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Reality and Dreams of happiness

#1 Secret To Happiness

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Questioning Happiness

What is your emotional level? Low? We want to move from low to high to help us get  through our day to feel great! But perhaps you question your happiness as I did! Worried? There is an instinct in nature! GOD! nature is a proponent of positive thought!

Everything in nature is moving towards creating something greater!

Love, joy, happiness are places we can dwell.

Feeling Happiness

Learning to observe thoughts and feelings are some of the special trainings I received in The Master Key Experience.  I’m learning how to think better! We learn to become open to the better and better life!  “Joy comes in the morning” Holy Bible

#1 Secret To Happiness
#1 Secret To Happiness

From Og Mandino, The Greatest Salesman in the World

“I was not delivered unto this world in defeat, nor does failure course in my veins. I am not a sheep waiting to be prodded by my shepherd. I am a lion and I refuse to talk, to walk, to sleep with the sheep. I hear not those who weep and complain, for their disease is contagious. Let them join the sheep. The slaughterhouse of failure is not my destiny!

Happiness is your Destiny

I found so many things we did in The Master Key Experience a great help for me. My favorite was connection with others like myself – likeminded individuals. I loved having a guide to direct me toward the next steps without spoiling the surprise that each weeks webinar gave me.  I loved the childlike practices, so simple yet powerful. I loved practicing being honest with myself. I loved all the prepared statements that guided me to my greatest interests.

Happiness in The Master Key Experience

Without The Master Key Experience, my life would be on the same ole’ same ole’ track it had been for several years. I found out about the class from an email I was sent. Perhaps you will find a similar email. If it’s your time, you will notice it. I sure did and I’m so glad I discovered the next step to manifesting the better and better life; one where happiness reigns supreme, where steadiness of faith and depth of gratitude become effortless practices.

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The Master Key Experience gave happiness a permanent place in my life.

Week 22 Managing Your Emotions – Too High, Too Low

Emotions ruling you
Emotions ruling you

Master key Chapter 22

Managing Emotions

The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace Wattles is said to be the “short cut” to the mindset for getting rich. Doing things in a certain way alluded me for a very long time. When I finally “got it”, I had been putting the emphasis on the wrong word. I focused on “way”. However, Wattles meant for me to focus on the word “certain”.

The Science of Getting Rich Chapter 17 (Summary)

It makes a big difference. Can you see it? I’ve been part of a mastermind group call where we read the final chapter of the book together once a week and then reviewed questions on each of the chapters. Each week, our guide “supported” one of the groups “intention” or DMP (definite major purpose). A true mastermind, it seemed like we focused on each word we spoke and when someone would say “try”, they’d quickly be asked about the word so that we’d be able to distinguish the purpose for that word. Did the word support our DMP? Did is exhibit a “limiting belief?” A mastermind of this caliber engages our ears and hearts. Limited to about 6-8 of us on a regular basis, our minds formed a “super human” mind and I find it an exercise in patience and conscious awareness.

Training and Emotions

Reading Og this week came easier earlier in the day. Some nights, I’d be reading and falling asleep after a few sentences and wake up and read a few more sentences. My days seem to contain more activity. I spend about 8 hrs a week masterminding. I spend 8 more hours prospecting and team building. I love Go 90 Grow trainings for network marketing and shared the videos with my team. This week, I got to read the 5 stories to a new prospect turned consultant. It was just as Mark said. Doug was filling in the answer when I said “Bob” or “Do you want to do something about it?”

I’ve enclosed the last chapter of “The Science of Getting Rich” for your listening pleasure. I actually have all 17 chapters recorded and you can check them out here.

Finally, in my sit, I sat thinking about how closely I am connected with infinite intelligence (God). “closer than hands and feet”, “connected like the breath I inhale and exhale. I’m enjoying managing my emotions, as directed in Og. I came to learn that to manage them means that they should not take us too far away from our “center”. Do you ever get soooooo excited and go off the edge? Do you ever get soooo angry that you go off that edge? We’re learning not to veer off in any direction so far that it becomes difficult to get back to the steady road to prosperity.

Too low and too high – My Emotions

I use to wake up in the morning and immediately felt “off”. Now I think grateful thoughts before sleep and when I rise, determine to put on some music or think of things I’m grateful for. Og doesn’t tell us why we wake up feeling high or low. He just says it happens. What I liked was that he said “yesterdays sadness becomes today’s joy.” That’s a great hope for us. And when we are happy, be aware that we may wake up differently.

