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Week 18 2016 Coffee Time Thought Life

Your Thought Life

Is it true that you are a failure? What is true? Enjoy!

Posted by Caryn Elizabeth on Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Week 15 2016 Strength by Expending Effort

Below is an audio expanding on the idea mental strength. Enjoy and comment, share and give me your feedback. Thank you! CE

What is our strength for?

According to universal law, the amount of strength we gain is in proportion to the effort expended. It reminds me of Wallace Wattles summary affirmation from the Science of Getting Rich which states,

“I am rich and the riches I receive are in exact proportion to the definiteness of my vision, the fixity of my purpose, the steadiness of my faith and the depth of my gratitude.

Is strength physical or mental?

When explaining strength of this nature, we must realize that mental strength assists in creating mental states of happiness. Concentration requires effort and Haanal says it’s hard at first. Over time, with discipline and practice, things of this nature become habitual and easier to do without as much effort. Physical strength requires practice to get muscles strong and in time they maintain that strength. However, with physical strength, if muscles are not used, they atrophy or become weakened to the degree of lack of use.

Spiritual habits are similar but discovering a truth and forming beliefs are very strong and the sub conscious mind is so powerful that it will remember them until another truth comes up against it. The truth that triumphs is the one input last!

Strength and the Inside World

Effort is the inside job of concentrating on what we desire according to where our insight, if received in our sit, takes us. The answers we receive are the insight we need to grow. This growth is cause and the manifestation is happiness.

We’re taught that knowledge does not apply itself. I can write about this but if I am not practicing what I’m learning, this knowledge will pass me by. So this insight is meant to be practiced, as is all insight we gain in our meditation.

Conditions and experiences come to us for our benefit. Strength is gained in proportion to the effort expended. Happiness comes when we are in conscious cooperation with these laws. Today, let’s consciously cooperate with this insight from Haanal and love ourselves into happiness. In so doing, we are developing love for all humanity, as is stated in Hill’s Blueprint builder.

Strength serves a great purpose. Find that purpose so your strength is used and doesn’t atrophy!

Reality and Dreams of happiness

#1 Secret To Happiness

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Questioning Happiness

What is your emotional level? Low? We want to move from low to high to help us get  through our day to feel great! But perhaps you question your happiness as I did! Worried? There is an instinct in nature! GOD! nature is a proponent of positive thought!

Everything in nature is moving towards creating something greater!

Love, joy, happiness are places we can dwell.

Feeling Happiness

Learning to observe thoughts and feelings are some of the special trainings I received in The Master Key Experience.  I’m learning how to think better! We learn to become open to the better and better life!  “Joy comes in the morning” Holy Bible

#1 Secret To Happiness
#1 Secret To Happiness

From Og Mandino, The Greatest Salesman in the World

“I was not delivered unto this world in defeat, nor does failure course in my veins. I am not a sheep waiting to be prodded by my shepherd. I am a lion and I refuse to talk, to walk, to sleep with the sheep. I hear not those who weep and complain, for their disease is contagious. Let them join the sheep. The slaughterhouse of failure is not my destiny!

Happiness is your Destiny

I found so many things we did in The Master Key Experience a great help for me. My favorite was connection with others like myself – likeminded individuals. I loved having a guide to direct me toward the next steps without spoiling the surprise that each weeks webinar gave me.  I loved the childlike practices, so simple yet powerful. I loved practicing being honest with myself. I loved all the prepared statements that guided me to my greatest interests.

Happiness in The Master Key Experience

Without The Master Key Experience, my life would be on the same ole’ same ole’ track it had been for several years. I found out about the class from an email I was sent. Perhaps you will find a similar email. If it’s your time, you will notice it. I sure did and I’m so glad I discovered the next step to manifesting the better and better life; one where happiness reigns supreme, where steadiness of faith and depth of gratitude become effortless practices.

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The masterkey experience
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The Master Key Experience gave happiness a permanent place in my life.

Week 23 Serving the Thrival Life

Serving The Divine
Serving The Divine

Serving Others

For several days, I’ve been preparing for the future. MKMMA has taught me that money weaves itself into the entire fabric of our very existence and that the law of success is service. Haanel makes the statement that I should consider it a great privilege to be able to give.

The Masterkey Part 23 Serving

“We Get What We Give.”

In writing these words, I desire to serve you, the reader. What can I say that will accomplish this? Emerson states that I should just be myself, my true self! Should I care what others think about me? Should I follow the crowd? Emerson’s writing has been challenging for me. One of my mastermind partners reaffirmed that he is a hard read. I can read Haanel 5 times over in the time it takes me to absorb Emerson’s work on “Self reliance”. But I desire to serve you and so I write this in hope that you, the reader will attract to yourself some next step of thought that will add life to your life and position you further along the path on the track of abundant life.

