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Legacy and The Carpenter's son

Week 11 Legacy and The Carpenter’s Son


Though my DMP contained elements of Legacy, I hadn’t named it as a PPN. It may be time.  A couple days ago, with the revelation via Grace of God, I wrote a short story. Elements are based on real facts and also a combination of other peoples realities. This I hope gives something for everyone to read and enjoy!

Legacy Leads the way!

“The Carpenter’s Son” short story is about a mans desire to leave a legacy for many generations to come. I’ve included an audio version below.

The Carpenter’s Son

Once upon a time there was a carpenter who had a son. This father was very skilled at building and of course desired that his son learn the trade and enjoy the prosperity and satisfaction that his life gave to others.
Lets go back to the beginning.
In order to see what this man desired for his son, we must understand how he felt about what he did.

The Carpenter’s Day

A carpenter’s day began with his morning ritual. Of course, he had written down what he needed to do that day, some time before. Why is this important? Because these would be among the skills that he’d teach his son! And the results would be evident!

Each day the carpenter would kiss his wife goodbye, gather his tools and his plan and either go to his carpenters shop or to the place he’d present his work to his customers. His plan included a deadline for completion and gathering the materials to complete his work. It was so easy for the carpenter because he had learned very early this skill. His dad was a tradesman too!

Wood fascinated this carpenter. Wood of all kinds; hard wood, soft wood, grained, rough, smooth, dark and light. The cross grains of how God made the trees he’d use and the tools he’d gathered from his dad, granddad and stores, flee markets and even antique dealers, all became part of this mans purpose to build what suited his customer.
The customer became his focus for he had learned from his own dad that service to others was most important. His skill meant very little unless he understood what his customer wanted. It took a great deal of time for the carpenter to truly understand his customer but he didn’t skimp on this. Everyone has a purpose for what they required the carpenter to build and he knew that meeting that need was what satisfied him most!

The Carpenters Weekend

Each Saturday, the carpenter would sleep in more than on weekdays. His children knew dad needed rest and time to spend in quiet. His children learned to eat and go outside to play or spend time in quiet like dad catching up on sleep and relaxation from a busy week. The afternoon was dedicated to his home, repairs, and spending time with his children.

He took his wife’s love for granted which he felt was ok to do. He loved playing ball in the big side yard, catching whatever his son would toss. He got a lot of exercise running after wild throws and loved encouraging his sons ability to focus, persist, and have faith and be grateful for these times.

Dad and son grew to be very close and there was nothing his son didn’t trust to his dad. At different ages, there were different conversations but dad had been a kid once too and understood that love for the experience of being a dad was most important. After all , he learned this from the experiences he wished he had with his dad. The carpenters desire was to please his dad and be like him!

The Carpenter’s Childhood

When the carpenter was a very young child he knew his dad loved him. As he got older, he became a bit insecure of why his dad pushed him so much. The carpenter felt he’d be easier on his children when he’d be a dad himself! The carpenter’s dad grew up in a time where great sorry and loss of jobs left many hungry and without places to live.

He worked very hard at jobs for harsh employers knowing that it would only be for a short time and then he could start his own business. This business would be passed on to the carpenter. And as his father got older, the carpenter did continue to manage his father’s business!

But the carpenter also wanted to pursue new adventures and do new things a little different.

The Carpenter’s Work Life

This Carpenter would rather work with his hands than sit at a desk , read a book or type on a keyboard. In school, he got in trouble for pulling on a girls hair, looking out the window imagining great adventures like hitting the home run, riding his bike, climbing a tree or tossing stones in the lake! He fidgeted at the table after gobbling up his food so he could go out to play.

In church, he’d ask to light candles to keep from boredom! He may not pay attention to the message but somehow magically knew what the reverend meant. His amazing skills were developed at an early age and he saw visions of creations he’d one day make for himself. His unique way of seeing the world and enjoying life was demonstration of his faith and gratitude.

He didn’t know how much faith he had and to him, they were petty details. He just lived and had fun! His dad taught him to work hard and earn the living he created by giving others what they wanted the best way he knew to create the life he wanted.

The Carpenter’s Wife

Any woman who would live with the carpenter had to be confident. The carpenter had a dream of the perfect woman. He knew she’d find him if he worked hard. She was very special and understood the carpenter’s nature.