Setting an intention

I’ve decided to give myself some support when I mastermind with “me myself and I”. I tell myself during the different segments of each day what I intend that part to be. Driving, I state that I enjoy the drive, the drivers are good, and I arrive in due time happy. Before bed, I state that I’ll have sweet dreams and wake up renewed and refreshed.

Normally, I share more of Haanel but we’re on a “part 2” week, so I’ll save that for next week. Enjoy “The Science of Getting Rich.” If you want to download my reading of each chapter, check this out. Then you can put them on your ipod, ipad, phone or tablet.

Have an emotionally happy and steadfast week! Looking forward to masterminding with many of you!

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Managing your emotions will keep you on the path to true prosperity.

Week 20 The Reality of Your Condition

Reality and Dreams
Reality and Dreams

The Masterkey Part 20 On Reality

What is the measure of your reality?

This week I learned something I could add to my new reality. A new thought started a train of causation which created a condition in accordance to the quality of the thought which originated it. Here is a 5 min audio sharing it.

As I have read in Haanel, it is unwise to coerce the Universal. Instead, with principles of right thinking in place, we are welcome to concentrate on the fact that “In him we live and move and have our being.”

Science helping us create our new reality

Not only does Haanel state that these principles are scientifically true but Napoleon Hill asserts them as well. Wallace Wattles in “The Science Of Getting Rich“, obviously states them too. I am hearing over and over that science does for us something we may not be able to do alone. It hypothesizes and concludes, questions and analyzes. We are so privileged to receive the results in books like “The Master Key.”

The Bible and Reality

Some people say that what we believe may be a lie. So belief without scientific proof is unstable and therefore may not be true enough for the subconscious mind to take in. Of course with auto suggestion, we secure it further. However, scientific proof seems to make it easy for us to accept. The quality of the thought will grant us the condition equal to the thought.

Faith and Reality

Aligning with Infinite Intelligence, Universal Mind, God, begins with “sitting” for 15 – 30 minutes daily in contemplation of our thoughts. Amazingly, by law of attraction we can measure the quality of our thoughts as we sit. For instance.. sit and think about negative things and the quality of the thought by law of attraction will give you negative conditions. It matters not the the kind of thought. Seed gives back the fruit of that seed.

What is the best reality?

We have learned that God is love, life, soul, spirit, intelligence, truth and principle. Principle is the wealth of life. Our best reality as we discover our authentic self and purpose is alignment with the quality thoughts of Universal Mind – God. When we breathe in, we breathe in the breath of life.. the essence of God. So by acknowledging and learning more and more, we forever reach optimistically for a grander reality of life. Purpose is not far behind.

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The masterkey experience
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I am because he is. I am spirit and I am made in his image and likeness. This is my best reality.

Week 18 The Domain of Causation and Thought life

The Intelligent Thought of the Mind
The Master Key Part 18

Our Brain Follows Our Thought
Our Brain Follows Our Thought

The Intelligent Thought of the Mind

Haanel speaks of man’s intelligence having levels of effectiveness. The greater the intelligence, the higher the scale and the greater the increase of effectiveness.

In it’s essence, energy is the exhibition of Mind or Will. Everything is sustained by this omnipotent intelligence. As an individual, the degree of intelligence I have to control modes of action and adjust myself to my environment, I determine how much power I have to manifest my vision.

What Thought Are You Sitting With?
What Thought Are You Sitting With?

Vision, Faith and Service with Thought

Haanel asserts that the world is on the eve of a new consciousness, a new power, and a new realization within the self. Considering he wrote this in the early 20’s, and knowing what we know now, I’d say he was correct. Online, we hear word that we are in the “information age.” Others are now speaking that we’re actually moving into the “transformation age.” Thought is being liberated and truth is rising full orbed before an astonished multitude.

“Be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind” – The Bible

Transformation thought
Transformation thought

Obedience and Thought

To my understanding, the greatest minds are those who adjust and recognize that there is an existing order in Universal Mind. We are in harmony with this Mind when we recognize the order and work with it. As we do, this Mind harmonizes with our mind.

