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Legacy and The Carpenter's son

Week 11 Legacy and The Carpenter’s Son


Though my DMP contained elements of Legacy, I hadn’t named it as a PPN. It may be time.  A couple days ago, with the revelation via Grace of God, I wrote a short story. Elements are based on real facts and also a combination of other peoples realities. This I hope gives something for everyone to read and enjoy!

Legacy Leads the way!

“The Carpenter’s Son” short story is about a mans desire to leave a legacy for many generations to come. I’ve included an audio version below.

The Carpenter’s Son

Once upon a time there was a carpenter who had a son. This father was very skilled at building and of course desired that his son learn the trade and enjoy the prosperity and satisfaction that his life gave to others.
Lets go back to the beginning.
In order to see what this man desired for his son, we must understand how he felt about what he did.

The Carpenter’s Day

A carpenter’s day began with his morning ritual. Of course, he had written down what he needed to do that day, some time before. Why is this important? Because these would be among the skills that he’d teach his son! And the results would be evident!

Each day the carpenter would kiss his wife goodbye, gather his tools and his plan and either go to his carpenters shop or to the place he’d present his work to his customers. His plan included a deadline for completion and gathering the materials to complete his work. It was so easy for the carpenter because he had learned very early this skill. His dad was a tradesman too!

Wood fascinated this carpenter. Wood of all kinds; hard wood, soft wood, grained, rough, smooth, dark and light. The cross grains of how God made the trees he’d use and the tools he’d gathered from his dad, granddad and stores, flee markets and even antique dealers, all became part of this mans purpose to build what suited his customer.
The customer became his focus for he had learned from his own dad that service to others was most important. His skill meant very little unless he understood what his customer wanted. It took a great deal of time for the carpenter to truly understand his customer but he didn’t skimp on this. Everyone has a purpose for what they required the carpenter to build and he knew that meeting that need was what satisfied him most!

The Carpenters Weekend

Each Saturday, the carpenter would sleep in more than on weekdays. His children knew dad needed rest and time to spend in quiet. His children learned to eat and go outside to play or spend time in quiet like dad catching up on sleep and relaxation from a busy week. The afternoon was dedicated to his home, repairs, and spending time with his children.

He took his wife’s love for granted which he felt was ok to do. He loved playing ball in the big side yard, catching whatever his son would toss. He got a lot of exercise running after wild throws and loved encouraging his sons ability to focus, persist, and have faith and be grateful for these times.

Dad and son grew to be very close and there was nothing his son didn’t trust to his dad. At different ages, there were different conversations but dad had been a kid once too and understood that love for the experience of being a dad was most important. After all , he learned this from the experiences he wished he had with his dad. The carpenters desire was to please his dad and be like him!

The Carpenter’s Childhood

When the carpenter was a very young child he knew his dad loved him. As he got older, he became a bit insecure of why his dad pushed him so much. The carpenter felt he’d be easier on his children when he’d be a dad himself! The carpenter’s dad grew up in a time where great sorry and loss of jobs left many hungry and without places to live.

He worked very hard at jobs for harsh employers knowing that it would only be for a short time and then he could start his own business. This business would be passed on to the carpenter. And as his father got older, the carpenter did continue to manage his father’s business!

But the carpenter also wanted to pursue new adventures and do new things a little different.

The Carpenter’s Work Life

This Carpenter would rather work with his hands than sit at a desk , read a book or type on a keyboard. In school, he got in trouble for pulling on a girls hair, looking out the window imagining great adventures like hitting the home run, riding his bike, climbing a tree or tossing stones in the lake! He fidgeted at the table after gobbling up his food so he could go out to play.

In church, he’d ask to light candles to keep from boredom! He may not pay attention to the message but somehow magically knew what the reverend meant. His amazing skills were developed at an early age and he saw visions of creations he’d one day make for himself. His unique way of seeing the world and enjoying life was demonstration of his faith and gratitude.

He didn’t know how much faith he had and to him, they were petty details. He just lived and had fun! His dad taught him to work hard and earn the living he created by giving others what they wanted the best way he knew to create the life he wanted.

The Carpenter’s Wife

Any woman who would live with the carpenter had to be confident. The carpenter had a dream of the perfect woman. He knew she’d find him if he worked hard. She was very special and understood the carpenter’s nature.

She knew that her home would be perfect and anything broken, he’d fix. She knew that she’d be loved because the carpenter took such care in anything he worked at. She understood boys, having brothers of her own. In fact, her dad was a carpenter as well. It was easy for her to talk to him about his work and he was very excited to share all he was doing.

She enjoyed listening, sometimes wishing she could be there with him in the shop or on the job! She was very creative herself and always had projects to keep herself occupied with.

The Carpenter’s Children

Being a father to his son, the carpenter’s vision had always been to pass the family business on. Of course, second to that was his desire to pass on his work ethic , being faithful and having fun. The carpenter was blessed with one son and one daughter. His first born son was his pride and joy. He adored his beautiful daughter but his son’s future was in his hands if he would continue the legacy his father wished.