She knew that her home would be perfect and anything broken, he’d fix. She knew that she’d be loved because the carpenter took such care in anything he worked at. She understood boys, having brothers of her own. In fact, her dad was a carpenter as well. It was easy for her to talk to him about his work and he was very excited to share all he was doing.

She enjoyed listening, sometimes wishing she could be there with him in the shop or on the job! She was very creative herself and always had projects to keep herself occupied with.

The Carpenter’s Children

Being a father to his son, the carpenter’s vision had always been to pass the family business on. Of course, second to that was his desire to pass on his work ethic , being faithful and having fun. The carpenter was blessed with one son and one daughter. His first born son was his pride and joy. He adored his beautiful daughter but his son’s future was in his hands if he would continue the legacy his father wished.

When his son was old enough to walk, he took him into the woods and showed him the wonders of nature and the animals he’d respect. Others, he’d one day hunt for. The carpenter taught him the names of trees and the kinds of bark to identify them. When his son was old enough, the carpenter let him watch as he felled a tree he’d use to build furniture.

His son became aware of how to use nature’s resources to increase his income. He’d learn to get paid for what others were unskilled or unwilling to do. This gave his son an edge that would make him very wealthy.

 The Legacy of write and wrong
The Legacy of write and wrong

The Carpenter’s Legacy

The carpenter wanted his son to be an even better carpenter and man that he was. He leaned on his trusted skills learned from his father to carry him through his own lifetime. Knowing that new tools and techniques would replace some of his, he hoped his son would use them and desire his grandsons to be even better carpenters than both of them.

However, work was not the only thing that mattered to the carpenter. He also wanted his son and grandsons to come to be men of faith. He wanted them to carry on the family traditions of Christmas and Thanksgiving he passed down from his family heritage. His faith compelled him to push his son to stick with school, to work on studies and read to learn all he could. He wanted his son to love his own wife as he’d seen him love his mother.

Through good times and bad, he desired his son to understand the need to forgive as God forgave him when he sought his own way. The carpenter was not perfect. He’d failed in life on many occasions by overworking and misusing his affections on others. This carpenter desired his son to learn from his hard lessons, not to repeat them.

Knowing that a son is liken to be like the father, he felt it better to focus on work and if busy enough, he’d have no time to do wrong. Sometimes it worked! He didn’t want to pass those things on but realized that the man his son would become would have to take responsibility for his own faith and happiness.

The Carpenter’s Death

The carpenter’s life was too short for his son. Not knowing when it would be his time to go, he kept working and enjoying every bit of life he could. It was a wake up call to the son and a time of testing for his faith. Through the toughest part of his life as yet, the carpenter’s son would change forever. Not knowing why God would take his father, he dug further into his work. He would keep busy and try to forget!

In time, through his own temptation, the son came to the knowledge that he had responsibility for his own faith. He found pleasure in the laughter of a good sermon joke. He found favor with a woman of great faith who he came to love and respect after the end of his first marriage. He recovered from the difficult turns in his life. He discovered that true unconditional love is always near. He learned to love himself as if a new carpentry technique he’d implement into his work life.

He discovered that part of life his father tried to teach him about caring for what lasts; The legacy that is greater than a perfect piece of furniture. Rather the legacy of becoming perfectly loving and accepting of the imperfections in oneself. With the latest techniques, our legacy becomes the culmination of skills, talents, strengths and weaknesses. And it’s all okay!

God’s a Carpenter Too

Every life matters to God. Short or long, what we pass on to our children is what they pass on to their own children. The carpenter did the best he could with all he knew from his own dad. His skill was impeccable. His talents made him a sought after friend. His son loved him dearly and his daughter knew the kind of man she would marry because he showed her daily.

What is not well known about the carpenter is that when he was a child, he struggled to live up to the expectations of his own father. In childlike ignorance, he believed he disappointed him on many occasions and this delayed his confidence in himself. He longed for adventure and love and couldn’t see it in the actions from his parents. He knew he’d do things differently when he was a dad, and this resistance to see his lovableness showed up in his weaknesses and misadventures.

After many years, he did learn to forgive himself for believing a lie. He forgave his parents as he knew one day his children would have to forgive him. And he did make sure his son knew his love the best he could and hoped his son would have faith in himself.

Where do children get the idea that they are not loved? Some take responsibility for their parent’s actions as though it is their fault somehow. The scripture speaks of “the sins of the father being passed to their sons”. Only the grace of God awakens a change in men. This grace awakened a change in the carpenter. Though his life was short, he always longed for his son to know this grace and pass this faith to his own children.

