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If you Believe DVD

Week 10 If You Believe


If you believe it, it’s yours! Amazing how life really is. Today, when reading my Blueprint builder, I kept stating to God, “thy will be done”. I suggested to God that He enjoy the fruits of my labor. I said, “Father, look at the world through my eyes. See what you have let me see. Feel the compassion I feel, enjoy the pleasures you allow me to manifest! Enjoy your manifestation as you allow me to be the facilitator of that manifestation that you may be the recipient of it’s pleasures!

Be alive God through me! I am willing to be, do and have all that your heart wants to be do and have. Let us be co creators together. I’m willing. I know that you are love. That you desire me to experience the best life there is. I know that because I believe you love me and long for me to be the best me possible in this time space reality!

Believe it or not!

The movie I placed here has 2 parts. It’s about a woman who has no happiness. Her inner child appears to her. The story shares how she does that! In the end, she is a happy person.  Sorry is sin. Pain is sin. Frustration is sin. All forms of disconnection from the truth, God longs for us to return to our rightful place. The child in us has the innocence available to access these truths. I loved this movie. I wish you abundance and connection with truth so you can say to God each day, “thy will be done”, knowing and believing that His plans for our “daily bread” are everything we love to do, to be, and to have. Believe and receive today! I love you!


Believe this!

Believe that you have the favor of God because He desires to experience all your experiences for his pleasure.  Enjoy the movie!

Believe and receive.

Week 23 Serving the Thrival Life

Serving The Divine
Serving The Divine

Serving Others

For several days, I’ve been preparing for the future. MKMMA has taught me that money weaves itself into the entire fabric of our very existence and that the law of success is service. Haanel makes the statement that I should consider it a great privilege to be able to give.

The Masterkey Part 23 Serving

“We Get What We Give.”

In writing these words, I desire to serve you, the reader. What can I say that will accomplish this? Emerson states that I should just be myself, my true self! Should I care what others think about me? Should I follow the crowd? Emerson’s writing has been challenging for me. One of my mastermind partners reaffirmed that he is a hard read. I can read Haanel 5 times over in the time it takes me to absorb Emerson’s work on “Self reliance”. But I desire to serve you and so I write this in hope that you, the reader will attract to yourself some next step of thought that will add life to your life and position you further along the path on the track of abundant life.

Serving Myself

Because thought is a creative activity, we are all a continual evolution of thought as we live in this human body. Fascinated at times with the awesomeness of this truth, I am designed to lean forward and create. In “sitting”, we’re to listen to the silence. In this active rest, we give the divine permission to light ideas upon us. Respect for the divine is respect for our own greatness. So I serve myself as I “sit”, as I think, as I create with my imagination, and as I see the future I long for as a present reality. I ask the question, as you may have asked “How can I serve myself while serving others?”

Somewhat confused as to which comes first, I read my DMP and BPB. I continue to create good habits of reading and rehearsing my future self. At some point, I begin living as my future self and things get muddled. I don’t know where I am. Am I in my new reality or just rehearsing? At this point, I decide to serve others.

Serving the World

Connecting with the Divine is like breathing. I God is so close, the lines are undefinable. In my present reality, circumstances are happening everywhere. I take responsibility for what presses on me; getting my house on the real estate market, cleaning, packing, keeping my phone appointments, giving value in conversations on and off the phone. Letting go of some connections that distracted me from creating income producing activities.

Overall, I lack focus in my “sits”. Not focusing on what I’m not doing, I decided to keep going and living abundantly as I’m encouraged to do. Networking in class has been a great help. I love my mastermind partners and while I could write of many things here, I choose to share the highlights of class and of my present thoughts.

The Masterkey Experience has reaffirmed many things I have known and clarified so much of what missing parts I needed on my journey. So happy with the concept of this class, I got to discover these parts myself. Yes, I’ve been guided and yes, I loved every word Mark, Davene and the team spoke in Sunday webinars. I’m happy for the scholarship program and how I am contributing to assisting nature by my giving.

“It is inevitable that the entertainment of positive, constructive and unselfish thoughts should have a far reaching effect for good. Compensation is the keynote of the universe. Nature is constantly seeking to strike an equilibrium. where something is sent out something must be received; else there should be a vacuum formed.” Haanel The Master Key Part 23

The Divine Serving

God, Infinite Intelligence has set things up for us to be compensated over and over. To honor the divine, I have chosen to recognize the part I play in this experience. It keeps coming back to me that the essence of this journey is communion with the divine. I value quality relationships and God keeps showing up every day with quality I can’t deny. I am so intimately connected that each breath I take, I take with Him (pardon the gender reference if that offers too intimate a relationship for you.) In loving the divine, I love myself.