When his son was old enough to walk, he took him into the woods and showed him the wonders of nature and the animals he’d respect. Others, he’d one day hunt for. The carpenter taught him the names of trees and the kinds of bark to identify them. When his son was old enough, the carpenter let him watch as he felled a tree he’d use to build furniture.

His son became aware of how to use nature’s resources to increase his income. He’d learn to get paid for what others were unskilled or unwilling to do. This gave his son an edge that would make him very wealthy.

 The Legacy of write and wrong
The Legacy of write and wrong

The Carpenter’s Legacy

The carpenter wanted his son to be an even better carpenter and man that he was. He leaned on his trusted skills learned from his father to carry him through his own lifetime. Knowing that new tools and techniques would replace some of his, he hoped his son would use them and desire his grandsons to be even better carpenters than both of them.

However, work was not the only thing that mattered to the carpenter. He also wanted his son and grandsons to come to be men of faith. He wanted them to carry on the family traditions of Christmas and Thanksgiving he passed down from his family heritage. His faith compelled him to push his son to stick with school, to work on studies and read to learn all he could. He wanted his son to love his own wife as he’d seen him love his mother.

Through good times and bad, he desired his son to understand the need to forgive as God forgave him when he sought his own way. The carpenter was not perfect. He’d failed in life on many occasions by overworking and misusing his affections on others. This carpenter desired his son to learn from his hard lessons, not to repeat them.

Knowing that a son is liken to be like the father, he felt it better to focus on work and if busy enough, he’d have no time to do wrong. Sometimes it worked! He didn’t want to pass those things on but realized that the man his son would become would have to take responsibility for his own faith and happiness.

The Carpenter’s Death

The carpenter’s life was too short for his son. Not knowing when it would be his time to go, he kept working and enjoying every bit of life he could. It was a wake up call to the son and a time of testing for his faith. Through the toughest part of his life as yet, the carpenter’s son would change forever. Not knowing why God would take his father, he dug further into his work. He would keep busy and try to forget!

In time, through his own temptation, the son came to the knowledge that he had responsibility for his own faith. He found pleasure in the laughter of a good sermon joke. He found favor with a woman of great faith who he came to love and respect after the end of his first marriage. He recovered from the difficult turns in his life. He discovered that true unconditional love is always near. He learned to love himself as if a new carpentry technique he’d implement into his work life.

He discovered that part of life his father tried to teach him about caring for what lasts; The legacy that is greater than a perfect piece of furniture. Rather the legacy of becoming perfectly loving and accepting of the imperfections in oneself. With the latest techniques, our legacy becomes the culmination of skills, talents, strengths and weaknesses. And it’s all okay!

God’s a Carpenter Too

Every life matters to God. Short or long, what we pass on to our children is what they pass on to their own children. The carpenter did the best he could with all he knew from his own dad. His skill was impeccable. His talents made him a sought after friend. His son loved him dearly and his daughter knew the kind of man she would marry because he showed her daily.

What is not well known about the carpenter is that when he was a child, he struggled to live up to the expectations of his own father. In childlike ignorance, he believed he disappointed him on many occasions and this delayed his confidence in himself. He longed for adventure and love and couldn’t see it in the actions from his parents. He knew he’d do things differently when he was a dad, and this resistance to see his lovableness showed up in his weaknesses and misadventures.

After many years, he did learn to forgive himself for believing a lie. He forgave his parents as he knew one day his children would have to forgive him. And he did make sure his son knew his love the best he could and hoped his son would have faith in himself.

Where do children get the idea that they are not loved? Some take responsibility for their parent’s actions as though it is their fault somehow. The scripture speaks of “the sins of the father being passed to their sons”. Only the grace of God awakens a change in men. This grace awakened a change in the carpenter. Though his life was short, he always longed for his son to know this grace and pass this faith to his own children.

This legacy was the true purpose this carpenter gave his son. A confident man is not born. He is built. The carpenter bore his son from the raw tree in the wood. He felled him, chopped him, honed him and created a beautiful masterpiece he could be proud to serve the world. We are not just creators of things. We are co-creators with God of people! Our children may become our greatest masterpieces!

The carpenter sacrificed his life but before he left, he created a masterpiece. His son would carry on his legacy to make masterpieces of his sons! These sons will serve all humanity and create their own legacy which will continue until the end of time!



If you Believe DVD

Week 10 If You Believe


If you believe it, it’s yours! Amazing how life really is. Today, when reading my Blueprint builder, I kept stating to God, “thy will be done”. I suggested to God that He enjoy the fruits of my labor. I said, “Father, look at the world through my eyes. See what you have let me see. Feel the compassion I feel, enjoy the pleasures you allow me to manifest! Enjoy your manifestation as you allow me to be the facilitator of that manifestation that you may be the recipient of it’s pleasures!

Be alive God through me! I am willing to be, do and have all that your heart wants to be do and have. Let us be co creators together. I’m willing. I know that you are love. That you desire me to experience the best life there is. I know that because I believe you love me and long for me to be the best me possible in this time space reality!

Believe it or not!