This legacy was the true purpose this carpenter gave his son. A confident man is not born. He is built. The carpenter bore his son from the raw tree in the wood. He felled him, chopped him, honed him and created a beautiful masterpiece he could be proud to serve the world. We are not just creators of things. We are co-creators with God of people! Our children may become our greatest masterpieces!

The carpenter sacrificed his life but before he left, he created a masterpiece. His son would carry on his legacy to make masterpieces of his sons! These sons will serve all humanity and create their own legacy which will continue until the end of time!



Week 18 2016 Coffee Time Thought Life

Your Thought Life

Is it true that you are a failure? What is true? Enjoy!

Posted by Caryn Elizabeth on Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Week 15 2016 Strength by Expending Effort

Below is an audio expanding on the idea mental strength. Enjoy and comment, share and give me your feedback. Thank you! CE

What is our strength for?

According to universal law, the amount of strength we gain is in proportion to the effort expended. It reminds me of Wallace Wattles summary affirmation from the Science of Getting Rich which states,

“I am rich and the riches I receive are in exact proportion to the definiteness of my vision, the fixity of my purpose, the steadiness of my faith and the depth of my gratitude.

Is strength physical or mental?

When explaining strength of this nature, we must realize that mental strength assists in creating mental states of happiness. Concentration requires effort and Haanal says it’s hard at first. Over time, with discipline and practice, things of this nature become habitual and easier to do without as much effort. Physical strength requires practice to get muscles strong and in time they maintain that strength. However, with physical strength, if muscles are not used, they atrophy or become weakened to the degree of lack of use.

Spiritual habits are similar but discovering a truth and forming beliefs are very strong and the sub conscious mind is so powerful that it will remember them until another truth comes up against it. The truth that triumphs is the one input last!

Strength and the Inside World

Effort is the inside job of concentrating on what we desire according to where our insight, if received in our sit, takes us. The answers we receive are the insight we need to grow. This growth is cause and the manifestation is happiness.

We’re taught that knowledge does not apply itself. I can write about this but if I am not practicing what I’m learning, this knowledge will pass me by. So this insight is meant to be practiced, as is all insight we gain in our meditation.

Conditions and experiences come to us for our benefit. Strength is gained in proportion to the effort expended. Happiness comes when we are in conscious cooperation with these laws. Today, let’s consciously cooperate with this insight from Haanal and love ourselves into happiness. In so doing, we are developing love for all humanity, as is stated in Hill’s Blueprint builder.

Strength serves a great purpose. Find that purpose so your strength is used and doesn’t atrophy!

How To: A Positive Mental Attitude


So what’s the key to a positive mental attitude?

The following list gives us the keys to a positive mental attitude as Napoleon Hill so wisely shares in the above video.

Well this brings us to the seventh visit, and I hope to hand you the master key to success before I finish, because my subject will lead you so near to the majesty key that you will be apt to recognize. As I have suggested in previous visits, a positive mental attitude can clear away all obstacles which stand between you and your major purpose in life. Because of the importance of the subject of our visit, I shall not only tell you that a positive mental attitude heads the entire list of the twelve great riches in life but I am going to give you explicit instructions as to what you must do to keep your mind positive. In all the success books I have written, I have never suggested to my readers what they should do without clearly telling them how to do it.

Are you ready?

If you are ready, this visit may bring the most important change in your life you have ever experienced.

1. Learn to adjust yourself to other people’s state of mind and difficulties so as to get along peacefully with them and to refrain from taking notice of trivial circumstances in your relations with other people by refusing to allow them to become controversial incidents. Great people always avoid small incidences of controversy when possible.

2. Establish for yourself a definite fixed system of conditioning your mind at the beginning of each day so you will keep it positive under all circumstances.

Freedom is positive mental attitude
Freedom is positive mental attitude

3. Learn the art of selling yourself to other people by indirection such as asking leading questions which will bring out the short reactions from others which you desire and do not permit yourself to be drawn into argument over unimportant subjects.

4. Adopt the habit of having a good hardy laugh every time you become irritated or angry and it will help you if you begin each day with one minute of hardy laughing. This will change the chemistry in your brain and start you out with a positive mental attitude. However, you had better get out of sight when you take your laughing exercise.

