Week 24 The Truth According to What?

The Truth about you!
The Truth about you!

Truth by Senses

The Master key Part 24 Truth

The whole range then of the theory and practice of any system of metaphysics
consists in knowing the Truth concerning yourself and the world in which you live;
in knowing that in order to express harmony, you must think harmony; in order to
express health you must think health; and in order to express abundance you must
think abundance; to do this you must reverse the evidence of the senses.

Truth and Omnipotence

Those who heal diseases by mental methods have come to know this truth, they
demonstrate it in their lives and the lives of others daily. They know that life, health
and abundance are Omnipresent, filling all space, and they know that those who
allow disease or lack of any kind to manifest, have as yet not come into an
understanding of this great law.

Truth and the Silence

The method for removing this error is to go into the Silence and know the Truth;
as all mind is one mind, you can do this for yourself or anyone else. If you have
learned to form mental images of the conditions desired, this will be the easiest and
quickest way to secure results; if not, results can be accomplished by argument, by
the process of convincing yourself absolutely of the truth of your statement.

These preceeding paragraphs are part of the content of the Master Key book by Charles Haanel. In the Masterkey Experience course, I have learned so much about how to think correctly so that I come to live the abundant life; a life of proper understanding and not of superstition or fear. My definite major purpose has been established yet, I am learning further my connection with the divine and that “being” one with infinite intelligence is key to living the purpose I was placed on earth to attain.

We are meant to expand, just as all nature. To be one with nature is to assist in the evolution of mankind both spiritually and mentally. Those who have engaged in the 2014 course and those coming after will further the mission to be part of the call to expand the world to achieve the potential of mankind. I’m proud to be part of the class and to have attracted it toward me.

Masterminding and Truth

Being part of MKMMA, other likeminded individuals have been attracted to each other and networks for future endeavors have ensued. To be part of a group of people of this caliber of mindset is amazing and I am honored to call all my classmates friends. If you the reader find this information of interest and are curious and even excited to get more information about next session course, click the banner below and sign in to get updates on class enrollment for the next fall session.

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The truth will set you free!

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