The movie I placed here has 2 parts. It’s about a woman who has no happiness. Her inner child appears to her. The story shares how she does that! In the end, she is a happy person.  Sorry is sin. Pain is sin. Frustration is sin. All forms of disconnection from the truth, God longs for us to return to our rightful place. The child in us has the innocence available to access these truths. I loved this movie. I wish you abundance and connection with truth so you can say to God each day, “thy will be done”, knowing and believing that His plans for our “daily bread” are everything we love to do, to be, and to have. Believe and receive today! I love you!


Believe this!

Believe that you have the favor of God because He desires to experience all your experiences for his pleasure.  Enjoy the movie!

Believe and receive.

Week 20 The Reality of Your Condition

Reality and Dreams
Reality and Dreams

The Masterkey Part 20 On Reality

What is the measure of your reality?

This week I learned something I could add to my new reality. A new thought started a train of causation which created a condition in accordance to the quality of the thought which originated it. Here is a 5 min audio sharing it.

As I have read in Haanel, it is unwise to coerce the Universal. Instead, with principles of right thinking in place, we are welcome to concentrate on the fact that “In him we live and move and have our being.”

Science helping us create our new reality

Not only does Haanel state that these principles are scientifically true but Napoleon Hill asserts them as well. Wallace Wattles in “The Science Of Getting Rich“, obviously states them too. I am hearing over and over that science does for us something we may not be able to do alone. It hypothesizes and concludes, questions and analyzes. We are so privileged to receive the results in books like “The Master Key.”

The Bible and Reality

Some people say that what we believe may be a lie. So belief without scientific proof is unstable and therefore may not be true enough for the subconscious mind to take in. Of course with auto suggestion, we secure it further. However, scientific proof seems to make it easy for us to accept. The quality of the thought will grant us the condition equal to the thought.

Faith and Reality

Aligning with Infinite Intelligence, Universal Mind, God, begins with “sitting” for 15 – 30 minutes daily in contemplation of our thoughts. Amazingly, by law of attraction we can measure the quality of our thoughts as we sit. For instance.. sit and think about negative things and the quality of the thought by law of attraction will give you negative conditions. It matters not the the kind of thought. Seed gives back the fruit of that seed.

What is the best reality?

We have learned that God is love, life, soul, spirit, intelligence, truth and principle. Principle is the wealth of life. Our best reality as we discover our authentic self and purpose is alignment with the quality thoughts of Universal Mind – God. When we breathe in, we breathe in the breath of life.. the essence of God. So by acknowledging and learning more and more, we forever reach optimistically for a grander reality of life. Purpose is not far behind.

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The masterkey experience
Learn More About The Master Key Experience

I am because he is. I am spirit and I am made in his image and likeness. This is my best reality.

Week 17 (again) Harmony for She and I


She and I harmony conversation
She and I harmony conversation

She and I Harmony

Having spent this past couple weeks reading Haanel Chapter 17 and then going back to 9 and 10,  I am stretching in many ways.  “She” is wanting to do one thing and “I” is wanting to do another. For instance, in my direct sales company they have “open enrollment” for a couple weeks. This is a great help to those who want to participate and the “money” thing is  stopping them. We all have questioned if we should invest money in our self  when doing so will require   time and energy away from what we are use to.

In our class we focus on our definite chief aim. Yet,  “I” is saying “It’s on your vision board!” And “she” is saying, “oh yeah, I have to make that list to call!”

Is your conscious and subconscious spending time together?
Is your conscious and subconscious spending time together?

The  She and I Harmony Conversation

I did make some progress. With the go90grow class opening up, I had to make the same choice as those prospects who aren’t jumping into a MLM or Direct Sales company because they are not sure if the investment is the best for them. I hesitated as Mark J mentioned on the webinar. Of course, we should feel in harmony with our decision and either say yes or no. “She” wasn’t sure. “I” knew if action was taken, forward progress would occur.

So rather than dwell on this, I focused on the harmony I felt in writing my book, “Brincely The Brave”.  It came in the mail and I looked it over.  Many people are happy for me and suggest I should be proud of myself. “I” am.

Following my passion and staying in harmony when there are several things going on in life, seems the best road. In my new book, which relates the idea of “birth”,  I wrote the quote  “I can accomplish far more than I have, and I “do”, for why should the miracle which produced me end with my birth? Why can I not extend that miracle to my deeds of today?” This book is best suited in the hands of pregnant moms and dads and would be a great gift from a parent. The inspiration will shift the mindset toward having “advanced thoughts” for the child in her womb.

She and “I” Thoughts about Harmony

I have been feeling an opening to imagine other resources. Games, curriculum, and adventures for children using the system feeling in harmony with what we are learning ourselves. The two areas of my dmp that are highlights and easy to envision are a creative coaching staff who uses my resources for teaching groups. My other easy to see vision is my lake house where my family visits often, which my press release shares.

When I think about them, I feel like I’m thinking correctly, as stated in Haanel’s Chapter 9.  “To think correctly, accurately, we must know the “Truth.” The truth then is the underlying principle in every business or social relation. It is a condition precedent to every right action. To know the truth, to be sure, to be confident, affords a satisfaction beside which no other is at all comparable; it is the only solid ground in a world of doubt, conflict and danger.”