Start your day with a positive mental attitude

5. Start each day with an expression of gratitude for all the adversities, defeats, failures you have experienced in the past and search for the seed of an equivalent benefit these have yielded you through the passing of time. Then give thanks for the blessings you expect to receive during the day.

6. Learn to concentrate your attention on the ‘can do’ portion of all your problems and desires and start action where you stand in carrying out this portion. No matter what may be your problem or your desire there is always something you can do right now that can help you. Find out about what this something is and do it.

7. Learn to transmute all unpleasant circumstances into immediate action which calls for a positive mental attitude and make this a fixed habit. For example when you are angry, switch your mind to some sort of action in connection with your hobby or your major purpose in life and keep it busy with that subject for five minutes.

8. Recognize that every circumstance which influences your life, whether it is a pleasant or unpleasant circumstance is grist for your mill of life and if so, use it to make it pay you dividends in one form or another, remembering meanwhile that your strength grows out and your struggles. Follow this instruction and you will soon learn that there is no such thing as an unprofitable experience.

9. Look upon your life as a continuous process of education of learning from all your experiences good and bad and be always on the alert for gains of wisdom which come to you a little at a time in both your pleasant and unpleasant experiences.

10. Make the world over to fit your own pattern, if you choose, but begin with yourself in some sort of self-improvement which will make you more open-minded, patient and generous in your relations with others.

Expressing gratitude is part of a positive mental attitude

11. Express gratitude twice daily for your recognition of the fact that you have been given complete control over your own mind and ask for guidance in order that you may use this profound gift wisely in all your thoughts and acts.

12. Go out of your way daily to comment enthusiastically on the good qualities in those with whom you live and work but do not mention their negative qualities. Then observe this benefit to yourself how quickly others will begin to concentrate on your good qualities. Remember, I’m still talking about how to keep your mind positive.

13. Accept all criticism of yourself as an occasion for self-examination to determine how much of it is justified and you will be sure to make startling discoveries about yourself which will help you the remainder of your life.

14. Do not accept from life or anyone else anything you do not desire and remember that Mahatma Gandhi proved himself to be more powerful than the great British military forces
by this simple method of passive resistance.

15. Remember always that there are two kinds of circumstances which cause you to worry; those you can do something about and those you can do nothing about, nothing, that is, except to use passive resistance and refuse to permit them to worry you.

Managing worry and a positive mental attitude

16. Keep your mind eternally engaged in thinking of that which you desirable most, your major purpose in life, so no time will be left for you to waste on thinking of that which you do not want, and let me digress here while I tell you we are now rubbing elbows with the great master key of success this very moment.

17. If you should ever be so unfortunate as to feel sorry for yourself look around until you find someone who is worse off than yourself and start where you stand to give him help. Make this procedure a habit and you will witness one of the great miracles of life because that which you do to or for another you do to or for yourself.

18. Choose some person whom you consider to be the sort of person you would like to be, then go to work and emulate that person in every way possible. Great people have always been hero worshipers but they picked the right sort of people to emulate.

19. Cultivate your tone of voice so that your words have a pleasing musical sound and remember that the sound of your voice is an open window through which other people look into your very soul. It will be a profitable investment if you will get a tape recording machine and record samples of your voice daily while you practice the art and expressing yourself through a friendly sounding voice. If you’re engaged in selling, this practice will quickly pay off in monetary dividends.

20. Last, but by no means the least, write out this sentence and paste it in a prominent place where you work and on a mirror where you see yourself in your home. ‘Whatever the mind can conceive and believe the mind can achieve.’ Remember also that you are the only person who can provide you with a positive mental attitude. What are you going to do about it? On your answer to this question rests your entire future.

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The masterkey experience
Learn More About The Master Key Experience

Get use to it!

Having a positive mental attitude is an ongoing practice for an abundant satisfying lifestyle.


Week 24 The Truth According to What?

The Truth about you!
The Truth about you!

Truth by Senses

The Master key Part 24 Truth

The whole range then of the theory and practice of any system of metaphysics
consists in knowing the Truth concerning yourself and the world in which you live;
in knowing that in order to express harmony, you must think harmony; in order to
express health you must think health; and in order to express abundance you must
think abundance; to do this you must reverse the evidence of the senses.

