Week 11 – How to Get Your Prayers Answered With Demand

Organized Demand

Your life is governed by law – by actual, immutable principles that never vary. Law is in operation at all times; in all places. Fixed laws underlie all human actions. For this reason, men who control giant industries are enabled to determine with
absolute precision just what percentage of every hundred thousand people will respond to any given set of conditions.  The Master Key, Charles Haanal

The Master Key Part 11

Divine Demand and Science

Scientists and philosophers place a demand on the universe when they find a tooth and go about looking for the surplus to create the entire creature. Another scientist envisions the planets and looks for the stars.

House On A Lake
House On A Lake

Home Demand

In order to keep things in order in the universe, God’s creation includes the law of demand and surplus. Things are always looking to complete themselves.  A single kitchen cup desires the rest of the set of dishes to achieve harmony. A balance of objects gathered together co exist as opposites, looking for surplus to satisfy the demand for harmony.  A home environment is  a perfect place to see how this science relates to the art and practice of balance. This is seen in the desire for harmony in one’s physical environment.

Needs, wants and desires create demand

Reflecting back to chapter 2 of The Master Key, I realized the key to manifesting what I wanted in life would come more quickly with authenticity of my innate needs. We all have needs, wants and desires. The supply meets the demand.  So I looked over my notes and this is what I saw.

What do we win?

– The ability to create and manifest
• Ideas, intentions and the necessary methods
– Effortlessly
– This is the Master Key to all life’s riches

This got me looking again at my PPNs to be sure that they were actually my deepest needs.


The Master key alliance described how KNOWING our Personal Pivotal Needs assist in creating the burning desire.

How To build Burning Desire

• Supply ‘subby’ with earnest Desire
– It has no experience with this since???
– The  ‘childish’ exercises work, when repeated,  with FEELING, forge a new habit and experience within the subconscious

• Subconscious in turn creates a Demand
– It  ‘expects’  the demand is met.  That is FAITH folks
– It creates new pathway for the methods needed
– Og, ‘mysterious source…..in ways I do not comprehend’

Our Personal Pivotal Needs And Demand

Now it’s time for me to reassess my ppn’s and decide if they are assisting me in creating the kind of burn we’re taught about.

whyppns  The Personal Pivotal Needs ( PPN’s) are

  • • Legacy
  • • Spiritual Growth
  • • Autonomy
  • • Liberty
  • • Helping Others
  • • Recognition for Creative Expression
  • • True Health

Anthony Robbins does interventions right on the spot with people in his seminars because he finds their PPN’s and helps them to see how their needs are out of alignment with their circumstances. This coaching skill when demonstrated creates the harmony missing in their lives. Anthony’s name for these needs varies a bit but with analysis aligns with our MKMMA terms:

  • Certainty
  • Variety
  • Significance
  • Connection
  • Growth
  • Contribution


Is This One Of Your Needs?

What Is Your Demand?

Everyone of us comes to earth with needs. Often times our want for a car meets the liberty need. Want for a house meets a connection need.  What we want and desire satisfies our needs.  Generating a burning desire for that  need to be met strengthens the demand on nature,  (the universe, God)  and draws the surplus in the world to meet that need. Fascinating huh?

Reflecting on this personally, I faltered in understanding this. I remember giving up demanding my needs be met by my parents and chose to pray instead.  My parents provided food, clothing and shelter which was great. However, there were needs I didn’t have met. I  really have to reassess what I needed as a kid and see if I can properly put a demand now on the universe for them.

My perspective changed a bit from when I began writing this article and I feel better about how I grew up.  Questions like “How can I demand God give me something?” crept in which we know is the old blueprint speaking.   Because surplus and demand are natures law,  utilizing them correctly is a way to bring glory to God which means we are living in harmony with the laws of the universe . For as long as there has been life, these laws have been laws.

This is not our fight!

If we fight this, we fight God. We fight harmony.  We fight surplus and demand.  And therefore,  we prevent the demand which is meant to be met by birthright!

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Demand so surplus comes.

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