She and I want a beautiful life of harmony
She and I want a beautiful life of Harmony

She and I in Business

Writing is effortless to me, especially if I enjoy the content. So writing my book came fairly easy and I was excited to include the concepts of The Master Key.  As for my Direct Sales company, I love the promotion they are running. The timing of things is decided by the company.  I’m looking forward to the effortless way I promote it to “humanity” while being in harmony with my DMP.  In my sit, I’m dedicating myself to envisioning each part of my dmp.

The desire I have put into writing my book is tremendous and I’m proud of myself for the time and imagination plus action for it’s attainment. I will do the same for my Direct Sales company beginning with my sit. However, I am being encouraged by my business partner to go through my list and get to calling everyone because this offer is only good until February 13.

Reasoning Will  with She and I

Imagining  the harmony of a team of people who joined my direct sales organization is coming. “She” wills it and ” I”  has incorporated it into my DMP (definite major purpose)  for a reason. Keeping it as “truthful” as I’m able, the foundation for success is in seeing in my imagination what it feels like to have  a team of people fully enjoying “residual” income. Yes, it’s a great thought. I want it.  So it will come.

In the meantime, I am enjoying envisioning how my new book, “Brincely The Brave” is going to bless my daughter and son in law. This too is part of my purpose.

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This harmony feels great!

Week 16 – The Cycles of Life That Get Better And Better

Cycles of Life Begin here.

The Master key Part 16

Beautiful Life Cycles
Beautiful Life Cycles

Life Cycles

This weeks reading about the cycles of life as stated in Haanel’s The Master Key, reminds me of the studies a friend did on the biblical calendar. Each month represented a different phase of life and the biblical scholars of that time lived by the cycles.

The Master Key Part 16 Introduction states:

“Those familiar with these cycles will not be disturbed when things seem to go wrong, but can apply the principle outlined in these lessons with the full assurance that a higher law will invariably control all other laws, and that through an understanding and conscious operation of spiritual laws, we can convert every seeming difficulty into a blessing.”

From what I’ve read, the years past 49 of the Septimal law (cycles of 7 years), are periods of reconstruction, adjustment and recuperation and then harmony.

The Millennium Cycles

Our later years include a time of harmony which anyone gaining on 50 will have opportunity to experience in these life cycles. Though it seems also that at this age, the time past raising of children, for the most part, it begins a time of new beginnings. This should be very exciting for this age group. How many of you at this age sees your life in this way though?

New Beginning Cycles of Harmony

When we are born, during the 1st cycle of life, we are in harmony, due to the miracle began at birth. Og Mandino states:

“I can accomplish far more than I have , and I will,  for why should the miracle which produced me end with my birth? Why can I not extend that miracle to my deeds of today? I am nature’s greatest miracle. I am not on this earth by chance. I am here for a purpose and that purpose is to grow into a mountain, not to shrink to a grain of sand.”

We’re told that many great works were done by men and women after the first 7 cycles of life. This new millennium or new beginning after the age of 50 is actually a time of reassessing our harmony and having the faith of a child at Christmas!

2 Life Cycles
Brincely The Brave In his first of many life cycles!

A child’s courage at birth and infancy is astounding. My grandson Brincely in his first year of life, opened his eyes boldly, cried out and was fed, smiled and learned how to please others with his love. He strove to eat by himself, speak a new language, control his body parts, crawl and stand by himself, explore every part of his body, with his chief aim to be free of the floor, his vision is to walk and run everywhere and anywhere! I imagine his PPN is liberty and recognition for creative expression!

While a child’s first year is a challenge, even an infant has the courage and stamina to gain leverage on life. He knows not defeat. It becomes easier each year to overcome the difficulties. Knowing we were once under one year of age, what more can a person upwards of 50 do? Perhaps we can find a child to be our mentor and learn from him.

I wonder if my daughter has told her Brincely that he’s nature’s greatest miracle. Does he just know it? Will it become covered over in time as so many of us experienced? Not on my watch!

Mastering the first of many cycles
Mastering the first of many cycles

The First and Eight Cycles

I identify with my grandson as we are both in similar cycles of life. It’s a new beginning for us both. We are nature’s greatest miracle. And nature knows not defeat. Eventually, she emerges victorious and so will we, and with each victory the next struggle becomes less difficult. We are whole perfect strong powerful loving harmonious and happy.

Wealth and Cycles

While Brincely receives toys, which are the utility of exchange value, the real wealth for us both is the exchange value; his smiles and love and my hugs and affection towards him. My chief aim in life is not to give him toys, which are tangible and measurable. But to develop a relationship with him that goes beyond the toys, one that is eternal. A relationship which lasts through all our life cycles.

True Harmony and Happiness

One day, each of us having been an example for each other, I’ll move on and he will take my place as the greatest salesman in his world. His smiles, love, affection, health, truth, and abundance will carry on the legacy of love God intends for us all. But for now, I’ll sell my heart to him with all I’ve got! And we will dance around the room singing silly songs about something we just did!