I dance daily with the air, with my senses, with my interaction with nature. I beg to be of service in a way that’s measurable and desire compensation that is recognizable so that I may know that I’ve lived abundantly. However, in wanting something on the outside, let us remember that knowing we have already been compensated on the inside with all that we need, it’s now to manifest what we desire.. as we do this, we are living and serving the thrival life!

Week 21 Being Conscious of Power

The Power of You
The Power of You

Chapter 21 on the power consciousness

Power and You

I thought I had power. I was strong. I could run fast. I could throw a ball far. I could do many physical things which showed I had a kind of power. BUT, what I was unaware of until the Master Key course,  is that I had very little power to concentrate for long periods of time on thoughts that could generate much success in life.

Power to the People

Haanel has laid out the Master Key with such focus. He gave us a wonderful example through out the book of focus on the subject of success and he had a plan which showed us the way to it. I’m reminded of the yellow brick road to Oz.  The Master Key is that road! Of course, the journey is filled with obstacles. Yet, the power we’re given in the writing is one that all people would be well to read, observe, reflect on and then take action on.

What is the real secret of Power?

“It’s the consciousness of power, because whatever we become conscious of is invariably manifested in the objective world and is brought forth into tangible expression.” The Master Key

This week so many students in class are experiencing the beginning of the what the farmer calls “digging up the fallow ground”. We’re all at the beginning stages of planting seeds for the season. We know what seeds we want to plant. We’ve picked them and called them our DMP. We’ve actually picked them up at the DMP store, our imagination. We’ve laid out the garden and we’ve begun ‘making calls, writing outlines for books, forgiven others, memorized the 7 laws of the mind, and many more preparatory activities.

Seed Power
Seed Power

The Power Source

Many years ago, I coined the phrase, “We plant the seed but God makes it grow!”  Haanel states “The Universal Mind (God) is the source from which all things proceed, and which is one  and indivisible.”  Yes, we may receive the seed of an idea from God, which is our privilege as nature’s greatest miracle.  And if we take responsibility for that seed and plant it, nurture it and give it sunshine and rain, it will grow.

Did we make the rain? NO. Did we make the sun? NO Did we make the seed? Actually NO. However, we are so wonderful and get to choose a seed to plant. And Universal Mind, in the wonder of it all, makes that seed grow. What a miracle we are part of!

The Power of Us
The Power of Us

The Power of Us

Our ability to think is our ability to act on this Universal Energy. and what we think is what is produced or created in the objective world.  The result is nothing less than marvelous. It opens unprecedented and limitless opportunity.

So think big thoughts!  Hold ideas large enough to counteract and destroy all petty and annoying obstacles!

Old Power vs New Power

Haanel makes it very clear in Chapter 21 that there is an old regime and a new regime, in regards to the nature of the universe. The old regime is trying to cling to the fatalistic doctrine of Divine election. The new regime recognizes the divinity of the individual, the democracy of humanity.  Having been part of the “church” for many years, this subject was a part of conversations I had with some home-school friends.

At the time, there were conversations about the roots of Christianity and what Paul meant, or what Jesus meant. Frankly, I DON’T CARE! To me, it’s all about the love! It always has been.  However, though I didn’t buy into all the doctrine over  ‘baby baptism or adult baptism’ and such,  Haanel’s teaching is something I feel I can hang my hat on.

God is not mocked. What has been set up from the beginning, always will be. God is omnipotent, omnipresent, and omniscient. (Always was, is and always will be) The laws are immutable. We are all to one degree or another part of the whole and God is the whole! Life is by law a democracy and all humanity has the privilege of drawing on the power to experience the greatness potentially waiting to be planted, watered and harvested!

If you like this, perhaps you’d like to know how you can be part of the Master Key Experience

The masterkey experience
Learn More About The Master Key Experience

We are all the seed of supernatural greatness! I say “more power to the people!” For goodness sake, learn what it means to live the abundant, filled with power, life!

Week 20 The Reality of Your Condition

Reality and Dreams
Reality and Dreams

The Masterkey Part 20 On Reality

What is the measure of your reality?

This week I learned something I could add to my new reality. A new thought started a train of causation which created a condition in accordance to the quality of the thought which originated it. Here is a 5 min audio sharing it.

As I have read in Haanel, it is unwise to coerce the Universal. Instead, with principles of right thinking in place, we are welcome to concentrate on the fact that “In him we live and move and have our being.”