The following are ways we can be in thought  harmony

1. Recognize Natural Laws and we possess great power
2. Know Universal intelligence permeates all things and can be called into action and responds to every demand.
3. Thought is creative and originates in Universal Mind, which is the source and foundation of all energy and substance.
4. We are channels of distribution for this energy
5. We are the various combinations for phenomena, depending on the vibration
6. Universal Thought made human beings who were transformed into beings who think, know , feel and act.
7. Proper understanding gives us access to communication with Universal Mind.
8. Science has proven concepts to become “facts”, so they become practical and therefore need not attach “belief” to them.
9. Facts are living Faith and Truth.
10. Facts are tested well and useful to mankind. e.g. telescope
11. Practical knowledge of the law of attraction shows atoms being attracted to each other in infinite degrees of intensity.
12. The purpose of existence is for the combining to the ends of things which are brought together and is carried into effect in this way.
13. Growth is met in the beautiful manner through the instrumentality of Universal principle.
14. To grow, we need the essentials. We are complete already. Because of this, in order to receive, we must give.
15. Growth’s conditioned on reciprocal action on the mental plane. Like attracts like.
16. Mental vibrations respond to the extent of their vibrational harmony.
e.g. thoughts of abundance respond to similar thoughts.
17. Wealth of an individual is seen to be what he inherently is. Affluence within is found to be the secret of attraction for affluence without.
18. The ability to produce is found to be the real source of wealth of the individual.
19. When you have an authentic purpose, your heart is in it. Because of this, you will produce greatly and affluence is the effect.
20. As we give and continually give, the more we give, the more we receive.

The Domain of Causation and Thought

The domain of causation is the highest evolution of human consciousness. Where air is the energy that keeps our human body alive, thought is the energy that keeps the spirit alive.

The Sweet Spot of Thought

When we get to the place of “the wonder of how it’s going to happen,” we have a great understanding of the harmony of thought with Universal Mind. Understanding the domain of causation is the intelligence Haanel starts Chapter 18 off with.

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The masterkey experience
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Let this be our prayer: Oh God, let the nature of my seed be secured upon my greatest perception of law in the mighty domain of causation. Let my thought be pure.

Week 17 (again) Harmony for She and I


She and I harmony conversation
She and I harmony conversation

She and I Harmony

Having spent this past couple weeks reading Haanel Chapter 17 and then going back to 9 and 10,  I am stretching in many ways.  “She” is wanting to do one thing and “I” is wanting to do another. For instance, in my direct sales company they have “open enrollment” for a couple weeks. This is a great help to those who want to participate and the “money” thing is  stopping them. We all have questioned if we should invest money in our self  when doing so will require   time and energy away from what we are use to.

In our class we focus on our definite chief aim. Yet,  “I” is saying “It’s on your vision board!” And “she” is saying, “oh yeah, I have to make that list to call!”

Is your conscious and subconscious spending time together?
Is your conscious and subconscious spending time together?

The  She and I Harmony Conversation

I did make some progress. With the go90grow class opening up, I had to make the same choice as those prospects who aren’t jumping into a MLM or Direct Sales company because they are not sure if the investment is the best for them. I hesitated as Mark J mentioned on the webinar. Of course, we should feel in harmony with our decision and either say yes or no. “She” wasn’t sure. “I” knew if action was taken, forward progress would occur.

So rather than dwell on this, I focused on the harmony I felt in writing my book, “Brincely The Brave”.  It came in the mail and I looked it over.  Many people are happy for me and suggest I should be proud of myself. “I” am.

Following my passion and staying in harmony when there are several things going on in life, seems the best road. In my new book, which relates the idea of “birth”,  I wrote the quote  “I can accomplish far more than I have, and I “do”, for why should the miracle which produced me end with my birth? Why can I not extend that miracle to my deeds of today?” This book is best suited in the hands of pregnant moms and dads and would be a great gift from a parent. The inspiration will shift the mindset toward having “advanced thoughts” for the child in her womb.

She and “I” Thoughts about Harmony

I have been feeling an opening to imagine other resources. Games, curriculum, and adventures for children using the system feeling in harmony with what we are learning ourselves. The two areas of my dmp that are highlights and easy to envision are a creative coaching staff who uses my resources for teaching groups. My other easy to see vision is my lake house where my family visits often, which my press release shares.