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Cycles of Life of greatest here.

Week 15 -Courage Is From The Beginning

Courage begins here!

The Master Key Chapter 15

Lion Hearted Courage
Lion Hearted Courage

What is courage?

The dictionary definition of courage is:
  • the ability to do something that frightens one.
“he called on all his courage to face the ordeal”
  • strength in the face of pain or grief.

It was suggested in our Master Key class that we watch one of 4 movies over the holiday. It took me a couple weeks to find a version of “Rudy”, a story of a young man’s dream to play on the Notre Dame football team. A true gem of a movie, the story shares the typical plot of the dreamer who overcomes the odds.

This weeks assignment included the “Franklin Makeover”, in which we are to fill in a sheet with the virtues we desire most to attain to a greater degree. Well, first on my list was “courage”. Very timely, the story of “Rudy” coincided perfectly with demonstration after demonstration of this virtue shown through the “heart” of this young 5ft 9in student with lower than average grade performance.

Demonstrating Courage

Needless to say folks, I was “bawling at the end of the movie”.  So moved by the combination of plot, the faces of the onlookers, and the music, I felt the divine inside me saying “now that’s what I’m talkin about!!!!”

I’m recovering from a long stint of “under the weather body discord”. This week promises a healthy body with courage  to lead me through our reading and exercises.

Brincely Yawning Like a Lion With Courage
Brincely Yawning Like a Lion With Courage

Courage is from the beginning

I’ve mentioned in my previous post that part of my dmp was realized and along with it an inspiration for a children’s book starring my grandson Brincely.  This children’s book about the courage of a new born as he enters the unknown world of parents, siblings, environment and circumstances began with a manifestation of a silly song I wrote spur of the moment about something Brincely just did.  My imagination is taking me further down this path and I can now see the cover photo which I posted above.

The song went like this:

Brincely the brave… lionhearted

Brincely the brave… lionhearted

Brincely the brave… lionhearted

He’s the bravest lion in the jungle… Rrrrroooaaarrr!!!

Notice the babies mouth! It’s open as though a lion roaring! He is my pride and joy. Brincely the Brave! He has a lions heart! I’m so proud of his courage and he’s just beginning his courageous life!

It takes no apparent difficulties for a baby to have courage. But babyhood requires trust, love, patience and courage.  You and I were born with courage. Young Rudy in the recommended movie was born with courage. Something inside of us is saying “now that’s what I’m talkin about!!!” That spirit is YOUR SPIRIT! The infinite heart of each baby, child, adult and elder.

We were all born with a tremendous amount of courage.

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Courage is a virtue.

No Coincidence Highlights

Week 14 – Holiday Highlights And Harmony

Haanel Harmony and Holiday Highlights

Christmas Highlights in Columbus
Christmas Highlights in Columbus

Chapter 14

The Holidays were spent traveling out of state for a week. Here is a sign we passed that reminded me of MKMMA! All of you came with me on my trip! I brought everything for class with me. My daughters house is great! First time I saw it live! Some of the experiences I’d placed on my dmp were met.  Creativity and conversations in the kitchen,  spending time with everyone together and playing with my grandson.

My dmp:  “pick up my grandson and dance around the kitchen singing him a silly song I wrote spur of the moment about something he just  did.”

He’s not yet a year,  so what he does is limited but I decided to sing him a song based on what Og calls each of us! “A LION”.

Brincely The Brave with Highlights
Brincely The Brave Lionhearted Highlights

Writing A Book For Brincely

“Brincely the Brave”theme song goes like this: Brincely the brave, lionhearted…He’s the bravest lion in the jungle “Rooaaarrrr”.  Inspired, I sat on the bed with my  tablet and began writing about the bravery of a new born and how every day they must be brave! Everything they do requires strength, trust, power and love. Brincely is the happiest child I know! He has become my mentor for happiness and courage. This book will inspire all age adults to remember how much  courage like a lion they once had!

I believe the end of the book will include the statement “I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving harmonious and happy!”

Other Highlights

I printed out Chapter 14 work at a Staples in Ohio, and as far as I know did not bring it home with me. So this week, I listened to the recording I made (available above)  one evening while there, and read my content online.  Upon returning from my trip, I became physically below my best and have been in bed for the week.  Nights pressed on me with many uncomfortable thoughts, and Ibuprofen was my remedy along with “God as life”, in which I proclaimed the affirmation from Emmot Fox, “Thank you God that your nature is my perfect remedy.”

I Am Whole Perfect Strong Powerful Loving Harmonious and Happy Highlights
I Am Whole Perfect Strong Powerful Loving Harmonious and Happy Highlights

Harmony Highlights Exercise of the Week

For your exercise this week, concentrate on Harmony, and when I say concentrate, I mean all that the word implies; concentrate so deeply, so earnestly, that you will be conscious of nothing but harmony. Remember, we learn by doing. Reading these lessons will get you nowhere. It is in the practical application that the value consists.

