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Week 23 Serving the Thrival Life

Serving The Divine
Serving The Divine

Serving Others

For several days, I’ve been preparing for the future. MKMMA has taught me that money weaves itself into the entire fabric of our very existence and that the law of success is service. Haanel makes the statement that I should consider it a great privilege to be able to give.

The Masterkey Part 23 Serving

“We Get What We Give.”

In writing these words, I desire to serve you, the reader. What can I say that will accomplish this? Emerson states that I should just be myself, my true self! Should I care what others think about me? Should I follow the crowd? Emerson’s writing has been challenging for me. One of my mastermind partners reaffirmed that he is a hard read. I can read Haanel 5 times over in the time it takes me to absorb Emerson’s work on “Self reliance”. But I desire to serve you and so I write this in hope that you, the reader will attract to yourself some next step of thought that will add life to your life and position you further along the path on the track of abundant life.

Serving Myself

Because thought is a creative activity, we are all a continual evolution of thought as we live in this human body. Fascinated at times with the awesomeness of this truth, I am designed to lean forward and create. In “sitting”, we’re to listen to the silence. In this active rest, we give the divine permission to light ideas upon us. Respect for the divine is respect for our own greatness. So I serve myself as I “sit”, as I think, as I create with my imagination, and as I see the future I long for as a present reality. I ask the question, as you may have asked “How can I serve myself while serving others?”

Somewhat confused as to which comes first, I read my DMP and BPB. I continue to create good habits of reading and rehearsing my future self. At some point, I begin living as my future self and things get muddled. I don’t know where I am. Am I in my new reality or just rehearsing? At this point, I decide to serve others.

Serving the World

Connecting with the Divine is like breathing. I God is so close, the lines are undefinable. In my present reality, circumstances are happening everywhere. I take responsibility for what presses on me; getting my house on the real estate market, cleaning, packing, keeping my phone appointments, giving value in conversations on and off the phone. Letting go of some connections that distracted me from creating income producing activities.

Overall, I lack focus in my “sits”. Not focusing on what I’m not doing, I decided to keep going and living abundantly as I’m encouraged to do. Networking in class has been a great help. I love my mastermind partners and while I could write of many things here, I choose to share the highlights of class and of my present thoughts.

The Masterkey Experience has reaffirmed many things I have known and clarified so much of what missing parts I needed on my journey. So happy with the concept of this class, I got to discover these parts myself. Yes, I’ve been guided and yes, I loved every word Mark, Davene and the team spoke in Sunday webinars. I’m happy for the scholarship program and how I am contributing to assisting nature by my giving.

“It is inevitable that the entertainment of positive, constructive and unselfish thoughts should have a far reaching effect for good. Compensation is the keynote of the universe. Nature is constantly seeking to strike an equilibrium. where something is sent out something must be received; else there should be a vacuum formed.” Haanel The Master Key Part 23

The Divine Serving

God, Infinite Intelligence has set things up for us to be compensated over and over. To honor the divine, I have chosen to recognize the part I play in this experience. It keeps coming back to me that the essence of this journey is communion with the divine. I value quality relationships and God keeps showing up every day with quality I can’t deny. I am so intimately connected that each breath I take, I take with Him (pardon the gender reference if that offers too intimate a relationship for you.) In loving the divine, I love myself.

I dance daily with the air, with my senses, with my interaction with nature. I beg to be of service in a way that’s measurable and desire compensation that is recognizable so that I may know that I’ve lived abundantly. However, in wanting something on the outside, let us remember that knowing we have already been compensated on the inside with all that we need, it’s now to manifest what we desire.. as we do this, we are living and serving the thrival life!

Week 17 (again) Harmony for She and I


She and I harmony conversation
She and I harmony conversation

She and I Harmony

Having spent this past couple weeks reading Haanel Chapter 17 and then going back to 9 and 10,  I am stretching in many ways.  “She” is wanting to do one thing and “I” is wanting to do another. For instance, in my direct sales company they have “open enrollment” for a couple weeks. This is a great help to those who want to participate and the “money” thing is  stopping them. We all have questioned if we should invest money in our self  when doing so will require   time and energy away from what we are use to.

In our class we focus on our definite chief aim. Yet,  “I” is saying “It’s on your vision board!” And “she” is saying, “oh yeah, I have to make that list to call!”

Is your conscious and subconscious spending time together?
Is your conscious and subconscious spending time together?

The  She and I Harmony Conversation

I did make some progress. With the go90grow class opening up, I had to make the same choice as those prospects who aren’t jumping into a MLM or Direct Sales company because they are not sure if the investment is the best for them. I hesitated as Mark J mentioned on the webinar. Of course, we should feel in harmony with our decision and either say yes or no. “She” wasn’t sure. “I” knew if action was taken, forward progress would occur.

So rather than dwell on this, I focused on the harmony I felt in writing my book, “Brincely The Brave”.  It came in the mail and I looked it over.  Many people are happy for me and suggest I should be proud of myself. “I” am.