When I think about them, I feel like I’m thinking correctly, as stated in Haanel’s Chapter 9.  “To think correctly, accurately, we must know the “Truth.” The truth then is the underlying principle in every business or social relation. It is a condition precedent to every right action. To know the truth, to be sure, to be confident, affords a satisfaction beside which no other is at all comparable; it is the only solid ground in a world of doubt, conflict and danger.”

She and I want a beautiful life of harmony
She and I want a beautiful life of Harmony

She and I in Business

Writing is effortless to me, especially if I enjoy the content. So writing my book came fairly easy and I was excited to include the concepts of The Master Key.  As for my Direct Sales company, I love the promotion they are running. The timing of things is decided by the company.  I’m looking forward to the effortless way I promote it to “humanity” while being in harmony with my DMP.  In my sit, I’m dedicating myself to envisioning each part of my dmp.

The desire I have put into writing my book is tremendous and I’m proud of myself for the time and imagination plus action for it’s attainment. I will do the same for my Direct Sales company beginning with my sit. However, I am being encouraged by my business partner to go through my list and get to calling everyone because this offer is only good until February 13.

Reasoning Will  with She and I

Imagining  the harmony of a team of people who joined my direct sales organization is coming. “She” wills it and ” I”  has incorporated it into my DMP (definite major purpose)  for a reason. Keeping it as “truthful” as I’m able, the foundation for success is in seeing in my imagination what it feels like to have  a team of people fully enjoying “residual” income. Yes, it’s a great thought. I want it.  So it will come.

In the meantime, I am enjoying envisioning how my new book, “Brincely The Brave” is going to bless my daughter and son in law. This too is part of my purpose.

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The masterkey experience
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This harmony feels great!

Week 17 Trading in My Graven Images For Just Being

The Images And Being Me

The Master Key Chapter 17

Graven Images Or Being Me
Graven Images Or Being Me

Graven Images

We of the twentieth century worship a God of Love in theory, but in practice we make for ourselves “graven images” of Wealth,” “Power,” “Fashion,” “Custom” and “Conventionality.” We “fall down” before them and worship them. We concentrate on them and they are thereby externalized in our lives. The Master Key Pt. 17 Intro.

Any person of intelligence must have checked on himself to be sure they are worshiping the correct thing. In the 17th chapter of The Master Key, we’re cautioned as students not to mistake the symbols for the reality. We’re to be interested in the causes, rather than effects, concentrating on the realities of life, and then not be disappointed in the results.

Images of dominion over life
Images of dominion over life

What Images Are You Focusing On?

As we who have dominion of all things, it makes sense that our mental world is the keeper of that dominion. The kinds of images I focused on this week varied. I do believe most of them were in keeping with my definite chief aim. Focusing on love in all things, I wrote “Brincely The Brave”, a story about the courageous life of a newborn baby. In previous posts, I shared that part of my DMP was realized on a Christmas visit with my family.

Concentration, we’re told is much misunderstood. There seems to be an idea of effort or activity associated with it. Haanel says it’s in forgetting our self and instead embracing the character we are playing. As I wrote the story, I concentrated on words that in the future those reading it would be inspired by. Was it work? Well, I was inspired by much of it. The work came in the activity of adding photos. Creating a book uses time. I enjoyed the vision of Brincely looking at pictures of himself in the book, as his Mommy read the words aloud. The story is meant to inspire all of us.

Family Images And Just Being Me
Family Images And Just Being Me

The Images of Brincely

I reflected on my grandson to check to see if he was a graven image I worship. I decided that he is a darling boy and that I worship the love I receive from his smile, from his movements. I am so excited that one day very soon, he’ll gain his freedom and run around the house chasing kitty cats!

Images Of A Beautiful Mind
Images Of A Beautiful Mind

Images We Cry For

“There is always the cry “to have” but never the cry “to be”. We’re taught that we cannot have one with out the other, that we must first find the “kingdom” before we have the “things added.” A little boy cries to have his needs met. I know I have whined at times to God to have my needs met too! However, I am learning to see myself as one who already attained those things I desire. I am practicing “being” that person. Then there is only the demand (the having attained) and the surplus (the manifestation).

Here is the PDF file of “Brincely the Brave” for you to read. It’s 31 pages with lots of large pictures. Please give me feedback on it in the comment section. It’s always appreciated. The story is simple and there is a moral. Brincely is born brave. In order for him to accomplish all he has in his first year, he must see himself (the kingdom) as already having attained it. Let’s learn to be brave and give ourselves permission to “be” who we desire. Then all of what we want will be added unto us. If a newborn can do it, then it should be easy for us! Right?