Science helping us create our new reality

Not only does Haanel state that these principles are scientifically true but Napoleon Hill asserts them as well. Wallace Wattles in “The Science Of Getting Rich“, obviously states them too. I am hearing over and over that science does for us something we may not be able to do alone. It hypothesizes and concludes, questions and analyzes. We are so privileged to receive the results in books like “The Master Key.”

The Bible and Reality

Some people say that what we believe may be a lie. So belief without scientific proof is unstable and therefore may not be true enough for the subconscious mind to take in. Of course with auto suggestion, we secure it further. However, scientific proof seems to make it easy for us to accept. The quality of the thought will grant us the condition equal to the thought.

Faith and Reality

Aligning with Infinite Intelligence, Universal Mind, God, begins with “sitting” for 15 – 30 minutes daily in contemplation of our thoughts. Amazingly, by law of attraction we can measure the quality of our thoughts as we sit. For instance.. sit and think about negative things and the quality of the thought by law of attraction will give you negative conditions. It matters not the the kind of thought. Seed gives back the fruit of that seed.

What is the best reality?

We have learned that God is love, life, soul, spirit, intelligence, truth and principle. Principle is the wealth of life. Our best reality as we discover our authentic self and purpose is alignment with the quality thoughts of Universal Mind – God. When we breathe in, we breathe in the breath of life.. the essence of God. So by acknowledging and learning more and more, we forever reach optimistically for a grander reality of life. Purpose is not far behind.

If you like this, perhaps you’d like to know how you can be part of the Master Key Experience

The masterkey experience
Learn More About The Master Key Experience

I am because he is. I am spirit and I am made in his image and likeness. This is my best reality.

Week 19 Seek Principle And Purpose Is Not Far Away

The Master Key Chapter 19 on Principle

Principle of right and wrong
Principle of right and wrong

Principle and Control

It’s very interesting that the search for truth is a systematic process, logical in operation in which experiences have a voice in shaping decisions.

For many years I have been on the journey to experience my true purpose. What I was seeking is “cause.” Yet in the past, I was searching for “effect.” Now I understand that when we ascertain the cause by conscious control the effect will be within our control also and no longer a search but a destiny we align with.

Physical, Mental, Moral and Spiritual Life and Principle

In working through this material, seeing the connection between the many contrasting names given to extremes speaks to the fact that all things are relative and therefore all part of the one. In the physical, we see sizes, colors, shades or ends of all things. In the mental world we know extremes of ignorance and knowledge. One former being the absence of the latter.

The most interesting part of this is that one has life and the other has no life principle. Knowledge overcomes ignorance. In the physical world, light destroys darkness. Therefore though everything is part of the whole, as we move towards the one, the other dissipates.

In the moral world, good overtakes bad. The scripture that comes up for me is “Be not overcome by evil but overcome evil with good.” Jesus stated “Resist not evil but turn from it.” This tells us something wonderful.

There is no power at the other end of the extremes. The power and life principle is always better towards the positive side of the contrast.

And then the spiritual world speaks of Mind and matter. The contrasts indicate that matter is a condition which is ever changing and difficult to hold onto. Where Mind is omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient. Because Mind is pure spirit it is static. We as human beings have been given power to experience all these contrasts. Many find peace as they move towards the spirit that never changes. For this cause, many great effects are understood and experienced.

Mind is the real and eternal. Matter is ever changing. Animals come and go in a single year. The apparent continents arose from the ocean. We are in the presence of continual change, or evolution of the Universal Mind. We come to know matter as form which Mind takes and is simply a condition.

Principle and Matter
Principle and Matter

Matter and Principle

Matter has no principle. This got me thinking as to what part of principle our physical body contains. Are we but matter? Are we life principle? Perhaps we’re a combination?

Haanel states that Mind is static and uses human thought to act upon Universal Mind and convert it from static mind into dynamic mind, or mind in motion.

So it seems that he asserts that “God” or Universal Mind has a purpose for our thoughts. The Bible states that we are made in the image of God. This is about as close to that truth as I’ve read anywhere.

Questions About Principle

We have a very interesting life. We come into this body with a purpose. We may ask “what is that purpose?” Are we pawns in the Universal picture.. doing God’s bidding? Did we choose to enter the body? Who is in charge?

Those questions are generally asked by someone who’s hanging out near the negative end of the extremes of life. Better questions might be: Life is a beautiful experience and what can I do to help others by my thoughts? What can I choose that might help mankind to live more abundantly? Is my purpose to satisfy myself or others? If I am part of nature, how may I better do my work with enthusiasm?

