using our imagination, we load up our barbell with the successful life. We include weights of the ideal life, business, invention, etc.. In time, we add more weights, like the people in our life, the perfect business partner, the ideal conditions of an invention, etc..

In this audio podcast, I explain the process.  Let me encourage you and assist you in keeping up with  sitting daily for 15-30 minutes. Ideally, we spend our leisure hours contemplating our vision as well. Below are some key paragraphs from The Master Key, for your reference.

How To Imagine Your Way To Success Podcast

Master Key Success Statements

20. Real power comes from within. All power that anybody can possibly use is
within man, only waiting to be brought into visibility by his first recognizing it, and then affirming it as his, working it into his consciousness until he becomes one with it.

22. All mistakes are but the mistakes of ignorance. Knowledge gaining and
consequent power is what determines growth and evolution. The recognition and
demonstration of knowledge is what constitutes power, and this power is spiritual
power, and this spiritual power is the power which lies at the heart of all things; it
is the soul of the universe.

24. Successful men make it their business to hold ideals of the conditions which
they wish to realize. They constantly hold in mind the next step necessary to the ideal for which they are striving. Thoughts are the materials with which they build, and the imagination is their mental workshop. Mind is the ever-moving force with which they secure the persons and circumstance necessary to build their success structure, and imagination is the matrix in which all great things are fashioned.

25. If you have been faithful to your ideal, you will hear the call when
circumstances are ready to materialize your plans and results will correspond in the exact ratio of your fidelity to your ideal. The ideal steadily held is what predetermines and attracts the necessary conditions for its fulfillment.

26. It is thus that you may weave a garment of spirit and power into the web of
your entire existence; it is thus that you may lead a charmed life and be forever protected from all harm; it is thus that you may become a positive force whereby conditions of opulence and harmony may be attracted to you.

29. It is the few who know that the things which they see are only effects, and
understand the causes by which these effects were brought into existence.

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The masterkey experience
Learn More About The Master Key Experience

Success begins in our imagination.

Healthy habits of a beautiful life book cover

Week 6 – How To Get Rich

To get rich, you need to know the secret.

The Master Key Part 6

Do you want to get rich?

At one time, most likely, as children, we had dreams and visions of becoming rich! We’d have nice cars, a big house, travel whenever we wanted, time for our family and our hobbies. Now, we are revisiting the idea to find the secret we are still seeking.

Let me tell you a little story. There were two people. They grew up across the street from each other. They both have a brother and a sister. They went to the same church and school. They even went to the same colleges. They took the same business courses and got about the same grades. They both graduated and decided to open up a convenience store, one on Main Street and the other on Park Ave.  Within 3 years of opening the stores, one of them had overflowing wealth, lots of loyal customers and a happy family life. The other had overflowing debt, customers coming in because they felt sorry for him, and he was headed for divorce.

Now, let me ask you this!  How is it that these 2 people’s lives went so differently?  What did one do that the other didn’t do? Why? Here lies the secret to get rich. it’s a secret because very few people know how to explain it. Many can’t see it. But it’s about to be discovered and you are about to be the one to do so! You deserve it!

Listen to this weeks podcast and discover the secret!

I’ve included chap 6 of the Master Key by Charles Haanel.  Frankly at first, I was confused as to what action I was to take! Was it to call prospects? I didn’t want to do that! I might be rejected. But I decided to read and record the  The Science of Getting Rich, by Wallace Wattles. I discovered that just calling prospects and driving to meetings was not going to make me rich. Something on the inside of me had to change.  This  eluded me for years.   But if I can learn it, so can you!   You can get rich!

I’ve included Part 6 of the master key above  to assist you in understanding how things work in our mind. You may have to listen a few times but stick with it!  My week 5 blog post has Chapter 5 recording as well.  Bookmark this page or subscribe to my newsfeed for more articles like this. Imagine your life a year from now, after learning this secret and getting on your way! Will you have a boat? Will you live on a lake? Will you travel to the waterfalls around the world? Will you pay off your mortgage and quit your JOB?  What would you do if you had a million dollars right now?


Get rich by getting clear about what you want
Get rich by getting clear about what you want

Get rich with a movie poster

Are you thinking with the end in mind or are you living by default, drifting through life hoping you’ll win the lottery? Do you watch TV shows about other rich and famous people? They may inspire you but they may also cause you to feel worse about your present circumstances. I’ve read in “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill, ” You will get what you think about most of the time”.  My obstacles in life have helped me dedicate myself to learning.  In every obstacle is a seed of an equivalent opportunity to succeed.  The rewards are mighty!

On a personal note: I love how the universe brings people into my life to affirm that I am on the right track. On a mastermind call, I shared my old blueprint ( negative mindset)  from my early journey to get rich. This is how I thought: “I’m just a home-school mom  and  homemaker. The D across my chest (divorce) prevents me from teaching Sunday school classes, which would make me feel worthwhile. My kids are gone and I have no one to love.  People keep saying to just get a job! I tell them I’m trying but it’s not working.  All my job interviews end up in defeat. I’m stuck and I don’t know what to do! Help God!”