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The masterkey experience
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I had a nun in high school who gave me a poster before I graduated that said “Don’t just stand there! BE”. Though the images of her are vague, the reality of her words have echoed in me for many years and I believe she knew something I had yet to learn.

Week 13 Creative Thought and the Unaccountable

Creative or Supernatural

According to Haanel, “as we esteem most highly those useful qualities of men which are of the rarest occurrence, so does natural philosophy sift the facts and attach a preeminent importance to that striking class which cannot be accounted for by the usual and daily observation of life.”

As one who has seen what is known as miracles of healing, for many years, I could not tell you how a person was healed other than that something unaccountable happened. I just figured that we were to do as Jesus did. “Go, lay hands on the sick and they will be healed”.  As part of a prayer ministry on the streets of NY and NJ, we had “miracles of healing” happen.

But now, what I have learned from Haanel is the scientific understanding of “demand and surplus”, or cause and effect. The following is an explanation of a spiritual game of a sort called “Treasure hunt”.

About 8-12 of us got together in a church setting. We’d listen to worship music by a music minister of the healing kind. We’d raise our hands and openly say things like “We praise you Lord”, “Thank you Lord, Thank you Father”. “You are the alpha and the omega, the beginning and the end.” Some times we’d knee down or lay face down on the floor for an hour. Other times, we might carry a banner and walk up and down the isle with faith that the flag and the gesture carried in it some form of faith and praise to the Father. Our faith was so aroused during the worship time that we’d feel a strong desire to say something to another person in the group. This something many times was an encouragement to bless them.


Creative thought and the Unaccountable

What I did not realize until this class was that this group was actually a “mastermind group.” Our minds became a greater mind and we’d know things that we may not know without coming together like we did. So after 30 minutes or more of praise and worship, we’d find a quiet place and believe we’d receive “clues” for our treasure hunt. If I were to state it according to Haanel’s explanation, we were setting an intention and then “sitting”.  We’d allow these clues to light upon us. We’d see visions of “things” like a wrought iron railing, a peace sign, a purple flowered shirt, a red suit, a statue, the name Mark, a basketball player, a person who got migranes, the word “love”. We’d gather afterward and compare lists; make note of “like” clues and then decide where we’d go for our treasure hunt.

The intention was right out of Haanel’s “The Master Key”. Our burning desire was follow God’s will to pray for the sick so they will be healed. Our game of choice was Treasure Hunt. We took the clues, decided on the location and park the car or get off the bus or train. We’d all be “in the zone” and ready to see the miracles happen. And they did! We’d sight one of the clues and get excited. We’d see a purple flowered shirt on a person. We’d see the wrought iron railing. We’d see the red cap  and the peace sign. With each sighting, we’d go with boldness to individuals either right their or nearby and begin chatting asking them some questions. Most often, we’d have an opportunity to pray for them. Many times they were at least encouraged. However, on many many occasions, we prayed (put a demand on the universe) and command the healing on their foot, their hands, their back, on arthritis and more.

Creative Law of Attraction

What we called “miracles” were actually the law of attraction at work. The energy in the height of our faith brought a change in the person immediately. If this interests you, you can view the video “The Finger of God” in this post above. This is one ministry using “creative thought” to influence a change in a person’s faith, mind, and body.

Haanel states in #12 of chapter 13: “every honest investigator admits that there are many strange and previously unaccountable phenomena constantly taking place. Those, however, who become acquainted with the creative power of thought, will no longer consider them unaccountable.”

This is now my understanding. What I did in ignorance is actually the science of the law of attraction at it best. This cause and effect, this demand and surplus principle raises my faith to new levels because I understand it from knowledge rather than “mystery”.

“Every phenomenon is the result of an accurate definite cause, and the cause is an immutable law or principle, which operates with invariable precision, whether the law is put into operation consciously or unconsciously.” The Master Key


Creative Thought, Gratitude and Wealth

Now it is understandable how to bring into manifestation persons, places and things. God assists me in bringing into operation the law of attraction. The vibration of praise and worship (gratitude) are the forces which make for success and brings about conditions of power and affluence. Power and affluence are in direct proportion with the character and purpose of the affirmation.