Truth and Omnipotence

Those who heal diseases by mental methods have come to know this truth, they
demonstrate it in their lives and the lives of others daily. They know that life, health
and abundance are Omnipresent, filling all space, and they know that those who
allow disease or lack of any kind to manifest, have as yet not come into an
understanding of this great law.

Truth and the Silence

The method for removing this error is to go into the Silence and know the Truth;
as all mind is one mind, you can do this for yourself or anyone else. If you have
learned to form mental images of the conditions desired, this will be the easiest and
quickest way to secure results; if not, results can be accomplished by argument, by
the process of convincing yourself absolutely of the truth of your statement.

These preceeding paragraphs are part of the content of the Master Key book by Charles Haanel. In the Masterkey Experience course, I have learned so much about how to think correctly so that I come to live the abundant life; a life of proper understanding and not of superstition or fear. My definite major purpose has been established yet, I am learning further my connection with the divine and that “being” one with infinite intelligence is key to living the purpose I was placed on earth to attain.

We are meant to expand, just as all nature. To be one with nature is to assist in the evolution of mankind both spiritually and mentally. Those who have engaged in the 2014 course and those coming after will further the mission to be part of the call to expand the world to achieve the potential of mankind. I’m proud to be part of the class and to have attracted it toward me.

Masterminding and Truth

Being part of MKMMA, other likeminded individuals have been attracted to each other and networks for future endeavors have ensued. To be part of a group of people of this caliber of mindset is amazing and I am honored to call all my classmates friends. If you the reader find this information of interest and are curious and even excited to get more information about next session course, click the banner below and sign in to get updates on class enrollment for the next fall session.

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The masterkey experience
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The truth will set you free!

Week 23 Serving the Thrival Life

Serving The Divine
Serving The Divine

Serving Others

For several days, I’ve been preparing for the future. MKMMA has taught me that money weaves itself into the entire fabric of our very existence and that the law of success is service. Haanel makes the statement that I should consider it a great privilege to be able to give.

The Masterkey Part 23 Serving

“We Get What We Give.”

In writing these words, I desire to serve you, the reader. What can I say that will accomplish this? Emerson states that I should just be myself, my true self! Should I care what others think about me? Should I follow the crowd? Emerson’s writing has been challenging for me. One of my mastermind partners reaffirmed that he is a hard read. I can read Haanel 5 times over in the time it takes me to absorb Emerson’s work on “Self reliance”. But I desire to serve you and so I write this in hope that you, the reader will attract to yourself some next step of thought that will add life to your life and position you further along the path on the track of abundant life.

Serving Myself

Because thought is a creative activity, we are all a continual evolution of thought as we live in this human body. Fascinated at times with the awesomeness of this truth, I am designed to lean forward and create. In “sitting”, we’re to listen to the silence. In this active rest, we give the divine permission to light ideas upon us. Respect for the divine is respect for our own greatness. So I serve myself as I “sit”, as I think, as I create with my imagination, and as I see the future I long for as a present reality. I ask the question, as you may have asked “How can I serve myself while serving others?”

Somewhat confused as to which comes first, I read my DMP and BPB. I continue to create good habits of reading and rehearsing my future self. At some point, I begin living as my future self and things get muddled. I don’t know where I am. Am I in my new reality or just rehearsing? At this point, I decide to serve others.

Serving the World

Connecting with the Divine is like breathing. I God is so close, the lines are undefinable. In my present reality, circumstances are happening everywhere. I take responsibility for what presses on me; getting my house on the real estate market, cleaning, packing, keeping my phone appointments, giving value in conversations on and off the phone. Letting go of some connections that distracted me from creating income producing activities.

Overall, I lack focus in my “sits”. Not focusing on what I’m not doing, I decided to keep going and living abundantly as I’m encouraged to do. Networking in class has been a great help. I love my mastermind partners and while I could write of many things here, I choose to share the highlights of class and of my present thoughts.

The Masterkey Experience has reaffirmed many things I have known and clarified so much of what missing parts I needed on my journey. So happy with the concept of this class, I got to discover these parts myself. Yes, I’ve been guided and yes, I loved every word Mark, Davene and the team spoke in Sunday webinars. I’m happy for the scholarship program and how I am contributing to assisting nature by my giving.