Martha Stewart helps me get rich
Martha Stewart helps me get rich

To get rich, something had to change

God had a plan and I needed to see it too! This little scenario gave me the push! Here I am years later, in the MKMMA class. The assignment: Create a movie trailer poster of your desired life as if it was a movie and you were already rich. In it, I have a picture of Martha Stewart interviewing me for a book I wrote called “Healthy Habits of a Beautiful life”, about my lovely home. The complete story can be read in the press release tab.

After I’d created the above poster, and wrote the sample press release, my friend Anthony said to me while on the TAGR mastermind call, “Remember Caryn, that Martha Stewart started as a homemaker”.

When I heard him say that, I freaked out! H e had no idea of the power of those words. Just a day before,  I’d created the poster with a detail of my vision shown here. And a day earlier I’d written the press release! Both included me being interviewed by Martha Stewart.

The power of focused attention using multiple stimulants is part of the secret too.   However,  to get rich the other mental tools need to be in place.

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The masterkey experience
Learn More About The Master Key Experience

Focus to get rich.

Week 4: The Habit of Praying With Confidence And The Skills That Create It

Confidence and Prayer

The Master Key Part 4

This audio explains the simple way to attract what you want with confidence. The power of prayer is in using words with confidence to state what you want and override fear or discomfort.

The Master Key to Confidence

The Master Key by Hannal states these deep concepts about confidence.

16. When you find that you are really one with the Infinite power, and when you can consciously realize this power by a practical demonstration of your ability to overcome any adverse condition by the power of your thought, you will have
nothing to fear; fear will have been destroyed and you will have come into possession of your birthright.

17. It is our attitude of mind toward life which determines the experiences with which we are to meet; if we expect nothing, we shall have nothing; if we demand much, we shall receive the greater portion. The world is harsh only as we fail to assert ourselves. The criticism of the world is bitter only to those who cannot compel room for their ideas. It is fear of this criticism that causes many ideas to fail to see the light of day.


Law of Attraction for Money
Are You Praying with Confidence for Riches

Prayers Help Confidence

The prayers of the righteous avail much. This means that a righteous person knows who he is and whose he is. He has confidence. He is part of God/Infinite source, and he knows the value of that connection. From this place, confidently asking for what he wants, he overrides the old thinking and puts a demand confidently on his subconscious mind. His “subby” goes about bringing all things together to give him the greater portion of what he asks for in prayer.

Attraction For Success
A full life includes confidence in your future

Confidence and Attraction

Stand up with confidence in your connection with God who knows all things and brings what you want to you. Because you assert yourself,  you have those things you desire. It may be a relationship, a job, a home, a restoration with a family member, or success of whatever nature you seek. 

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The masterkey experience
Learn More About The Master Key Experience

Do me a little favor and comment below! Thx!  This helps others receive the kind of content most attractive for creating good feeling thoughts which habitually encourage confidence and happiness.

Week 2 -To Be Rich Or Have Peace Of Mind – Can We Have Both?

Rich or Serene? Can we have it all?
Rich or Serene? Can we have it all?

What do we have to sacrifice to be rich?

The Master Key Part 2

In the book “The Greatest Salesman In the World”, Og Mandino shares his belief about what wealth actually is. I’ve recorded part of chapter 3 and listed a couple paragraphs to wet your whistle.

Pathros shook his head. “Wealth, my son, should never be your goal in life. Your words are eloquent but they are mere words. True wealth is of the heart, not of the purse.” Hafid persisted, “Art thou not wealthy, sire?” The old man smiled at Hafid’s boldness. “Hafid, so far as material wealth is concerned, there is only one difference between myself and the lowliest beggar outside Herod’s palace. The beggar thinks only of his next meal and I think only of the meal that will be my last.  No, my son, do not aspire for wealth and labor not only to be rich. Strive instead for happiness, to be loved and to love, and most important, to acquire peace of mind and serenity. Og Mandino “The Greatest Salesman in the World”


The Path to Become Rich

This book on sales shares greater truths than many understand. The young boy was motivated by the future love of a girl he desired. What do you desire? There are many desires that seem good at the time but will they bring lasting happiness? When we are young we think about becoming older and powerful. Those who are older wish they were younger. What do you wish for?

Wishing you were Rich

Wishing is good when you have little knowledge. However, when you have knowledge your wishes take on another look. You can achieve through the power of intention and a greater good beyond yourself. This book reveals what being rich looks like to many. I believe you can change your life by reading or listening to a recording of this book.

Og Mandino’s books are available online and in used and new books stores for pennies. Add this rich book to your collection or return here regularly to listen to it.

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The masterkey experience
Learn More About The Master Key Experience

Being rich is best.

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