Serving Myself

Because thought is a creative activity, we are all a continual evolution of thought as we live in this human body. Fascinated at times with the awesomeness of this truth, I am designed to lean forward and create. In “sitting”, we’re to listen to the silence. In this active rest, we give the divine permission to light ideas upon us. Respect for the divine is respect for our own greatness. So I serve myself as I “sit”, as I think, as I create with my imagination, and as I see the future I long for as a present reality. I ask the question, as you may have asked “How can I serve myself while serving others?”

Somewhat confused as to which comes first, I read my DMP and BPB. I continue to create good habits of reading and rehearsing my future self. At some point, I begin living as my future self and things get muddled. I don’t know where I am. Am I in my new reality or just rehearsing? At this point, I decide to serve others.

Serving the World

Connecting with the Divine is like breathing. I God is so close, the lines are undefinable. In my present reality, circumstances are happening everywhere. I take responsibility for what presses on me; getting my house on the real estate market, cleaning, packing, keeping my phone appointments, giving value in conversations on and off the phone. Letting go of some connections that distracted me from creating income producing activities.

Overall, I lack focus in my “sits”. Not focusing on what I’m not doing, I decided to keep going and living abundantly as I’m encouraged to do. Networking in class has been a great help. I love my mastermind partners and while I could write of many things here, I choose to share the highlights of class and of my present thoughts.

The Masterkey Experience has reaffirmed many things I have known and clarified so much of what missing parts I needed on my journey. So happy with the concept of this class, I got to discover these parts myself. Yes, I’ve been guided and yes, I loved every word Mark, Davene and the team spoke in Sunday webinars. I’m happy for the scholarship program and how I am contributing to assisting nature by my giving.

“It is inevitable that the entertainment of positive, constructive and unselfish thoughts should have a far reaching effect for good. Compensation is the keynote of the universe. Nature is constantly seeking to strike an equilibrium. where something is sent out something must be received; else there should be a vacuum formed.” Haanel The Master Key Part 23

The Divine Serving

God, Infinite Intelligence has set things up for us to be compensated over and over. To honor the divine, I have chosen to recognize the part I play in this experience. It keeps coming back to me that the essence of this journey is communion with the divine. I value quality relationships and God keeps showing up every day with quality I can’t deny. I am so intimately connected that each breath I take, I take with Him (pardon the gender reference if that offers too intimate a relationship for you.) In loving the divine, I love myself.

I dance daily with the air, with my senses, with my interaction with nature. I beg to be of service in a way that’s measurable and desire compensation that is recognizable so that I may know that I’ve lived abundantly. However, in wanting something on the outside, let us remember that knowing we have already been compensated on the inside with all that we need, it’s now to manifest what we desire.. as we do this, we are living and serving the thrival life!

Week 20 The Reality of Your Condition

Reality and Dreams
Reality and Dreams

The Masterkey Part 20 On Reality

What is the measure of your reality?

This week I learned something I could add to my new reality. A new thought started a train of causation which created a condition in accordance to the quality of the thought which originated it. Here is a 5 min audio sharing it.

As I have read in Haanel, it is unwise to coerce the Universal. Instead, with principles of right thinking in place, we are welcome to concentrate on the fact that “In him we live and move and have our being.”

Science helping us create our new reality

Not only does Haanel state that these principles are scientifically true but Napoleon Hill asserts them as well. Wallace Wattles in “The Science Of Getting Rich“, obviously states them too. I am hearing over and over that science does for us something we may not be able to do alone. It hypothesizes and concludes, questions and analyzes. We are so privileged to receive the results in books like “The Master Key.”

The Bible and Reality

Some people say that what we believe may be a lie. So belief without scientific proof is unstable and therefore may not be true enough for the subconscious mind to take in. Of course with auto suggestion, we secure it further. However, scientific proof seems to make it easy for us to accept. The quality of the thought will grant us the condition equal to the thought.

Faith and Reality

Aligning with Infinite Intelligence, Universal Mind, God, begins with “sitting” for 15 – 30 minutes daily in contemplation of our thoughts. Amazingly, by law of attraction we can measure the quality of our thoughts as we sit. For instance.. sit and think about negative things and the quality of the thought by law of attraction will give you negative conditions. It matters not the the kind of thought. Seed gives back the fruit of that seed.

What is the best reality?

We have learned that God is love, life, soul, spirit, intelligence, truth and principle. Principle is the wealth of life. Our best reality as we discover our authentic self and purpose is alignment with the quality thoughts of Universal Mind – God. When we breathe in, we breathe in the breath of life.. the essence of God. So by acknowledging and learning more and more, we forever reach optimistically for a grander reality of life. Purpose is not far behind.

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I am because he is. I am spirit and I am made in his image and likeness. This is my best reality.