“It is inevitable that the entertainment of positive, constructive and unselfish thoughts should have a far reaching effect for good. Compensation is the keynote of the universe. Nature is constantly seeking to strike an equilibrium. where something is sent out something must be received; else there should be a vacuum formed.” Haanel The Master Key Part 23

The Divine Serving

God, Infinite Intelligence has set things up for us to be compensated over and over. To honor the divine, I have chosen to recognize the part I play in this experience. It keeps coming back to me that the essence of this journey is communion with the divine. I value quality relationships and God keeps showing up every day with quality I can’t deny. I am so intimately connected that each breath I take, I take with Him (pardon the gender reference if that offers too intimate a relationship for you.) In loving the divine, I love myself.

I dance daily with the air, with my senses, with my interaction with nature. I beg to be of service in a way that’s measurable and desire compensation that is recognizable so that I may know that I’ve lived abundantly. However, in wanting something on the outside, let us remember that knowing we have already been compensated on the inside with all that we need, it’s now to manifest what we desire.. as we do this, we are living and serving the thrival life!

Week 22 Managing Your Emotions – Too High, Too Low

Emotions ruling you
Emotions ruling you

Master key Chapter 22

Managing Emotions

The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace Wattles is said to be the “short cut” to the mindset for getting rich. Doing things in a certain way alluded me for a very long time. When I finally “got it”, I had been putting the emphasis on the wrong word. I focused on “way”. However, Wattles meant for me to focus on the word “certain”.

The Science of Getting Rich Chapter 17 (Summary)

It makes a big difference. Can you see it? I’ve been part of a mastermind group call where we read the final chapter of the book together once a week and then reviewed questions on each of the chapters. Each week, our guide “supported” one of the groups “intention” or DMP (definite major purpose). A true mastermind, it seemed like we focused on each word we spoke and when someone would say “try”, they’d quickly be asked about the word so that we’d be able to distinguish the purpose for that word. Did the word support our DMP? Did is exhibit a “limiting belief?” A mastermind of this caliber engages our ears and hearts. Limited to about 6-8 of us on a regular basis, our minds formed a “super human” mind and I find it an exercise in patience and conscious awareness.

Training and Emotions

Reading Og this week came easier earlier in the day. Some nights, I’d be reading and falling asleep after a few sentences and wake up and read a few more sentences. My days seem to contain more activity. I spend about 8 hrs a week masterminding. I spend 8 more hours prospecting and team building. I love Go 90 Grow trainings for network marketing and shared the videos with my team. This week, I got to read the 5 stories to a new prospect turned consultant. It was just as Mark said. Doug was filling in the answer when I said “Bob” or “Do you want to do something about it?”

I’ve enclosed the last chapter of “The Science of Getting Rich” for your listening pleasure. I actually have all 17 chapters recorded and you can check them out here.

Finally, in my sit, I sat thinking about how closely I am connected with infinite intelligence (God). “closer than hands and feet”, “connected like the breath I inhale and exhale. I’m enjoying managing my emotions, as directed in Og. I came to learn that to manage them means that they should not take us too far away from our “center”. Do you ever get soooooo excited and go off the edge? Do you ever get soooo angry that you go off that edge? We’re learning not to veer off in any direction so far that it becomes difficult to get back to the steady road to prosperity.

Too low and too high – My Emotions

I use to wake up in the morning and immediately felt “off”. Now I think grateful thoughts before sleep and when I rise, determine to put on some music or think of things I’m grateful for. Og doesn’t tell us why we wake up feeling high or low. He just says it happens. What I liked was that he said “yesterdays sadness becomes today’s joy.” That’s a great hope for us. And when we are happy, be aware that we may wake up differently.

Setting an intention

I’ve decided to give myself some support when I mastermind with “me myself and I”. I tell myself during the different segments of each day what I intend that part to be. Driving, I state that I enjoy the drive, the drivers are good, and I arrive in due time happy. Before bed, I state that I’ll have sweet dreams and wake up renewed and refreshed.

Normally, I share more of Haanel but we’re on a “part 2” week, so I’ll save that for next week. Enjoy “The Science of Getting Rich.” If you want to download my reading of each chapter, check this out. Then you can put them on your ipod, ipad, phone or tablet.

Have an emotionally happy and steadfast week! Looking forward to masterminding with many of you!

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The masterkey experience
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Managing your emotions will keep you on the path to true prosperity.