Stopped for Food  Brochure Highlights
Stopped for Food Brochure Highlights

As for my personal harmony, so much of me felt great! I loved being with my children, who I desire to see monthly. I stayed in a great guest room all my own. My former spouse drove me out to Ohio and back. Not my ideal, but I decided I would see him as my chauffeur. I slept most of the way in the back seat.

My youngest daughter joined us for 6 of the 9 hr ride.  When I returned home it was “get back to regular routine”.  As I write the following I search for the words to say it with “confidence”: my body began releasing irritation from my nose, in my head and chest and tickled my throat! Wow! That is that! And now I’m standing on the promise of being whole!

Recovery Highlights

Here’s a picture of my lake house plans which is in my DMP. I decided to spend my bed rest doing something constructive!

House Plans Highlights
House Plans Highlights

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I loved seeing my children. I love holidays and enjoyed sharing these highlights with you.

Week 10 – The #1 mistaken impression that makes us feel alone

The Master Key Part 10



My impression was I was alone
My impression was I was alone

My mistaken impression

Discordant choices lead thousands down a road with no hope.   Listen to a personal story of a young girl who in desperation,  walks over 14 miles only to find night coming and no hope in sight.

Listen to the story first: You’ll never walk alone.


 My mistaken impression

My impression is more aligned with the truth now than when I was 7.  What I had believed is due to wrong thinking.  I lost courage because I built my belief on a lie. Then an angel came and helped me get back to a safe place.  In my home;  my room was my safe place.

I look back only to share where I became lost. Where my wrong thinking started.  I now  share  hope for our future  that truth sets us free.  Our mindsets can change. Based on the truth, I move forward knowing the laws of the universe.  True purpose  is good for all concerned. My plans, desires, readings, notes and audios are taking me on a prosperous journey of health, wealth and happiness. I begin each day with love in my heart and I succeed.

With hope, I am born again. Do all you can with  all you know. Then rest. Let the source of God, while in meditation and prayer,  bring to you what is needed to get you where you want to be. There is always an angel at the end of our own will to take us back home. By our home, I mean the place we began!

What did I know about truth and impressions?
What did I know about true impressions?

Trauma and mistaken impressions

Chapter 10 of the Master key shares that abundance is a natural law of the Universe. As a young girl, because of mistaken impressions brought on by the trauma of being left without safety at the YMCA, and the premise in error, I created a belief that I was not loved.

Years later, creating a new blueprint, this old blueprint is working to reinforce my old beliefs. This was due to the well worn grooves of this belief let into my subconscious mind by trauma. With burning desire for my new reality, I realize that “the ordinary man (me at 7 years of age)  who has no definite knowledge of cause and effect, was governed by  feelings or emotions.” This is how my belief was planted. I felt unloved, the trauma of being lost, was the catalyst, and the door was open to error.

Your mistaken impression

Can it be that you my friend have some unknown mistaken impression or limiting belief  keeping you from your new blueprint?  Gratefully, chapter 10 of The Master Key explains further how this wrong belief had set in motion years of error and caused jealousy, mistrust in relationships, violations, desperate need for love, and unknown circumstances.

The truth will set you free.

Much of my life was a success, because my character wasn’t wholey corrupt. However, in order to generate financial resources, I needed to know my value and love the qualities that others could  profit from.  Having self confidence when I’d failed in the past, I needed to love myself and be able to receive love from source in a more definite way. I needed to trust nature and the natural laws. The mind is made up with universal intelligence, the conscious mind and the subconscious mind. This mind is creative.

“God assists me in bringing into operation the law of attraction which brings me into vibration with forces which make for success and brings about conditions of power and affluence. The power and affluence is in direct proportion with the character and purpose of this affirmation.”

This gives the clue to my lack of success. Can you see it? “Character”! I needed to believe that my character was worth “financial abundance”. Finding this and many more of the nuances that are invisible but still real, the puzzle pieces are on the table.

What missing impressions do you see?
What mistaken impression do you see?

The old blueprint is trying to hold on to the mistaken impression

‘Nature has made no provision for my life to suffer pain, neither has it made any provision for my life to suffer failure.’ Og Mandino

And yet, I was jealous still. This path is not easy. But I am getting leverage on it now. With these truths in place more and more, being reinforced and build upon chapter after chapter, book after book, colors, shapes, music, the mirror, meditating, prayer, all focused in one direction, instead of being scattered as before, I am succeeding.  My new blueprint is gaining on the old and overtaking it now.

Turning away from negative impressions
Turning away from negative impressions

Turning from the mistaken impression

“The man who understands that there is no effect without an adequate cause thinks impersonally. He gets down to bedrock facts regardless of consequences. He is free to follow the trail of truth wherever it may lead. He sees the issue clear to the end, and he meets the requirements fully and fairly, and the result is that the world gives him all that it has to give, in friendship, honor, love and approval.” Master Key 10 Introduction

Once we know the truth, we turn from the mistaken impression by substituting it by law with an affirmation that aligns with what is best for all. (The law of substitution)

Substitution Affirmations:

  • “Anything mistaken is being revealed and I move forward with confidence.”
  • “I am an individualization of God.”
  • “I live intentionally, am creative, and imagine my prosperous life.”
  • “I choose positive thoughts which are constructive in character concerning myself and anyone else.”