Creative Intention and Feelings

This is what we are reading, writing, recording, singing, and feeling with our DMP (Definite major purpose). Creative thought begins by intention. We ask the question “What do I want?” The intention is the demand. How powerful that it’s okay to place a demand on the universe, without guilt or shame. When we take out the superstition or worry that we’ll offend God by being selfish or whatever nonsense our ignorance kept us handicapped by, the power, courage, kindliness and sympathy come naturally.

My goal is to live naturally; that all I do comes to me with ease, quickly, as the subconscious mind draws it up and I say it. There is more to all of this and I affirm the statement at the end of Chapter 13:

“God – Increase in me wisdom which discovers my truest interest. Strengthen my resolution to perform that which wisdom dictates. “Franklin

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The masterkey experience
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I love being creative now!

Week 12 Educated Desire

God brings vibration
Desire Brings Us Into High Vibration

How can our desire be educated?

Haanel says in The Master Key “Educated desire is the most potent means of bringing into action the law of attraction. If you are in our MKMMA course, you will have learned that God assists us in bringing into operation the law of attraction, which brings us into vibration with forces which make for success and brings about conditions of power and affluence. This power and affluence is in direct proportion with the character and purpose of our affirmation.

So what educated desire do you have?

It’s been suggested that a very large percentage of people have weak desire. In years past, while I was young and immature, I has some strong desires but they were few and far between. They were strong for a short time and then shifted to something else I wanted. Knowing what I know now, I suggest you take a serious look at what you desire and how persistent you are at seeing it through to completion.

Persistence and Desire

These 2  principles go hand and hand but one comes before the other.  What I was missing in my youth was a strong desire that I persistently held until I succeeded. In school.  I loved art and did persist in it.  Being creative, I stumbled upon talents in many areas of art.  I was encouraged to pursue it in college.  What I remember from my childhood,  was my love for teaching and that desire stayed with me, though primarily on the inside, until I felt mature enough to have something to teach. I loved teaching children and knew I had enough knowledge to do that. I pursued a Montessori certificate and knew I was in sync with my teaching gift!

Good habits create greater freedom
Strong desire creates greater freedom

Strong Desire

When I moved out of state due to a traumatic experience, I decided to pursue teaching Montessori in NJ while living with my parents.  The requirements differed from Florida and I was expected to create whole books of exercises I was not required to do in Florida. I decided to take an easier route and look for another job.  My weak desire and a feeling of financial pressure carried me into a billing office job. Before long, I knew my job but it was nothing like teaching those little children how to read.

Many years have passed. I married, had children and home-schooled them using the stills I’d been taught in my Montessori training.  My love for teaching persisted. Of late, I teach leadership skills to the teachable, moldable plastic minds of individuals on the lookout for coaching in relationship marketing. Teaching has turned to coaching and my desire has grown more focused.

Focused Desire

Old or young, we all have a great opportunity to turn our dreams into reality.  Yet, a weak desire for these dreams will take us down the stream to poverty. Do you want to know the secret to riches? To wealth? To success? STRONG BURNING DESIRE!

How do we get a burning desire?

Begin now to create the necessary brain cells which will enable you to comprehend the unlimited powers which may be yours by cooperating with natural law.  This is done by concentration or attention.

Haanel writes “The intention governs the attention.”  Power comes through repose (a state of rest, sleep, or tranquility). It’s by concentration that deep thoughts , wise speech, and all forces of high potentiality are accomplished.”

God's way to imagine
God’s way to imagine is  with desire

My Burning Desire

In plain English, we’re taught that this part of the process, which means “sitting” still for 15-30 minutes a day in quiet contemplation and even in quieting the mind. As we adjust our self to the deeper forces at work inside us and giving ourselves over to this “infinite intelligence”,  we begin to allow the unfolding of creative ideas. Using our creative imagination, we may enjoy a pretty scene where a dear friend sits with us and we chat about life. We may take a walk or a run with Jesus or a mentor we have learned from in the past.  Later, our concentration on this deep rest will reveal ideas to us. It will most definitely affirm us in some way.

Recently in my sit,  I was encouraged to take on the name “Caryn The Courageous”. This triggered for me an idea for a book.  It is burning desire and concentration on observing and listening  that helps us control and direct our thoughts toward prosperous directions.