Week 21 Being Conscious of Power

The Power of You
The Power of You

Chapter 21 on the power consciousness

Power and You

I thought I had power. I was strong. I could run fast. I could throw a ball far. I could do many physical things which showed I had a kind of power. BUT, what I was unaware of until the Master Key course,  is that I had very little power to concentrate for long periods of time on thoughts that could generate much success in life.

Power to the People

Haanel has laid out the Master Key with such focus. He gave us a wonderful example through out the book of focus on the subject of success and he had a plan which showed us the way to it. I’m reminded of the yellow brick road to Oz.  The Master Key is that road! Of course, the journey is filled with obstacles. Yet, the power we’re given in the writing is one that all people would be well to read, observe, reflect on and then take action on.

What is the real secret of Power?

“It’s the consciousness of power, because whatever we become conscious of is invariably manifested in the objective world and is brought forth into tangible expression.” The Master Key

This week so many students in class are experiencing the beginning of the what the farmer calls “digging up the fallow ground”. We’re all at the beginning stages of planting seeds for the season. We know what seeds we want to plant. We’ve picked them and called them our DMP. We’ve actually picked them up at the DMP store, our imagination. We’ve laid out the garden and we’ve begun ‘making calls, writing outlines for books, forgiven others, memorized the 7 laws of the mind, and many more preparatory activities.

Seed Power
Seed Power

The Power Source

Many years ago, I coined the phrase, “We plant the seed but God makes it grow!”  Haanel states “The Universal Mind (God) is the source from which all things proceed, and which is one  and indivisible.”  Yes, we may receive the seed of an idea from God, which is our privilege as nature’s greatest miracle.  And if we take responsibility for that seed and plant it, nurture it and give it sunshine and rain, it will grow.

Did we make the rain? NO. Did we make the sun? NO Did we make the seed? Actually NO. However, we are so wonderful and get to choose a seed to plant. And Universal Mind, in the wonder of it all, makes that seed grow. What a miracle we are part of!

The Power of Us
The Power of Us

The Power of Us

Our ability to think is our ability to act on this Universal Energy. and what we think is what is produced or created in the objective world.  The result is nothing less than marvelous. It opens unprecedented and limitless opportunity.

So think big thoughts!  Hold ideas large enough to counteract and destroy all petty and annoying obstacles!

Old Power vs New Power

Haanel makes it very clear in Chapter 21 that there is an old regime and a new regime, in regards to the nature of the universe. The old regime is trying to cling to the fatalistic doctrine of Divine election. The new regime recognizes the divinity of the individual, the democracy of humanity.  Having been part of the “church” for many years, this subject was a part of conversations I had with some home-school friends.

At the time, there were conversations about the roots of Christianity and what Paul meant, or what Jesus meant. Frankly, I DON’T CARE! To me, it’s all about the love! It always has been.  However, though I didn’t buy into all the doctrine over  ‘baby baptism or adult baptism’ and such,  Haanel’s teaching is something I feel I can hang my hat on.

God is not mocked. What has been set up from the beginning, always will be. God is omnipotent, omnipresent, and omniscient. (Always was, is and always will be) The laws are immutable. We are all to one degree or another part of the whole and God is the whole! Life is by law a democracy and all humanity has the privilege of drawing on the power to experience the greatness potentially waiting to be planted, watered and harvested!

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We are all the seed of supernatural greatness! I say “more power to the people!” For goodness sake, learn what it means to live the abundant, filled with power, life!

Week 20 The Reality of Your Condition

Reality and Dreams
Reality and Dreams

The Masterkey Part 20 On Reality

What is the measure of your reality?

This week I learned something I could add to my new reality. A new thought started a train of causation which created a condition in accordance to the quality of the thought which originated it. Here is a 5 min audio sharing it.

As I have read in Haanel, it is unwise to coerce the Universal. Instead, with principles of right thinking in place, we are welcome to concentrate on the fact that “In him we live and move and have our being.”

Science helping us create our new reality

Not only does Haanel state that these principles are scientifically true but Napoleon Hill asserts them as well. Wallace Wattles in “The Science Of Getting Rich“, obviously states them too. I am hearing over and over that science does for us something we may not be able to do alone. It hypothesizes and concludes, questions and analyzes. We are so privileged to receive the results in books like “The Master Key.”

The Bible and Reality

Some people say that what we believe may be a lie. So belief without scientific proof is unstable and therefore may not be true enough for the subconscious mind to take in. Of course with auto suggestion, we secure it further. However, scientific proof seems to make it easy for us to accept. The quality of the thought will grant us the condition equal to the thought.