These statements are more in harmony with divine purpose because they speak in terms of surety and purpose, as well as enthusiasm and peace. These are the kinds of questions from individuals who understand the power of being in harmony with Universal Mind.

When Haanel says that we must change polarity, simply put we just need to head in the other direction towards “God.” Then in order to live our true purpose, we must understand the nature of God and the plans for the evolution of mankind.

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The masterkey experience
Learn More About The Master Key Experience

One thing is for sure: God is life, love, intelligence, truth, spirit, soul and principle. When seeking principle, purpose is not far away.

Week 9 – God assists me in bringing into operation the Law of Attraction

The Master Key Part 9

God’s law of attraction

Before I learned anything about the law of attraction, I was experiencing it in my life. As a prayer minister and prophetic worshipper in the church, I attended classes at Global Awakening in Harrisburg PA and took classes through John Paul Jackson Ministry and Rod Parsley’s World Harvest Bible School. The thing was, I hadn’t had so complete a grasp of the law until now.

God’s assistance

When I read in the Master key the following words, they struck me with understanding. “God assists me in bringing into operation the law of attraction which brings me into vibration with forces which make for success and bring about conditions of power and affluence.” I love these words so much that I turned them into an affirmation.

What are God's ways?
What are God’s ways?

God’s ways

I chatted with my mom after a breast biopsy recently. She said she felt that God knew what he wanted for her and she was trusting him. However, I remember Og Mandino’s words from scroll 1 that stated “Just as nature made no provision for my body to tolerate pain neither has it made any provision for my life to suffer failure.” And I questioned her as to why she took vitamins then? You see, I believe that she took some responsibility for her body but the unexplained things she left up to chance! The chance she took was believing that God knew what he wanted for her.

My feeling is that it is our responsibility to choose to believe that we decide what ills we will have or not. I realize that many of us don’t understand that our subconscious mind takes orders from us. What I am a bit confused about is that the Master key states that God will give us what is truth and adds more life. However, how did the beliefs that don’t serve us get into our subconscious mind? I’m sure we’ll learn more in Chapter 10.

After the surgery that day I took mom back to her house when she shared that the Dr. said it was most likely malignant. Mom kept sharing that with others she spoke to as if to prepare herself for radiation. What mom didn’t realize is that the surgeon would come back and tell her that she’d have to have her breast removed all together in a month. Mom’s gone through many surgery’s and she believes that God keeps her alive because He’s not done with her yet.

Is God a masochist?

Frankly, I object to this kind of belief. From Og’s words, the Master key statements and scripture “Ask, believe and receive”, that kind of talk from my mom makes one feel that she has no control over her life. I don’t know how you feel but we are learning that we decide what experiences we will have. Taking THIS later view, is empowering. #4 in chapter 9 expounds more.

Chapter 9 #4 – “We have found that the Universal substance is “All Health,” “All Substance” and “All Love” and that the mechanism of attachment whereby we can consciously connect with this Infinite supply is in our method of thinking. To think correctly is therefore to enter into the “Secret Place of the Most High.”

We are empowered to prosper. I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving , harmonious and happy! I must admit that the victim mentality may be easy to spot but it can be shrouded in a statement like mom spoke! Now I reject it – prepared for wisdom and principles which guide me into the sunlight of wealth, position and happiness.

God's way to imagine
God’s way to imagine

God’s imagination

Emmot Fox in his book “The Sermon on the Mount”, shares great truths about Jesus’ true purpose. I imagine he envisioned with his imagination what materialized in his circumstances and what others felt were miracles. I am aware that I am responsible to envision and affirm by substitution a more positive statement about my life than what Emmot Fox shares in “The seven day mental diet“. Though our parents and teachers are well meaning, we must be careful who we listen to. However, if we are on this path, it’s likely, we have realized this already.

God and reality

My reality is not what my mom might see about me. It’s not what a pastor or teacher may see about me. My new reality is what I see about me. So what does a negative thought look like? How does it sound?

Negative thoughts and God

“Character is not a thing of chance, but it is the result of continued effort”. By the law of substitution, the positive thought destroys the negative as certain as light destroys darkness, and the results will be just as effectual. Act is the blossom of thought, and conditions are the result of action, so that you constantly have in your possession the tools by which you can certainly and inevitably make or unmake yourself, and joy or suffering will be the reward.

