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Week 6: 2016 Why do we feel judged when called a sinner?

Did you grow up knowing you are a sinner?

Do you feel a tinge of judgment when you even think about it? Why?

While going through The Masterkey Experience class, my dmp got better and better.

Truth that sets the sinner free

As I became truer to my true self and the cement was chipped off, I saw much clearer that I was connected to God in spirit. I was reminded of the verse that says “we worship God in spirit and in truth. Daily, I pray the Lords Prayer, after reading Emmot Fox’s book “The Sermon on the Mount”. He has a great explanation for it and its really helped me understand “the sit” we practice in class. When I got really real about being a spiritual being with a body and mind, I saw my connection and this video is a manifestation of my growth regarding sin and judgement. I hope it assists you too.

Sin is not what you may think. A feeling of judgment comes when you don’t realize what it means to be a sinner.

This video helps define sin and shares the truth that will set you free.

Our job as a sinner

What is our responsibility as a sinner? We have choice to see things a certain way, to respond a certain way and to have peace a certain way. The way is made plain when we address the core issue! Our connection or lack of connection with our spirit and God’s spirit.

Let me explain in the video.

Blessings always!

Sin is not what you think. Video explains the truth about the sinner to set you free forever.

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