Week 16 – The Cycles of Life That Get Better And Better

Cycles of Life Begin here.

The Master key Part 16

Beautiful Life Cycles
Beautiful Life Cycles

Life Cycles

This weeks reading about the cycles of life as stated in Haanel’s The Master Key, reminds me of the studies a friend did on the biblical calendar. Each month represented a different phase of life and the biblical scholars of that time lived by the cycles.

The Master Key Part 16 Introduction states:

“Those familiar with these cycles will not be disturbed when things seem to go wrong, but can apply the principle outlined in these lessons with the full assurance that a higher law will invariably control all other laws, and that through an understanding and conscious operation of spiritual laws, we can convert every seeming difficulty into a blessing.”

From what I’ve read, the years past 49 of the Septimal law (cycles of 7 years), are periods of reconstruction, adjustment and recuperation and then harmony.

The Millennium Cycles

Our later years include a time of harmony which anyone gaining on 50 will have opportunity to experience in these life cycles. Though it seems also that at this age, the time past raising of children, for the most part, it begins a time of new beginnings. This should be very exciting for this age group. How many of you at this age sees your life in this way though?

New Beginning Cycles of Harmony

When we are born, during the 1st cycle of life, we are in harmony, due to the miracle began at birth. Og Mandino states:

“I can accomplish far more than I have , and I will,  for why should the miracle which produced me end with my birth? Why can I not extend that miracle to my deeds of today? I am nature’s greatest miracle. I am not on this earth by chance. I am here for a purpose and that purpose is to grow into a mountain, not to shrink to a grain of sand.”

We’re told that many great works were done by men and women after the first 7 cycles of life. This new millennium or new beginning after the age of 50 is actually a time of reassessing our harmony and having the faith of a child at Christmas!

2 Life Cycles
Brincely The Brave In his first of many life cycles!

A child’s courage at birth and infancy is astounding. My grandson Brincely in his first year of life, opened his eyes boldly, cried out and was fed, smiled and learned how to please others with his love. He strove to eat by himself, speak a new language, control his body parts, crawl and stand by himself, explore every part of his body, with his chief aim to be free of the floor, his vision is to walk and run everywhere and anywhere! I imagine his PPN is liberty and recognition for creative expression!

While a child’s first year is a challenge, even an infant has the courage and stamina to gain leverage on life. He knows not defeat. It becomes easier each year to overcome the difficulties. Knowing we were once under one year of age, what more can a person upwards of 50 do? Perhaps we can find a child to be our mentor and learn from him.

I wonder if my daughter has told her Brincely that he’s nature’s greatest miracle. Does he just know it? Will it become covered over in time as so many of us experienced? Not on my watch!

Mastering the first of many cycles
Mastering the first of many cycles

The First and Eight Cycles

I identify with my grandson as we are both in similar cycles of life. It’s a new beginning for us both. We are nature’s greatest miracle. And nature knows not defeat. Eventually, she emerges victorious and so will we, and with each victory the next struggle becomes less difficult. We are whole perfect strong powerful loving harmonious and happy.

Wealth and Cycles

While Brincely receives toys, which are the utility of exchange value, the real wealth for us both is the exchange value; his smiles and love and my hugs and affection towards him. My chief aim in life is not to give him toys, which are tangible and measurable. But to develop a relationship with him that goes beyond the toys, one that is eternal. A relationship which lasts through all our life cycles.

True Harmony and Happiness

One day, each of us having been an example for each other, I’ll move on and he will take my place as the greatest salesman in his world. His smiles, love, affection, health, truth, and abundance will carry on the legacy of love God intends for us all. But for now, I’ll sell my heart to him with all I’ve got! And we will dance around the room singing silly songs about something we just did!

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The masterkey experience
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Cycles of Life of greatest here.

Week 15 -Courage Is From The Beginning

Courage begins here!

The Master Key Chapter 15

Lion Hearted Courage
Lion Hearted Courage

What is courage?

The dictionary definition of courage is:
  • the ability to do something that frightens one.
“he called on all his courage to face the ordeal”
  • strength in the face of pain or grief.

It was suggested in our Master Key class that we watch one of 4 movies over the holiday. It took me a couple weeks to find a version of “Rudy”, a story of a young man’s dream to play on the Notre Dame football team. A true gem of a movie, the story shares the typical plot of the dreamer who overcomes the odds.

This weeks assignment included the “Franklin Makeover”, in which we are to fill in a sheet with the virtues we desire most to attain to a greater degree. Well, first on my list was “courage”. Very timely, the story of “Rudy” coincided perfectly with demonstration after demonstration of this virtue shown through the “heart” of this young 5ft 9in student with lower than average grade performance.

Demonstrating Courage

Needless to say folks, I was “bawling at the end of the movie”.  So moved by the combination of plot, the faces of the onlookers, and the music, I felt the divine inside me saying “now that’s what I’m talkin about!!!!”