Following my passion and staying in harmony when there are several things going on in life, seems the best road. In my new book, which relates the idea of “birth”,  I wrote the quote  “I can accomplish far more than I have, and I “do”, for why should the miracle which produced me end with my birth? Why can I not extend that miracle to my deeds of today?” This book is best suited in the hands of pregnant moms and dads and would be a great gift from a parent. The inspiration will shift the mindset toward having “advanced thoughts” for the child in her womb.

She and “I” Thoughts about Harmony

I have been feeling an opening to imagine other resources. Games, curriculum, and adventures for children using the system feeling in harmony with what we are learning ourselves. The two areas of my dmp that are highlights and easy to envision are a creative coaching staff who uses my resources for teaching groups. My other easy to see vision is my lake house where my family visits often, which my press release shares.

When I think about them, I feel like I’m thinking correctly, as stated in Haanel’s Chapter 9.  “To think correctly, accurately, we must know the “Truth.” The truth then is the underlying principle in every business or social relation. It is a condition precedent to every right action. To know the truth, to be sure, to be confident, affords a satisfaction beside which no other is at all comparable; it is the only solid ground in a world of doubt, conflict and danger.”

She and I want a beautiful life of harmony
She and I want a beautiful life of Harmony

She and I in Business

Writing is effortless to me, especially if I enjoy the content. So writing my book came fairly easy and I was excited to include the concepts of The Master Key.  As for my Direct Sales company, I love the promotion they are running. The timing of things is decided by the company.  I’m looking forward to the effortless way I promote it to “humanity” while being in harmony with my DMP.  In my sit, I’m dedicating myself to envisioning each part of my dmp.

The desire I have put into writing my book is tremendous and I’m proud of myself for the time and imagination plus action for it’s attainment. I will do the same for my Direct Sales company beginning with my sit. However, I am being encouraged by my business partner to go through my list and get to calling everyone because this offer is only good until February 13.

Reasoning Will  with She and I

Imagining  the harmony of a team of people who joined my direct sales organization is coming. “She” wills it and ” I”  has incorporated it into my DMP (definite major purpose)  for a reason. Keeping it as “truthful” as I’m able, the foundation for success is in seeing in my imagination what it feels like to have  a team of people fully enjoying “residual” income. Yes, it’s a great thought. I want it.  So it will come.

In the meantime, I am enjoying envisioning how my new book, “Brincely The Brave” is going to bless my daughter and son in law. This too is part of my purpose.

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The masterkey experience
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This harmony feels great!

Week 15 -Courage Is From The Beginning

Courage begins here!

The Master Key Chapter 15

Lion Hearted Courage
Lion Hearted Courage

What is courage?

The dictionary definition of courage is:
  • the ability to do something that frightens one.
“he called on all his courage to face the ordeal”
  • strength in the face of pain or grief.

It was suggested in our Master Key class that we watch one of 4 movies over the holiday. It took me a couple weeks to find a version of “Rudy”, a story of a young man’s dream to play on the Notre Dame football team. A true gem of a movie, the story shares the typical plot of the dreamer who overcomes the odds.

This weeks assignment included the “Franklin Makeover”, in which we are to fill in a sheet with the virtues we desire most to attain to a greater degree. Well, first on my list was “courage”. Very timely, the story of “Rudy” coincided perfectly with demonstration after demonstration of this virtue shown through the “heart” of this young 5ft 9in student with lower than average grade performance.

Demonstrating Courage

Needless to say folks, I was “bawling at the end of the movie”.  So moved by the combination of plot, the faces of the onlookers, and the music, I felt the divine inside me saying “now that’s what I’m talkin about!!!!”

I’m recovering from a long stint of “under the weather body discord”. This week promises a healthy body with courage  to lead me through our reading and exercises.

Brincely Yawning Like a Lion With Courage
Brincely Yawning Like a Lion With Courage

Courage is from the beginning

I’ve mentioned in my previous post that part of my dmp was realized and along with it an inspiration for a children’s book starring my grandson Brincely.  This children’s book about the courage of a new born as he enters the unknown world of parents, siblings, environment and circumstances began with a manifestation of a silly song I wrote spur of the moment about something Brincely just did.  My imagination is taking me further down this path and I can now see the cover photo which I posted above.

The song went like this:

Brincely the brave… lionhearted

Brincely the brave… lionhearted

Brincely the brave… lionhearted

He’s the bravest lion in the jungle… Rrrrroooaaarrr!!!

Notice the babies mouth! It’s open as though a lion roaring! He is my pride and joy. Brincely the Brave! He has a lions heart! I’m so proud of his courage and he’s just beginning his courageous life!

It takes no apparent difficulties for a baby to have courage. But babyhood requires trust, love, patience and courage.  You and I were born with courage. Young Rudy in the recommended movie was born with courage. Something inside of us is saying “now that’s what I’m talkin about!!!” That spirit is YOUR SPIRIT! The infinite heart of each baby, child, adult and elder.