Demand and Desire

Science speaks of demand and surplus. Our burning desire is like “demand” in science. When there is a demand placed out there in the universe and burning inside us, our subconscious mind has no other course than to find the surplus to meet that demand. Natural law is set up to do this.

Today, realize that God assists us in bringing into operation the law of attraction  bringing us into vibration with forces which make for success and brings about conditions of power and affluence. These will be in direction proportion with the character and purpose of the affirmation.

So what is your affirmation? If it’s a strong desire, it means you will be passionate about it. This passion is a feeling the subconscious mind recognizes as a high vibration. High vibrations get met first! So find a strong desire (your definite major purpose) , affirm it out loud over and over, daily, and the manifestation of it will sneak up behind you, chase you down and run you over!

“See if I will not pour out a blessing too numerous for you to contain.”  The Bible

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The masterkey experience
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Great desire is the beginning of greatness!

Week 10 – The #1 mistaken impression that makes us feel alone

The Master Key Part 10



My impression was I was alone
My impression was I was alone

My mistaken impression

Discordant choices lead thousands down a road with no hope.   Listen to a personal story of a young girl who in desperation,  walks over 14 miles only to find night coming and no hope in sight.

Listen to the story first: You’ll never walk alone.


 My mistaken impression

My impression is more aligned with the truth now than when I was 7.  What I had believed is due to wrong thinking.  I lost courage because I built my belief on a lie. Then an angel came and helped me get back to a safe place.  In my home;  my room was my safe place.

I look back only to share where I became lost. Where my wrong thinking started.  I now  share  hope for our future  that truth sets us free.  Our mindsets can change. Based on the truth, I move forward knowing the laws of the universe.  True purpose  is good for all concerned. My plans, desires, readings, notes and audios are taking me on a prosperous journey of health, wealth and happiness. I begin each day with love in my heart and I succeed.

With hope, I am born again. Do all you can with  all you know. Then rest. Let the source of God, while in meditation and prayer,  bring to you what is needed to get you where you want to be. There is always an angel at the end of our own will to take us back home. By our home, I mean the place we began!

What did I know about truth and impressions?
What did I know about true impressions?

Trauma and mistaken impressions

Chapter 10 of the Master key shares that abundance is a natural law of the Universe. As a young girl, because of mistaken impressions brought on by the trauma of being left without safety at the YMCA, and the premise in error, I created a belief that I was not loved.

Years later, creating a new blueprint, this old blueprint is working to reinforce my old beliefs. This was due to the well worn grooves of this belief let into my subconscious mind by trauma. With burning desire for my new reality, I realize that “the ordinary man (me at 7 years of age)  who has no definite knowledge of cause and effect, was governed by  feelings or emotions.” This is how my belief was planted. I felt unloved, the trauma of being lost, was the catalyst, and the door was open to error.

Your mistaken impression

Can it be that you my friend have some unknown mistaken impression or limiting belief  keeping you from your new blueprint?  Gratefully, chapter 10 of The Master Key explains further how this wrong belief had set in motion years of error and caused jealousy, mistrust in relationships, violations, desperate need for love, and unknown circumstances.

The truth will set you free.

Much of my life was a success, because my character wasn’t wholey corrupt. However, in order to generate financial resources, I needed to know my value and love the qualities that others could  profit from.  Having self confidence when I’d failed in the past, I needed to love myself and be able to receive love from source in a more definite way. I needed to trust nature and the natural laws. The mind is made up with universal intelligence, the conscious mind and the subconscious mind. This mind is creative.

“God assists me in bringing into operation the law of attraction which brings me into vibration with forces which make for success and brings about conditions of power and affluence. The power and affluence is in direct proportion with the character and purpose of this affirmation.”

This gives the clue to my lack of success. Can you see it? “Character”! I needed to believe that my character was worth “financial abundance”. Finding this and many more of the nuances that are invisible but still real, the puzzle pieces are on the table.

What missing impressions do you see?
What mistaken impression do you see?

The old blueprint is trying to hold on to the mistaken impression

‘Nature has made no provision for my life to suffer pain, neither has it made any provision for my life to suffer failure.’ Og Mandino

And yet, I was jealous still. This path is not easy. But I am getting leverage on it now. With these truths in place more and more, being reinforced and build upon chapter after chapter, book after book, colors, shapes, music, the mirror, meditating, prayer, all focused in one direction, instead of being scattered as before, I am succeeding.  My new blueprint is gaining on the old and overtaking it now.