Faith and Reality

Aligning with Infinite Intelligence, Universal Mind, God, begins with “sitting” for 15 – 30 minutes daily in contemplation of our thoughts. Amazingly, by law of attraction we can measure the quality of our thoughts as we sit. For instance.. sit and think about negative things and the quality of the thought by law of attraction will give you negative conditions. It matters not the the kind of thought. Seed gives back the fruit of that seed.

What is the best reality?

We have learned that God is love, life, soul, spirit, intelligence, truth and principle. Principle is the wealth of life. Our best reality as we discover our authentic self and purpose is alignment with the quality thoughts of Universal Mind – God. When we breathe in, we breathe in the breath of life.. the essence of God. So by acknowledging and learning more and more, we forever reach optimistically for a grander reality of life. Purpose is not far behind.

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The masterkey experience
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I am because he is. I am spirit and I am made in his image and likeness. This is my best reality.

Week 19 Seek Principle And Purpose Is Not Far Away

The Master Key Chapter 19 on Principle

Principle of right and wrong
Principle of right and wrong

Principle and Control

It’s very interesting that the search for truth is a systematic process, logical in operation in which experiences have a voice in shaping decisions.

For many years I have been on the journey to experience my true purpose. What I was seeking is “cause.” Yet in the past, I was searching for “effect.” Now I understand that when we ascertain the cause by conscious control the effect will be within our control also and no longer a search but a destiny we align with.

Physical, Mental, Moral and Spiritual Life and Principle

In working through this material, seeing the connection between the many contrasting names given to extremes speaks to the fact that all things are relative and therefore all part of the one. In the physical, we see sizes, colors, shades or ends of all things. In the mental world we know extremes of ignorance and knowledge. One former being the absence of the latter.

The most interesting part of this is that one has life and the other has no life principle. Knowledge overcomes ignorance. In the physical world, light destroys darkness. Therefore though everything is part of the whole, as we move towards the one, the other dissipates.

In the moral world, good overtakes bad. The scripture that comes up for me is “Be not overcome by evil but overcome evil with good.” Jesus stated “Resist not evil but turn from it.” This tells us something wonderful.

There is no power at the other end of the extremes. The power and life principle is always better towards the positive side of the contrast.

And then the spiritual world speaks of Mind and matter. The contrasts indicate that matter is a condition which is ever changing and difficult to hold onto. Where Mind is omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient. Because Mind is pure spirit it is static. We as human beings have been given power to experience all these contrasts. Many find peace as they move towards the spirit that never changes. For this cause, many great effects are understood and experienced.

Mind is the real and eternal. Matter is ever changing. Animals come and go in a single year. The apparent continents arose from the ocean. We are in the presence of continual change, or evolution of the Universal Mind. We come to know matter as form which Mind takes and is simply a condition.

Principle and Matter
Principle and Matter

Matter and Principle

Matter has no principle. This got me thinking as to what part of principle our physical body contains. Are we but matter? Are we life principle? Perhaps we’re a combination?

Haanel states that Mind is static and uses human thought to act upon Universal Mind and convert it from static mind into dynamic mind, or mind in motion.

So it seems that he asserts that “God” or Universal Mind has a purpose for our thoughts. The Bible states that we are made in the image of God. This is about as close to that truth as I’ve read anywhere.

Questions About Principle

We have a very interesting life. We come into this body with a purpose. We may ask “what is that purpose?” Are we pawns in the Universal picture.. doing God’s bidding? Did we choose to enter the body? Who is in charge?

Those questions are generally asked by someone who’s hanging out near the negative end of the extremes of life. Better questions might be: Life is a beautiful experience and what can I do to help others by my thoughts? What can I choose that might help mankind to live more abundantly? Is my purpose to satisfy myself or others? If I am part of nature, how may I better do my work with enthusiasm?

These statements are more in harmony with divine purpose because they speak in terms of surety and purpose, as well as enthusiasm and peace. These are the kinds of questions from individuals who understand the power of being in harmony with Universal Mind.

When Haanel says that we must change polarity, simply put we just need to head in the other direction towards “God.” Then in order to live our true purpose, we must understand the nature of God and the plans for the evolution of mankind.

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One thing is for sure: God is life, love, intelligence, truth, spirit, soul and principle. When seeking principle, purpose is not far away.

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