Abundant health, wealth, and happiness are the characteristics of true life. We never walk alone once we discover for ourselves the truth about a mistaken impression.

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The masterkey experience
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ps. To overcome your mistaken impression try “The seven day mental diet“.

Week 9 – God assists me in bringing into operation the Law of Attraction

The Master Key Part 9

God’s law of attraction

Before I learned anything about the law of attraction, I was experiencing it in my life. As a prayer minister and prophetic worshipper in the church, I attended classes at Global Awakening in Harrisburg PA and took classes through John Paul Jackson Ministry and Rod Parsley’s World Harvest Bible School. The thing was, I hadn’t had so complete a grasp of the law until now.

God’s assistance

When I read in the Master key the following words, they struck me with understanding. “God assists me in bringing into operation the law of attraction which brings me into vibration with forces which make for success and bring about conditions of power and affluence.” I love these words so much that I turned them into an affirmation.

What are God's ways?
What are God’s ways?

God’s ways

I chatted with my mom after a breast biopsy recently. She said she felt that God knew what he wanted for her and she was trusting him. However, I remember Og Mandino’s words from scroll 1 that stated “Just as nature made no provision for my body to tolerate pain neither has it made any provision for my life to suffer failure.” And I questioned her as to why she took vitamins then? You see, I believe that she took some responsibility for her body but the unexplained things she left up to chance! The chance she took was believing that God knew what he wanted for her.

My feeling is that it is our responsibility to choose to believe that we decide what ills we will have or not. I realize that many of us don’t understand that our subconscious mind takes orders from us. What I am a bit confused about is that the Master key states that God will give us what is truth and adds more life. However, how did the beliefs that don’t serve us get into our subconscious mind? I’m sure we’ll learn more in Chapter 10.

After the surgery that day I took mom back to her house when she shared that the Dr. said it was most likely malignant. Mom kept sharing that with others she spoke to as if to prepare herself for radiation. What mom didn’t realize is that the surgeon would come back and tell her that she’d have to have her breast removed all together in a month. Mom’s gone through many surgery’s and she believes that God keeps her alive because He’s not done with her yet.

Is God a masochist?

Frankly, I object to this kind of belief. From Og’s words, the Master key statements and scripture “Ask, believe and receive”, that kind of talk from my mom makes one feel that she has no control over her life. I don’t know how you feel but we are learning that we decide what experiences we will have. Taking THIS later view, is empowering. #4 in chapter 9 expounds more.

Chapter 9 #4 – “We have found that the Universal substance is “All Health,” “All Substance” and “All Love” and that the mechanism of attachment whereby we can consciously connect with this Infinite supply is in our method of thinking. To think correctly is therefore to enter into the “Secret Place of the Most High.”

We are empowered to prosper. I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving , harmonious and happy! I must admit that the victim mentality may be easy to spot but it can be shrouded in a statement like mom spoke! Now I reject it – prepared for wisdom and principles which guide me into the sunlight of wealth, position and happiness.

God's way to imagine
God’s way to imagine

God’s imagination

Emmot Fox in his book “The Sermon on the Mount”, shares great truths about Jesus’ true purpose. I imagine he envisioned with his imagination what materialized in his circumstances and what others felt were miracles. I am aware that I am responsible to envision and affirm by substitution a more positive statement about my life than what Emmot Fox shares in “The seven day mental diet“. Though our parents and teachers are well meaning, we must be careful who we listen to. However, if we are on this path, it’s likely, we have realized this already.

God and reality

My reality is not what my mom might see about me. It’s not what a pastor or teacher may see about me. My new reality is what I see about me. So what does a negative thought look like? How does it sound?

Negative thoughts and God

“Character is not a thing of chance, but it is the result of continued effort”. By the law of substitution, the positive thought destroys the negative as certain as light destroys darkness, and the results will be just as effectual. Act is the blossom of thought, and conditions are the result of action, so that you constantly have in your possession the tools by which you can certainly and inevitably make or unmake yourself, and joy or suffering will be the reward.

God loves you
God loves you

God’s love

The scripture states that we should ‘love others as we love our self’. We are taught in the Master key that to get love we must give love. But to get love you must fill yourself with it and become a magnet. So how do we “get love”?

In my experience in church worship, the worship team would play music. We would stand, sit, lay, dance, and even twirl in the open spaces of the sanctuary. Usually up front, the music would trigger the presence of a spiritual essence. The words to the music consisted of “praise” to God, another way of being grateful. In gratitude we’d speak out in words that repeated scriptures that came to us. In this period, unusual things would happen. The gathering together of likeminded individuals would create an environment where the love of God would be taken in by us all.