I’m recovering from a long stint of “under the weather body discord”. This week promises a healthy body with courage  to lead me through our reading and exercises.

Brincely Yawning Like a Lion With Courage
Brincely Yawning Like a Lion With Courage

Courage is from the beginning

I’ve mentioned in my previous post that part of my dmp was realized and along with it an inspiration for a children’s book starring my grandson Brincely.  This children’s book about the courage of a new born as he enters the unknown world of parents, siblings, environment and circumstances began with a manifestation of a silly song I wrote spur of the moment about something Brincely just did.  My imagination is taking me further down this path and I can now see the cover photo which I posted above.

The song went like this:

Brincely the brave… lionhearted

Brincely the brave… lionhearted

Brincely the brave… lionhearted

He’s the bravest lion in the jungle… Rrrrroooaaarrr!!!

Notice the babies mouth! It’s open as though a lion roaring! He is my pride and joy. Brincely the Brave! He has a lions heart! I’m so proud of his courage and he’s just beginning his courageous life!

It takes no apparent difficulties for a baby to have courage. But babyhood requires trust, love, patience and courage.  You and I were born with courage. Young Rudy in the recommended movie was born with courage. Something inside of us is saying “now that’s what I’m talkin about!!!” That spirit is YOUR SPIRIT! The infinite heart of each baby, child, adult and elder.

We were all born with a tremendous amount of courage.

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Courage is a virtue.

No Coincidence Highlights

Week 14 – Holiday Highlights And Harmony

Haanel Harmony and Holiday Highlights

Christmas Highlights in Columbus
Christmas Highlights in Columbus

Chapter 14

The Holidays were spent traveling out of state for a week. Here is a sign we passed that reminded me of MKMMA! All of you came with me on my trip! I brought everything for class with me. My daughters house is great! First time I saw it live! Some of the experiences I’d placed on my dmp were met.  Creativity and conversations in the kitchen,  spending time with everyone together and playing with my grandson.

My dmp:  “pick up my grandson and dance around the kitchen singing him a silly song I wrote spur of the moment about something he just  did.”

He’s not yet a year,  so what he does is limited but I decided to sing him a song based on what Og calls each of us! “A LION”.

Brincely The Brave with Highlights
Brincely The Brave Lionhearted Highlights

Writing A Book For Brincely

“Brincely the Brave”theme song goes like this: Brincely the brave, lionhearted…He’s the bravest lion in the jungle “Rooaaarrrr”.  Inspired, I sat on the bed with my  tablet and began writing about the bravery of a new born and how every day they must be brave! Everything they do requires strength, trust, power and love. Brincely is the happiest child I know! He has become my mentor for happiness and courage. This book will inspire all age adults to remember how much  courage like a lion they once had!

I believe the end of the book will include the statement “I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving harmonious and happy!”

Other Highlights

I printed out Chapter 14 work at a Staples in Ohio, and as far as I know did not bring it home with me. So this week, I listened to the recording I made (available above)  one evening while there, and read my content online.  Upon returning from my trip, I became physically below my best and have been in bed for the week.  Nights pressed on me with many uncomfortable thoughts, and Ibuprofen was my remedy along with “God as life”, in which I proclaimed the affirmation from Emmot Fox, “Thank you God that your nature is my perfect remedy.”

I Am Whole Perfect Strong Powerful Loving Harmonious and Happy Highlights
I Am Whole Perfect Strong Powerful Loving Harmonious and Happy Highlights

Harmony Highlights Exercise of the Week

For your exercise this week, concentrate on Harmony, and when I say concentrate, I mean all that the word implies; concentrate so deeply, so earnestly, that you will be conscious of nothing but harmony. Remember, we learn by doing. Reading these lessons will get you nowhere. It is in the practical application that the value consists.

Stopped for Food  Brochure Highlights
Stopped for Food Brochure Highlights

As for my personal harmony, so much of me felt great! I loved being with my children, who I desire to see monthly. I stayed in a great guest room all my own. My former spouse drove me out to Ohio and back. Not my ideal, but I decided I would see him as my chauffeur. I slept most of the way in the back seat.

My youngest daughter joined us for 6 of the 9 hr ride.  When I returned home it was “get back to regular routine”.  As I write the following I search for the words to say it with “confidence”: my body began releasing irritation from my nose, in my head and chest and tickled my throat! Wow! That is that! And now I’m standing on the promise of being whole!

Recovery Highlights

Here’s a picture of my lake house plans which is in my DMP. I decided to spend my bed rest doing something constructive!

House Plans Highlights
House Plans Highlights

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The masterkey experience
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I loved seeing my children. I love holidays and enjoyed sharing these highlights with you.

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