We were all born with a tremendous amount of courage.

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Courage is a virtue.

Week 13 Creative Thought and the Unaccountable

Creative or Supernatural

According to Haanel, “as we esteem most highly those useful qualities of men which are of the rarest occurrence, so does natural philosophy sift the facts and attach a preeminent importance to that striking class which cannot be accounted for by the usual and daily observation of life.”

As one who has seen what is known as miracles of healing, for many years, I could not tell you how a person was healed other than that something unaccountable happened. I just figured that we were to do as Jesus did. “Go, lay hands on the sick and they will be healed”.  As part of a prayer ministry on the streets of NY and NJ, we had “miracles of healing” happen.

But now, what I have learned from Haanel is the scientific understanding of “demand and surplus”, or cause and effect. The following is an explanation of a spiritual game of a sort called “Treasure hunt”.

About 8-12 of us got together in a church setting. We’d listen to worship music by a music minister of the healing kind. We’d raise our hands and openly say things like “We praise you Lord”, “Thank you Lord, Thank you Father”. “You are the alpha and the omega, the beginning and the end.” Some times we’d knee down or lay face down on the floor for an hour. Other times, we might carry a banner and walk up and down the isle with faith that the flag and the gesture carried in it some form of faith and praise to the Father. Our faith was so aroused during the worship time that we’d feel a strong desire to say something to another person in the group. This something many times was an encouragement to bless them.


Creative thought and the Unaccountable

What I did not realize until this class was that this group was actually a “mastermind group.” Our minds became a greater mind and we’d know things that we may not know without coming together like we did. So after 30 minutes or more of praise and worship, we’d find a quiet place and believe we’d receive “clues” for our treasure hunt. If I were to state it according to Haanel’s explanation, we were setting an intention and then “sitting”.  We’d allow these clues to light upon us. We’d see visions of “things” like a wrought iron railing, a peace sign, a purple flowered shirt, a red suit, a statue, the name Mark, a basketball player, a person who got migranes, the word “love”. We’d gather afterward and compare lists; make note of “like” clues and then decide where we’d go for our treasure hunt.

The intention was right out of Haanel’s “The Master Key”. Our burning desire was follow God’s will to pray for the sick so they will be healed. Our game of choice was Treasure Hunt. We took the clues, decided on the location and park the car or get off the bus or train. We’d all be “in the zone” and ready to see the miracles happen. And they did! We’d sight one of the clues and get excited. We’d see a purple flowered shirt on a person. We’d see the wrought iron railing. We’d see the red cap  and the peace sign. With each sighting, we’d go with boldness to individuals either right their or nearby and begin chatting asking them some questions. Most often, we’d have an opportunity to pray for them. Many times they were at least encouraged. However, on many many occasions, we prayed (put a demand on the universe) and command the healing on their foot, their hands, their back, on arthritis and more.

Creative Law of Attraction

What we called “miracles” were actually the law of attraction at work. The energy in the height of our faith brought a change in the person immediately. If this interests you, you can view the video “The Finger of God” in this post above. This is one ministry using “creative thought” to influence a change in a person’s faith, mind, and body.

Haanel states in #12 of chapter 13: “every honest investigator admits that there are many strange and previously unaccountable phenomena constantly taking place. Those, however, who become acquainted with the creative power of thought, will no longer consider them unaccountable.”

This is now my understanding. What I did in ignorance is actually the science of the law of attraction at it best. This cause and effect, this demand and surplus principle raises my faith to new levels because I understand it from knowledge rather than “mystery”.

“Every phenomenon is the result of an accurate definite cause, and the cause is an immutable law or principle, which operates with invariable precision, whether the law is put into operation consciously or unconsciously.” The Master Key


Creative Thought, Gratitude and Wealth

Now it is understandable how to bring into manifestation persons, places and things. God assists me in bringing into operation the law of attraction. The vibration of praise and worship (gratitude) are the forces which make for success and brings about conditions of power and affluence. Power and affluence are in direct proportion with the character and purpose of the affirmation.

Creative Intention and Feelings

This is what we are reading, writing, recording, singing, and feeling with our DMP (Definite major purpose). Creative thought begins by intention. We ask the question “What do I want?” The intention is the demand. How powerful that it’s okay to place a demand on the universe, without guilt or shame. When we take out the superstition or worry that we’ll offend God by being selfish or whatever nonsense our ignorance kept us handicapped by, the power, courage, kindliness and sympathy come naturally.

My goal is to live naturally; that all I do comes to me with ease, quickly, as the subconscious mind draws it up and I say it. There is more to all of this and I affirm the statement at the end of Chapter 13:

“God – Increase in me wisdom which discovers my truest interest. Strengthen my resolution to perform that which wisdom dictates. “Franklin

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I love being creative now!

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