Though I didn’t understand the way it worked then, I see how this worship would arouse creativity like nothing else I’d experienced outside of it. So I discovered that in gratefulness, with music and body language, I could effectually receive the love of God. Another interesting thing would happen. We were encouraged to go up to anyone we felt inclined to talk with a decide what to do. Perhaps we would lay our hands on them if they said it was ok, and we’d speak “into” their life, an encouraging word. My girlfriend would come up to me and touch me, and I’d actually fall down. The power of God was very strong and because I yielded to the spirit of it, I’d drop to my knees. Sometimes, we’d laugh and be silly like kids. This experience, while very unusual, caused all of us to be bonded in a significant way to each other.

Heavy God

The presence of this spiritual energy was so strong that many called it “the weight or cloud of His presence”. We felt weighted down and many times had to lay on the floor under the influence. Some felt as if they were drunk because of the change in energy vibration. I understand that to some this experience may sound “hokey”. However, the love of God became a magnet and we attracted those of the same vibration to us.

God brings vibration
God brings vibration

So what of it?

These worship services were very powerful to feel the vibration of love and we left feeling very tired. We knew we experienced something uncommon in the world. This to me is a great way to receive the love we are to give to others. You probably have ways that you receive the love you give out to others too. The most important part is that all of your body is engaged in the process. We used essential oils to engage the senses. We used flags to engage the visual beauty.

The MKMMA class uses many of these tools to cause all the senses to be engaged as well. My desire is the manifestation of the sunlight of wealth, position and happiness. While the worship did help at the time, we must find every day ways to receive the love we need, so that we can be a conduit of that love toward others. To greet each day with love in our heart, we need to have love inside us.

Meditating and God

Meditation is said to do this. However, I have not had that experience when sitting. When I sit, I choose to enlist on purpose by imagination and visualize “the friend” we’ve made with the stranger. I desire the materialization of resources and seeing that friend with it all, we’re told brings it to us. I am wondering if I can utilize my worship in order to manifest what I am visualizing using my imagination. We’ll see!

Now I understand the words Imagination, visualization and manifestation in connection with God in church worship!

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The masterkey experience
Learn More About The Master Key Experience

God is life.

Week 7 – Going Down To Go Up to Happiness

Happiness in Class

The Master Key Part 7

This week in MKMMA class, I experienced some circumstances I didn’t know I had manifested in my past regarding my lack of happiness. We were encouraged to keep focusing on the positive. The 7 day mental diet is a challenge and sometimes I caught myself thinking negatively. However, there were probably times I didn’t catch myself. I found Emerson’s Essay difficult to comprehend at the beginning. I’m hoping to redeem my understanding toward the end. I consider myself to be an intelligent person.

Having no opinions is easy when you are alone. I’m alone more than I’m with others so I felt ok with that. My circumstances did require me to share my perspective. It was on subjects I was more of an “expert” on. I gave up TV a long time ago and when I watched a movie recently on Netflix called “The Iron Lady”, the ending was disappointing. Margaret Thatcher, played by Meryl Streep, led a “leadership” life. However, in the end, she was alone and felt disconnected.(One of heartbreak and misery) I think some stories are better left unwritten or at least unread! Kind of wonder if she was able to look at the “gal in the glass” with honesty?

DMP  Happiness

On a better note, I have been having great fun with recording my dmp, rewriting it for the “20th” time. I had to put more feelings in it. I put it to music and listen to it.The music helped me feel more so I wrote notes and created the next draft to include the feeling words. This recording is my best so far. I can actually identify with the feelings in it now.

I also record each chapter of the Master key to listen to. This week is Chapter 7. Finally, I recorded my press release to listen to. When I read it aloud, I could see areas that did not flow as well. If it is the beginning of a real book, I’m sure I’ll be revisiting each section for expand it for the final draft.

Happiness with Og

Reading the Greatest Salesman is what I’m best at doing. I hung my movie poster in my kitchen. I see it when I’m working at the kitchen counter. I talk to God about it. Today I embraced the whole story and touched each picture sharing a little about it out loud. I find great encouragement in the creation of it. The manifestation is said to come more rapidly when feelings are attached to it.

This past week, I cried a lot, with pressing circumstances in my present life. However, the hope of my purpose compels me forward. I dedicate it to the “gal in the glass,” a life greater than one of misery and heartache.

In my low point, I sat with myself as a young girl, who my press release shared, felt unloved and desired. In order to get to the root of a “jealousy” issue, I’d found an article online about why a person is jealous. It stems from a belief of “not being enough”. A self image issue, I chatted with myself as a young girl for a couple of hours in the chair I do my “sitting” in. I explained to her that she misunderstood her childhood. I told her, which took convincing, that she was loved, that her brothers and sister loved her, her dad loved her, her mom loved her and that her friends loved her. She decided to trust that I probably knew what I was talking about since I was older. She accepted my knowledge and decided she wanted to dance around because she just had to move about.

The Little Me and Happiness

As she moved her leg back and forth, she began wiggling her little body and she seemed happier. Seeing the look on my face, she told me that she was going to be alright and I shouldn’t worry about her. She is a very nurturing child by nature and wanted me to be happy. I decided that I’d not let her down and live up to what she needed to know so she felt loved even if she didn’t see it.

We are told that jealousy and other things can never bring us success. I’m on a new path and I’m carving it out as I go.

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Happiness is a choice.

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