God loves you
God loves you

God’s love

The scripture states that we should ‘love others as we love our self’. We are taught in the Master key that to get love we must give love. But to get love you must fill yourself with it and become a magnet. So how do we “get love”?

In my experience in church worship, the worship team would play music. We would stand, sit, lay, dance, and even twirl in the open spaces of the sanctuary. Usually up front, the music would trigger the presence of a spiritual essence. The words to the music consisted of “praise” to God, another way of being grateful. In gratitude we’d speak out in words that repeated scriptures that came to us. In this period, unusual things would happen. The gathering together of likeminded individuals would create an environment where the love of God would be taken in by us all.

Though I didn’t understand the way it worked then, I see how this worship would arouse creativity like nothing else I’d experienced outside of it. So I discovered that in gratefulness, with music and body language, I could effectually receive the love of God. Another interesting thing would happen. We were encouraged to go up to anyone we felt inclined to talk with a decide what to do. Perhaps we would lay our hands on them if they said it was ok, and we’d speak “into” their life, an encouraging word. My girlfriend would come up to me and touch me, and I’d actually fall down. The power of God was very strong and because I yielded to the spirit of it, I’d drop to my knees. Sometimes, we’d laugh and be silly like kids. This experience, while very unusual, caused all of us to be bonded in a significant way to each other.

Heavy God

The presence of this spiritual energy was so strong that many called it “the weight or cloud of His presence”. We felt weighted down and many times had to lay on the floor under the influence. Some felt as if they were drunk because of the change in energy vibration. I understand that to some this experience may sound “hokey”. However, the love of God became a magnet and we attracted those of the same vibration to us.

God brings vibration
God brings vibration

So what of it?

These worship services were very powerful to feel the vibration of love and we left feeling very tired. We knew we experienced something uncommon in the world. This to me is a great way to receive the love we are to give to others. You probably have ways that you receive the love you give out to others too. The most important part is that all of your body is engaged in the process. We used essential oils to engage the senses. We used flags to engage the visual beauty.

The MKMMA class uses many of these tools to cause all the senses to be engaged as well. My desire is the manifestation of the sunlight of wealth, position and happiness. While the worship did help at the time, we must find every day ways to receive the love we need, so that we can be a conduit of that love toward others. To greet each day with love in our heart, we need to have love inside us.

Meditating and God

Meditation is said to do this. However, I have not had that experience when sitting. When I sit, I choose to enlist on purpose by imagination and visualize “the friend” we’ve made with the stranger. I desire the materialization of resources and seeing that friend with it all, we’re told brings it to us. I am wondering if I can utilize my worship in order to manifest what I am visualizing using my imagination. We’ll see!

Now I understand the words Imagination, visualization and manifestation in connection with God in church worship!

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The masterkey experience
Learn More About The Master Key Experience

God is life.

Week 4: The Habit of Praying With Confidence And The Skills That Create It

Confidence and Prayer

The Master Key Part 4

This audio explains the simple way to attract what you want with confidence. The power of prayer is in using words with confidence to state what you want and override fear or discomfort.

The Master Key to Confidence

The Master Key by Hannal states these deep concepts about confidence.

16. When you find that you are really one with the Infinite power, and when you can consciously realize this power by a practical demonstration of your ability to overcome any adverse condition by the power of your thought, you will have
nothing to fear; fear will have been destroyed and you will have come into possession of your birthright.

17. It is our attitude of mind toward life which determines the experiences with which we are to meet; if we expect nothing, we shall have nothing; if we demand much, we shall receive the greater portion. The world is harsh only as we fail to assert ourselves. The criticism of the world is bitter only to those who cannot compel room for their ideas. It is fear of this criticism that causes many ideas to fail to see the light of day.


Law of Attraction for Money
Are You Praying with Confidence for Riches

Prayers Help Confidence

The prayers of the righteous avail much. This means that a righteous person knows who he is and whose he is. He has confidence. He is part of God/Infinite source, and he knows the value of that connection. From this place, confidently asking for what he wants, he overrides the old thinking and puts a demand confidently on his subconscious mind. His “subby” goes about bringing all things together to give him the greater portion of what he asks for in prayer.

Attraction For Success
A full life includes confidence in your future

Confidence and Attraction

Stand up with confidence in your connection with God who knows all things and brings what you want to you. Because you assert yourself,  you have those things you desire. It may be a relationship, a job, a home, a restoration with a family member, or success of whatever nature you seek. 

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The masterkey experience
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Do me a little favor and comment below! Thx!  This helps others receive the kind of content most attractive for creating good feeling thoughts which habitually encourage confidence and happiness.

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