Turning away from negative impressions
Turning away from negative impressions

Turning from the mistaken impression

“The man who understands that there is no effect without an adequate cause thinks impersonally. He gets down to bedrock facts regardless of consequences. He is free to follow the trail of truth wherever it may lead. He sees the issue clear to the end, and he meets the requirements fully and fairly, and the result is that the world gives him all that it has to give, in friendship, honor, love and approval.” Master Key 10 Introduction

Once we know the truth, we turn from the mistaken impression by substituting it by law with an affirmation that aligns with what is best for all. (The law of substitution)

Substitution Affirmations:

  • “Anything mistaken is being revealed and I move forward with confidence.”
  • “I am an individualization of God.”
  • “I live intentionally, am creative, and imagine my prosperous life.”
  • “I choose positive thoughts which are constructive in character concerning myself and anyone else.”

Abundant health, wealth, and happiness are the characteristics of true life. We never walk alone once we discover for ourselves the truth about a mistaken impression.

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ps. To overcome your mistaken impression try “The seven day mental diet“.

Week 7 – Going Down To Go Up to Happiness

Happiness in Class

The Master Key Part 7

This week in MKMMA class, I experienced some circumstances I didn’t know I had manifested in my past regarding my lack of happiness. We were encouraged to keep focusing on the positive. The 7 day mental diet is a challenge and sometimes I caught myself thinking negatively. However, there were probably times I didn’t catch myself. I found Emerson’s Essay difficult to comprehend at the beginning. I’m hoping to redeem my understanding toward the end. I consider myself to be an intelligent person.

Having no opinions is easy when you are alone. I’m alone more than I’m with others so I felt ok with that. My circumstances did require me to share my perspective. It was on subjects I was more of an “expert” on. I gave up TV a long time ago and when I watched a movie recently on Netflix called “The Iron Lady”, the ending was disappointing. Margaret Thatcher, played by Meryl Streep, led a “leadership” life. However, in the end, she was alone and felt disconnected.(One of heartbreak and misery) I think some stories are better left unwritten or at least unread! Kind of wonder if she was able to look at the “gal in the glass” with honesty?

DMP  Happiness

On a better note, I have been having great fun with recording my dmp, rewriting it for the “20th” time. I had to put more feelings in it. I put it to music and listen to it.The music helped me feel more so I wrote notes and created the next draft to include the feeling words. This recording is my best so far. I can actually identify with the feelings in it now.

I also record each chapter of the Master key to listen to. This week is Chapter 7. Finally, I recorded my press release to listen to. When I read it aloud, I could see areas that did not flow as well. If it is the beginning of a real book, I’m sure I’ll be revisiting each section for expand it for the final draft.

Happiness with Og

Reading the Greatest Salesman is what I’m best at doing. I hung my movie poster in my kitchen. I see it when I’m working at the kitchen counter. I talk to God about it. Today I embraced the whole story and touched each picture sharing a little about it out loud. I find great encouragement in the creation of it. The manifestation is said to come more rapidly when feelings are attached to it.

This past week, I cried a lot, with pressing circumstances in my present life. However, the hope of my purpose compels me forward. I dedicate it to the “gal in the glass,” a life greater than one of misery and heartache.

In my low point, I sat with myself as a young girl, who my press release shared, felt unloved and desired. In order to get to the root of a “jealousy” issue, I’d found an article online about why a person is jealous. It stems from a belief of “not being enough”. A self image issue, I chatted with myself as a young girl for a couple of hours in the chair I do my “sitting” in. I explained to her that she misunderstood her childhood. I told her, which took convincing, that she was loved, that her brothers and sister loved her, her dad loved her, her mom loved her and that her friends loved her. She decided to trust that I probably knew what I was talking about since I was older. She accepted my knowledge and decided she wanted to dance around because she just had to move about.

The Little Me and Happiness

As she moved her leg back and forth, she began wiggling her little body and she seemed happier. Seeing the look on my face, she told me that she was going to be alright and I shouldn’t worry about her. She is a very nurturing child by nature and wanted me to be happy. I decided that I’d not let her down and live up to what she needed to know so she felt loved even if she didn’t see it.

We are told that jealousy and other things can never bring us success. I’m on a new path and I’m carving it out as I go.

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Happiness is a choice.

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